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just wanna blow my fucking brains out and end all problems

Posted by FW at February 18, 2012
Tags: 2012 February  General

moeny gone fuck friends.
love of my life cheated on me.
I ''stood up for myself'' and kicked some asshole who tried to rob me.
2 days later 8 persons came and breaked my jaw.
i'm used for money. i don't have any fucking moeny.
fighting at home.
all i have left is weed.
the only thing that matters to me.
i wanna kill myself but then i've achived nothing. AND my will of living is to strong.
all i want is peace with everyone.
and money...

god bless all you other depressed low life thugs.


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By at 27,Feb,12 12:35

Give someone a lesson cause he or she deserves it? Do make sure there is no possible trouble by from that party by whatever "LEGAL" means necessary.

By anonymous at 29,Oct,14 14:54

Shitty Things do Happen but how you handle them has to do with how you were brainwashed growing up. There are all kinds of ways to get brainwashed, so you have to ask yourself are the feelings your having, are they really your own? or are they feelings your suppose to have because that is what everybody does.??? Now on top of's a matter of body chemistry. There are recipe's that lend themselves to your behavior, which by the way also has to do with how others see you and or get along with you. Kind of like the saying,"Misery loves company" and of course it goes the other way, "Funny loves company........" etc.etc.etc.
There was a movie a long time ago called, "What the Bleep do we know?" Rent this movie and pay particular interest to the parts about the brain. There is a lot about this movie that you may or may not like, but the fact about the brain can not be ignored. Physics guys are finding out a lot about what we may be, something to the tune of we swim in an ocean of data and we are only avatars for someone else or maybe it's a case of the real you is sitting somewhere else and reaping the feelings of experience your Avatar is having..Out there...I know, but look at where you live. On a little blue marble in the middle of infinity. My god, it's immense, your immense and things like another human you maybe reside with lets another human exchange bodily fluids with him/her so what. The bigger question is does he/she have your back, is that the agreement you got into? Now there is something to be said about the exchange of bodily fluids as they may be tainted and that is not fair to you and that is not having your back I agree with you from that stand point. SO to kill yourself over that or maybe go to jail for jealousy sake, I call that brain wash and not the real you. There is nobody I am going to go to jail for. On and On I could go, as a fellow avatar I say to you put the brakes on yourself, get a few books on some of what I have been talking about and read!! Find out who you really are, you owe it to yourself. I also think that is the answer to the question, "Why are we alive, answer. To be our own chemist"

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