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Does Life Get Better? Or Is It Just A Myth?

Posted by anonymous at January 24, 2012
Tags: Attitude  2012 January

Why do I always appear to everyone as an ugly(literally) jerk during the day and at night I'm a beautiful nice person? Everyone judges me- I believe in astrology and I believe that the reason for this is because my ascendent is in Leo. I attract peoples attention somehow-being as shy as I am. So basically, I'm insecure ,confused, unsure, troubled, and my mom is an alcoholic who tells me she wants to change literally everyday of my life and gets trashed literally
I'm in middle school, I'm an average sixth grader though quite mature for my age and yet people that are (let me just say it but I really am a nice person) uglier and have less advantages than me; I hate to say it but it's true; get the love of their life in a snap and i try ever so hard to at least get them to see me the way i see them.
But it never works. no. I fail every.time. My deep crushes always end up absolutely hating me.
In the end-i'm always disappointed. Not even a day goes by when I'm having a blast, but then somehow I ruin it, it's a disaster.
Sounds like it, a lot. but I'm really truly not even exaggerating by a little.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 10,Feb,12 20:09

You are mature for your age. You are too young to worry about finding the love of your life. But if someone right does come along, one of the following years, don't give a damn what your friends or parents think about it. Don't care about them judging you or not approving or your responsibilities towards them or what you have on for clothes. If you find someone who is right for you, don't let the world interfere, and don't let that person go without getting contact information. You might lose them forever. If you meet someone and they treat you right, like how you always wanted, don't be superficial either. You grab that person and don't let go!

By anonymous at 11,Feb,12 02:57

Jesus knows your pain, because he went through all the different pains possible when he was tortured and then nailed to a cross. He layed down his life for me and you, so that we can have eternal life in heaven. All we have to do is accept him as our lord and savior and ask for forgiveness for our sin. Jesus loves you with love that cant be compared, he loves you so much that he died for you. He can change you, your mother, and your life. He changes people every single day. You can say that one of his job descriptions is "Life Changer". He knows your trouble, he cares for you, and he wants you to know him. He will comforts us when there seems to be no comfort available. He is our friend when everyone else seems to not care, he provides for us when we are without, and he gives us strength when we are weak. He washes away all our sin when we have lived sinfilled lives. He is offering the gift of everlasting life in heaven free of charge, its your choice whether you accept his offer.
By anonymous at 11,Feb,12 13:52

Wow that message that you sent was really good and TRUE. I feel the same way about Jesus because he asks so very little from us and in return we can get plenty of help from him if we pray. You should do the same. And I'm in your situation, too. I'm in seventh grade and my life is kind of like that but I've managed and you can, too. :)

By anonymous at 11,Feb,12 13:55

I'm in your shoes too. I'm in middle school just like you and I'm not as popular and I dont have a boyfriend and I'm not too ugly but also not the prettiest, as well. Other people are just like you. Don't lose hope! And don't your mother or the ppl in your grade stop you from living your life. :)

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