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Cant see the full part of the glass anymore :(

Posted by anonymous at September 30, 2011
Tags: Independent circumstances  Money  2011 September

Hello im only 23 and in the last year my life really went downside...imagine this, about 2 years ago i was in 2nd year of collage, was doing ok with money and stuff was in a good relationship, basicaly had no worries and i was really optimistic about life and the path i was on. Last year on 22 Oct my dad died then things started to go downfall, i was depressed and couldnt take my exams so i missed a year from collage, my dad left me some money so i started a small business cause i need a school is expensive + all other bills needs to be payed. I pay rent now, bills and thats pretty much it, my business is not going anywhere and every day i see how i fall a little more while the money my dad left me are almost over. I cant afford to go back to school cause its to expensive [i am a student at programming enginnering, better say was :( ] So 2 years ago i was dreaming of becoming a programmer, get a nice job and figure things out one step at a time but life kiked me in the head and my only option now is to close my business, get a job that requires only a highschool degree and on top of that i cant finish my collage. Its so unfair, got so many problems...dont know what to do srsly.

So for all of you that read this, thank God or whoever you belive in, or not, that life got you in one problme at a time, it didnt give you a taste of acomplishment and then take all you got while u witness your own downfall and you cant do nothing about it :(

Dont worry im not emotionaly disturbed, i wont kill myself or do something stupid like rob a bank but except trying to survive while these "best years of my life" pass me i cant do anything else. I really dont care if my life will turn better when im 40 -50 years old its to late then...


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By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 15:32

Your words ring so familiar :D. I do know what you mean, I had the exhilarating experience of almost getting to your goal and then just watching it slipping away, it happened to me twice actually. And you can't do anything about it :(... And I hate that anxiety that I get when I think about how this is the time to live right now, and yet I can't (mostly because I'm in a financial black hole, like you are) and the best years are slipping away... Oh man that gets me so frustrated just thinking about it :D. So here you go, you are not alone... Yay!. Of course that doesn't solve your problems... How about trying to get some kind of a qualification, not like a programming engineer, but something more basic, like woodworking, welding, cooking. Whatever floats your boat. You could then get a job that's slightly better than those you get with only a school diploma. And after some time, when you have more experience you can start doing some private contracting (building furniture, welding things or whatever) and that could grow into a business as well. Well, that's one suggestion, I'm sure there are many other ways you can think of. Hey I thought of one more: fuck it all, sell everything you have left, buy some rugged boots, clothes, backpack and go live in the Himalayas, that should be interesting...
By anonymous at 02,May,12 00:23

fuck it all, sell everything you have left. Exactly what I chose. That helps :)

By jueves at 08,Feb,12 14:40

just read the comment before me... thanks for that, this site is helpful, i dont see any solutions to my problem but still feel that people is going through the same htings that I am... I just wish i could have motivation again to start....

By nike?hyperdunk?shoes at 25,Aug,14 14:10

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By Emeline at 15,May,17 00:57

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