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Posted by Lonely Girl at February 5, 2012
Tags: Family  2012 February  Juvenile problems

This is my story. So I have an alcoholic mom, a bi polar dad, yes he actually takes medication I am not just saying he is moody he is actually fucking crazy, and a brother with multiple heart complications and lung problems, meaning I have spent a majority of my life in hospital rooms listening to bullshit doctors. My parents decide to get divorced the day before I start High School. My dad said he was fine then went off his medication and came back to the house with a crowbar screaming that he was going to kill my no good whore mother.My dad has always had a temper, he slapped me into a glass table and I had to get like a million stitches in my right leg, arm, hand and face, I have the scars to prove it.When he tried to kill my mom I got to sit in a closet with my brother while we waited for the police to come. The court awarded my mom full custody however they had a prenuptial agreement or some other legal bull crap so my dad got to keep all his money and the house. We lived out of a car so I could still go to school and a homeless shelter on weekends. Friends and family tried to help us but if my dad found out where we were staying he would try to come there and hurt my mom and take me and my brother. We had escorts to the hospital since he knew where it was and my mom was always scared he would show up. I had a restraining order against my father and he would sometimes come to the school and try and see me. My mom drinks so she doesn't have to think about how fucked up our lives are. My brother is getting sicker and sometimes I think he really will die. I do not have anyone to really talk too, no boyfriend, no parents and my friends try to understand but they just cannot. I lived in in a rich kinda neighborhood because my dad had money and now I cannot even afford the movies, SO hanging out with my friends got awkward. We just could not relate anymore now that I cannot afford the newest Chanel bag. I work two part time jobs and go to school. I am graduating soon and I sometimes think whats the point? I cannot afford college or spend that much time not working. My mom is useless since she is drunk most of the time. I feel like I am drowning and I fucking hate how useless I feel. My whole god dam life sucks and I don't even have anyone I can really talk to about it so I am typing it online. God it just gets more fucking pathetic.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 18,Feb,12 01:40

I am sorry. Life sucks

By anonymous at 18,Feb,12 06:47

You don't sound useless. You sound like you've been holding up so much for yourself and for your family. And hey, what's wrong with typing something online? Writing is a form of expression that not everyone can do. I'm sorry about your family, I hope your mother can become sober one day. And graduate school! Work until you can afford to go to college if it's something you want to do. Eventually, you sound like you can be something so great.

By anonymous at 18,Feb,12 08:36

Dear Lonely Girl, You sound like a strong, articulate, intelligent young woman who is trying to hold her family together. I don't know what's going to happen with your brother, but clearly your mother had a lawyer that was worthless!!! Your brother's condition and both of your ages should have given any decent lawyer the ability to get enough child support and health insurance to at least get you guys an apartment where you could all live. Try taking your mom to AA meetings and try going to Legal Aid to see if they can petition the courts for child support in order to help you and your brother until you guys graduate high school. As for college, homeless kids actually have an advantage when it comes to applying for scholarships. You are an intelligent you woman and writing online is a good outlet for your anger, frustrations, fears and emotional needs. Good Luck to you and your family......With Love

By chris at 18,Feb,12 09:33

Hi! I just want to tell you that you still have hope!!! Don't let it get you down. Things WILL get better in the future, and remember that there are way worse situations than yours. I, have anxiety attacks sometimes because I'm afraid of open spaces (agoraphobia) and acrophobia (fear of heights) but it's not as bad as it used to. My mother dated 2 men 1 for 4 years of my life!! It was so horrible, we moved a lot, they fought a lot but now I have everything wonderful. I have a nice family; mother, brother, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, cousins. All in the same apartment building as me. I went through a lot during my childhood and I'm 13 now. See how fast things can change? I wish you the best of luck and I hope everything gets better for you soon.
- chris

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