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Posted by Wrench at February 26, 2010
Tags: 2010 February  Philosophical  Relationship  Religion

I grew up in a middle class conservative religous home going to bible school till i was 18, i believed everything i was taught about god and the biblle hook line and sinker, To make a long story short, i got married after high school to a girl who told me she believed as i did when we talked heart to heart. She had my child and then another child, we were married 14 years, only to have it end finding out our 2nd child was in fact someone elses not mine, she had slept with my own brother, and the neighbor and some of my so called friends////then to top it off and make it worse, she said i was the fault, because i was angry and grabbed her by the collar when i found all this out. She took me to court for abuse, it was thrown out, but she left with the neighbor she had been screwing for 8 years and i was the abusive ex husband( what a fucking lie domestic abuse is) I put her through college and she now makes 6 fiqures, while i struggle after paying child support for years. Well, i no longer believe the lies in the bible, but i am too old to start over, so now i live a lonely life sucks life...DEATH WILL SET ME FREE///Why do some people have all the breaks while those of us on here get f----ed


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New Comment

By anonymous at 26,Feb,10 14:31

hey dude...
im sorry 4 u
there's no such thing like too old 2 start over!
U r alive and ready 2 to change ur life, u just need to discover that!
U can do everything u wanna
Just follow ur dreams!!! You r going to be really happy someday, just don't give up

By at 26,Feb,10 17:45

People do tend to talk smack about God and the bible when they find themselves in a very depressing situation, BUT there is ONE fact in the bible that you should hold on to and thats "Reap what you soe". I TRULY believe that somewhere in her life whether its in the near future or further on in her life, she WILL find herself facing this bible verse, whether its someone else who cheats on her and she'll know how the pain feels, maybe she'll go through something in her life that will make her wake up and truly realize what kind of man she gave up just to spread her legs to other people, or she'll suffer guilt and regret. this woman has not grown up yet.

But the greatest thing that you can remind yourself is that your heart was so open and warm enough to put her through college and put HER first. thats a good sign that you are a GOOD man! you were selfless and put her needs ahead of yours and you DIDNT have to! be proud of your personality because i dont know how many people would do that for someone else. its just sad that she couldnt return the favor. Right now she isnt thinkng about all the selfless things that you have done, but one day she will remember everything you've done.

If this is how she wants to spend the rest of her life, let her. Sooner or later she WILL realize that she made a mistake. but right now there is nothing you can do about situation. As the first comment said, it is never too late to get back on your feet. why waste the rest of your life giving up? don't look at the terrible things that are you going through TODAY and think that thats how it will always be, becuase you have MANY more YEARS to live, who are we to stay that nothing delightfull will ever happen during those years?. Who knows, maybe you'll become so successfull and she'll come back and need YOU, giving you all the power in your hands, even if she's making 6 figures. she may lose all that one day. but don't spend your time wishing something bad would happen to her or wishing other bad things becuase it will tire you down. just concentrate on yourself, your kids and God.

In fact, you should sit down, have some time alone and speak to God about your troubles. let him know the pain you are feeling. start from the very beginning on how you met this woman and thought she was the greatest thing. God likes listening to conversations and he wants you to speak to him. So just TRY that!


By anonymous at 26,Feb,10 22:30

bwhahaah men choose a wife based on looks, could be phoney as hell, they go for the sluts and then cry when they get burned hahahahaha.

By anonymous at 28,Feb,10 21:32

Don't wait for a ficticious character (God) to change your life. You change it. The only time it is too late is when you are dead. Churchy people like anonymous woman are always full of shit and hypocrits. They lie to your face and screw you behibnd your back. They are fake. You see it time and again. They hate gays and then they go to bathrooms and blow children. They fly to foreign lands and screw their mistress after church. Seen it all. If someone has to tell you they are a Christain, run like hell.

By anonymous at 03,Mar,10 09:19

Did she, REALLY get a break? At some point this for sure will haunt her for life. Sounds like she is a miserable person to be. I hope one day you will forgive her, return to your Bible and life will return to you. It's easy to default to the Bible is the liar and not the "father of lies".

By mary at 05,Mar,10 04:43

It's never too late, my father was over 60 when i was born...
BTW do you still pay alimony if she has a boyfriend?? check it out! In my country you don't..
If not, you could make some pictures or even hire a detective to do the job for you.

By anonymous at 08,Mar,10 02:28

i am so sorry. people do things without understanding how it can hurt another person. i've been hurt alot. and i've hurt others. it sounds as if you really didn't deserve this. at least you can have some dignity and self-respect. she can't take that from you. honestly, as a woman, I had a chance to cheat on my ex. But I didn't do it. I knew it would make my problems worse and my self-respect would dwindle. You gotta know that somewhere inside her, she has to be ashamed of herself and one day she won't be able to run from it and she'll have to feel it.

By anonymous at 15,May,10 16:03

That's why should pray to god to bring you the right person. My mum n dad only dated for two months n are still married now 17 years they trust each other n I trust each of them. They're christains n regularly go to church. Pray to god he can change your situation in a flick of a second. Trust me, seen evidence if this.
By anonymous at 23,Mar,11 21:11

Word on the last line. God has brought me out of a life of misery and opened up a heaven on Earth before me within 10 minutes. Next thing I know I have information flooding in my mind just by the thoughts of what I choose or problems that I had , Christ just laid it before me in a way that I could come to understand anything I thought to think of. That's not even half of the story- talking months of living pure JOY which you can't get without Christ bestowing it upon you. Jesus Christ is SURPRISING.

By anonymous at 20,May,10 13:19

Most women who claim abuse are really abused. Most abusive men don't consider themselves abusive. I feel for you either way, but you should be sure that your view is accurate.

By at 24,Jul,10 02:08

Believe it or not. Your ex wife is haunted by an erotic evil spirit. No exorcist can help her as long as she enjoys her evil life.
By anonymous at 24,Aug,11 02:33

Erotic evil spirit ????
You gotta be fucking kidding me!!!
Are you from the XIII century or something?
What the fuck!!!!???
Here is the real 'evils':
- ignorance and fear;
- disbelieve on yourself;
- obsessive institutionalized believes;
Exorcist yourself from these evils and you'll find personal theology...the one that allows you to be like Him; an unique and divine individual...

By anonymous at 06,Jan,12 00:22

...And I was a good boy all year yet Santa didn't bring me the train set I wanted - Except, now that I'm all grown up, I realise that Santa didn't bring me a train set because Santa doesn't exist and the reason God didn't give you a good wife is because he most probably doesn't exist either - Based on the evidence, even if he does exist he either couldn't care less about you or he's actively persecuting you. See, it's easier to not believe in god. All that said, you need to get away from it all, not die. Just move away and start afresh, you're more likely to find closure and happiness if you make positive steps toward improving your life. In answer to your question - Why do some people get all of the breaks whilst the rest of us get fucked? It's because there's no god, just chance and luck. Simple really.

By anonymous at 30,May,13 12:28

Unfortunately, you married a whore. ANY FEMALE WHO SLEEPS AROUND WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS IS A 360 DEGREE HO!!!! Far as I'm concerned you are better off without a trick who can't keep her legs closed. Damn shame you had to experience such an ordeal. AND REMEMBER: IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT!!!!! Move on with your life b/c life's better without HER. Find another woman if you want b/c life goes on. Don't let this situation trip you up. Regain your balance and walk tall. Peace.

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