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End of relationship

Posted by anonymous at March 12, 2012
Tags: Loneliness  2012 March  Relationship

We had an end to the relationship on 9th March 2012 after his birhday which was on 8th March. It was very sudden and it came as a shock to me. He is from other country and culture and Iam from someother but we had the same feelings and I somehow felt that this would work but may be it was not meant to be. He must have felt lonely and gave up as this was not going anywhere but for me in all this year I had summed up the courage to let it happen but was unsure of him having work upon it. I was sure he was the correct man for me with all those characteristic which I wanted in my lifepartner. And in all my years I never felt so confident about him and me being together but so suddenly it ended. It hurts and there is nobody to share my feelings as I havent let this known to any of my family members or friends. The boulders of pain in my heart is increasing day by day. I have cut all the contacts with him as he is planning to marry a girl from his country which makes the situation even worse. I had kept all my marrage proposals on bay as I had him deep in my heart and couldnt see anyone taking his place. Now Iam left alone and feel so lonely!!


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New Comment

By Truth at 14,Mar,12 12:55

The bulge of my meat grows in my pants for you. A life partner I need none of, but flicking the pickle is for me. I have let you known now, for the summer in my country there is a bed of straw for which you to come, and on your face I will too.
By Lonliness at 19,Mar,12 07:10

This was really an answer I could laugh at...but sorry I cant even do that now!!

By anonymous at 15,Mar,12 00:53

is this guy a muslim or arab? yeah, don't feel too bad. u should never date a arab man. they're all idiots and just screw around with non-muslim grls and then in the end marry some virgin muslim grl whilst they are the biggest whores and hypocrites.

you can do better. plenty of fish in the sea.
By Lonliness at 19,Mar,12 07:08

No, he is not muslim or arab, Iam always away from these people but he is from Nigeria. Inspite of his color I had my heart for him. Maybe this made him opt out as we were different. But dont you think we could have worked out?
By anonymous at 21,Mar,12 15:33

Hey!!! not all arab / muslim guys are like that you know... besides you are the ones whoring yoursleves to us lol

By anonymous at 15,Mar,12 07:09

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