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Is life worth it?

Posted by anonymous at January 16, 2012
Tags: 2012 January  Meaninglessness  Philosophical

Is life worth living? I ask this because I've been in deep thought about since yesterday. I can't help but wonder what is waiting for us when death arrives. I can't help thinking about it. I have no friends, my siblings have move out of state and/or non-communique. My folks love playing around but don't ask what is bothering me when I don't speak. What's the point? i hear everyone's problems but no one gives a SHIT about mine. I feel alone. I thought suicide yet I can't commit to it. There's a slim beam of light that continues to motivate me not to give in. But, I have no drive. I have no ambition to be successful. In this world where ignorance, selfish greediness, and power hungery nuts rule the world, what's the point trying to compete. I'm a struggling 30-plus year old man who still lives with his parents trying to cope while my siblings are doing their thing without the repeating dialouge and/or playful silliness 60 plus year old parents like mine do. What a life.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 07,Feb,12 03:44

God uses the weak, the powerless, the hurt, and the lonely in GREAT ways. Heres a illustration: A potter will take a helpless, lifeless lump of clay and then knead it and squeeze it until it's soft and pliable. And then when he gets it just right, he takes that piece of clay and he does something called throwing, where he places the clay on a spinning table.
aAnd as that clay is placed upon that turning wheel, the potter's hands then begin to pressure the clay and work it until he makes something beautiful out of that old ugly piece of clay.

God is the true master craftsman. He is a potter who is making something beautiful out of every life. He will take the old ugly mistakes and sins and make them into something completely new!

When you truly know God, you can live victoriously! So whatever the ugliness is in your life, be assured that through the blood of Christ, God molds you and makes you into something beautiful! Many people can testify to how God has changed them. Ive never heard of anyone regretting putting their faith in jesus.

Are you saved? God can turn the worst of situations into good! Joeseph was put into slavery by his brothers, he was abandonded, afraid, probably thought his life was over. But he trusted God, he then eventually became second in command of Egypt. Without looking into the future it can be hard to be optimistic. If you put your faith with jesus he wont abandon you, he will love you and give you a new life.

This isin't an ad or some other bull, I'm trying to bring you the truth which many can testify too.


By only for 5 dollars at 13,Sep,13 07:36

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