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nothing left

Posted by anonymous at January 1, 2010
Tags: Anger  Independent circumstances  December 2009  Juvenile problems

what do you have to lose when you have nothing left? thats what i need to know. i hate life, it hates me. my dads in prison, mom hates Me have 2 loves and both of them i cant have. 1 belongs to my bestfriend, and the other doesnt want to "be involved with 7th graders" yeah im in 7th grade, 13 and already been through more crap than most of you adults. i have nothing sure i have a few friends, but they can get new ones, and most of my family hates me so what do i have to live for? all of you kids talk about how it is with your parents, try living with me i live with my grandma, aunt, uncle,2 littles cousins, my aunts husband, and my uncles aunt, and not all of them like me. you say that your parents are rough, ok, but try mine. you say your life sucks,ok i believe you, but try mine then tell me about it i cut to get rid of the pain, but it doesnt help anymore, so i stop. its this simple


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New Comment

By anonymous at 01,Jan,10 00:50

You live for yourself. Why declare your life to be over when it hasnt even started yet? your 13 freaken years old, youre still such a little baby. you don't know what the world is like yet. youre not done with school, youre still a minor, which means you have to depend on others to take care of you. youre still at these little tiny steps of life that you HAVE to complete just like everyone else before your life really starts.

Try living on your own, paying all kinds of three-digit bills such as insurance, car note, rent/mortage groceries, doctor bills, water, gas, phone, electric bills, then come back on here and say "life sucks". or try spending countless hours filling out applications since you got laid off from a good paying job and no matter how many interviews you go to, nobody wants to give you a chance to be hired and work for them!!!!

Yes it sucks and its unfortunate that you have famliy that doesnt really care about you. but why should your life end becuase of THEM? you want your life to end over people who don't care about you? are they really worth it after the way they treated you? is your life really worth that little? instead of throwing your cards down and saying life is over, you should pick them up and play again. Ignore your famliy, go to school for yourself and for your future.

You should get a book and read "the child called 'it'". where this boy was constantly battered and abused by his mother for YEARS in all kinds of grusome ways while his brother just sat and watch. he was forced to eat glass clearners, his mother sat him on top of the stove, he was starved while his famliy ate in front of him, i believe he was even stabbed. but he's all grown up now and hes successful now.

Don't take your friends for granted either. I MISS havings friends. Ever since i graduated from high school and went to college, its hard as hell making friends here. i miss eating lunch together, i miss the phone calls. i don't have anyone! and its been this way for three years so far. so quit saying "Sure i have friends but blah blah blah!" Friends are one of the biggest gifts in life.

you staying with these people is only temporary and if you can last thirteen years with these people you can surely last 5 more years until you are legal to get out and do as you please.

Your dad's in prison? thats his business, you let him worry about his problems and hoepfually whatever it is that he's done will teach him a lesson.

If you have two loves, whatever that means, i'm guessing your crushes, don't dwell on someone who doesnt want you back. why should you spend all your energy on someone who does not have the same feelings for you? would you rather these people be with you out of pity or just to make you feel better? you are young, you have plenty of time to fall in love.

By anonymous at 01,Jan,10 00:59

Oh honey, I know it seems like things suck really bad, but you are still young. You can take control of your life and make it great. Set your mind on what you want your life to be like when you're grown-up and then go for it. Don't let anyone get in your way. You can have it all. I wish I had known that when I was 13. Its a competitive world and those who are driven to succeed are the ones who will. Show your mom and your dad that you overcame the life that they gave you and become better than them. Go for it!

By anonymous at 28,Mar,10 01:48

The only family member I have left is mom
By anonymous at 28,May,10 05:11

if my dad wasnt this nice and responsible(though he is boring as hell),i wud be long dead

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