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Things aren't getting better.

Posted by charles at January 19, 2012
Tags: 2012 January  Job

I loved my last job, but unfortunately my coworkers treated me like shit. I was a line cook for a fancy restaurant in town. I cleaned, prepped, organized, took stock and inventory, made and plate salads, appetizers, amuse bouche, and desserts. Then my boss hired two other men to work with me. I'm an 18 year old woman working in a professional kitchen. The only girl back there. I interned there for three months, unpaid, making ravioli and cleaning up after other people and just being their bitch, and when they asked me to work for them, I was thrilled! I was put on the salad station. Then my boss hired another guy to work with me. He was alright, didn't give me too much trouble. But then he started getting better treatment than me. Better pay, more learning opportunities, he was put on the grill station two weeks into his time there, and I had been working there for four months. Then they hired another guy. What a tosser. He would sharpen his knives over the food, leave his knife handles hanging off the edge of the counter, stupid, careless things like that. One day he was about to send out a salad and I told him he needed to clean his edges because they were a mess. And his response was to bow to me and say "Yes, your majesty". That just pissed me off and I still had several more hours until we closed. My boss didn't seem to care, and even started to treat me with even less respect. I was always the last person to find out anything, even if it involved me or my station. So I quit. It was still summer, college classes hadn't started yet, so I wasn't terribly worried about being able to find a job. Well now it's been 6 months and I still can't get a job. I'm not even a student, I have absolutely no other obligations, no time restraints, nothing keeping me from working proper jobs. I've filled out upwards of 50 applications and only received 4 interviews. I have been overqualified for these jobs that I'm applying to, and the managers always tell me that. They tell me "Oh, we're looking for girls" or "Wow, you have a ServSafe? No-one else here has that!". They tell me they'll give me a call, but they never do. I have been relentless in my job search and have gotten jack shit out of it. My boyfriend and family keep telling me "Just keep trying, it'll get better, you're bound to get a job soon" and the like. But I've been getting so depressed and tired and angry and I want to give up. But I need a job so I can get money for a car and a place to live. I just don't know what to do anymore.


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By anonymous at 08,Feb,12 00:20

Yup it's a mans world. I'm a female too and I know how it goes, men LOOOOVE men. I swear they are all gay.
By anonymous at 08,Feb,12 02:45

wow, you're obviously fucking stupid
By anonymous at 08,Feb,12 13:37

...and you're obviously a "man". Whatever that means today.
By anonymous at 08,Feb,12 17:22

yea, come see me and i'll be glad to show you, unless you're too "gay"
By anonymous at 09,Feb,12 04:31

haha, wow chick, you lost that one BIGTIME, haha
By anonymous at 09,Feb,12 07:22

LMFAO somebody ask that woman how her own foot tastes
By anonymous at 31,Jan,13 21:12

Things are mighty sad these days, Everyone will tell you have faith and hold on, things will change but I have trouble believing any of this. I have to say you poor women and your plight, racism and judgment on gender still exist today and I have no idea why. Women are so capable of so many things, not just things men aren't but things men are and more. Women are amazing, I'm a guy and I've given up my pride in search of understanding. This world is gonna give you shit again and again but just keep living. It's all we're meant to do. Living learning and evolving, have been for quite some time. Reminder I'm a guy, no set faith. I just know there is a god, is a reason, and no simple answer.

By anonymous at 08,Feb,12 00:32

Find another job. They don't respect you and if they don't know they are not going to all of a sudden start tomorrow. You deserve better and until you realize it then you will always stay where you are and getting treated the same.

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