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live for the day.

Posted by Buddy. at March 8, 2010
Tags: General  2010 March

The world has gone to hell.
Family crazy.
lost my job.
broke my legs.
all of my friends are dead.
Igive up.
Have a happy day.
Because I can't.
life is gone.
I quit.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 09,Mar,10 11:57

you need the love,find a girlfriend or maybe you need play some video game.for example -call of duty 6

By anonymous at 09,Mar,10 12:06

really bad ,but i guess you still have some money,use it wisely to keep on your life,you can watch tv for fun everyday ,dont give up,face your life.

By anonymous at 09,Mar,10 13:38

If you will experience 35 negative things in your life, you will at some point in your life also experience 35 positive things.

This might take days, it might even take months.

But don't worry. Eventually everything will be fine.

By anonymous...RAR! at 15,Mar,10 11:27

Things might seem bad now because well they kinda are....but u shouldn't really worry much because u know things r going to get better...thats what makes us happy..if things were good all the time u'd have nothing to look forward right now u should be on ur way working ur way up for that hope of happiness to come....n boy u know its gonna feel GOOD! some new people go out u'll have new friends...move on stop being in such a desperate state right now its not worth it n thinking bout killing ureself isn't gonna give u the happiness that u know u need....

By anonymous at 20,Mar,10 01:49

When you quit, your troubles can't be fixed. Your legs will heal, you can't change your family, you can't bring back your friends, life will always have challenges, hopefully the economy will get better and you can find the job that you want, but there are still jobs available. Make up you mind, you don't have to remain a victim of chaotic situation.

By anonymous at 12,Apr,10 00:42

Hi. I can probably relate to half your stuff. I've been through some of the things you've had. Sometimes all of these things happened all at once. My family is crazy too, especially my mom and brother. I'm sure I'm nuts too but try to be normal. My brother committed suicide about 15 years ago. Psychological, emotional, life, family, school, drug issues, etc. My dad died when my mom was 8 mos pregnant with me. My mom is a wack job. Sh drove me near insanity growing up I wanted to kill myself. Well I saw the dark side of my brother's death. I concluded, life is gonna deal you cards. It's really easy to live half ass and depressed due to circumstances; I have. But you can make some choices and minimize the damage. So I can just try and try or just jump off a bridge. But I have lived half ass and it isn't that much fun either. The crazy thing is I know the couple few things I'd like to do and I have a couple talents I can nurture yet I do nothing about it. Before I didn't know. Anyway, I later experienced unemployment and my legs broke three times in a row. And then my boyfriend dumped me after we took a vacation and I visited with him and his family for the first time. Later I got with a boyfriend that treat me like shit and used drugs. I finally dumped him and I'm sure he could care less. I have some good friends, and I have some friends that tease me because I'm poor. I have a pet that keeps me company sometimes. I get sick tired and sleepy all the time. My life has been way way worse when I was a teenager; I'm surprised I didn't shoot myself at the time. Well, what now. Just get spiritual if you choose, go to church if you choose. Cut out nasty people from your life like I did. I only keep the good ones. Keep trying. I can either jump a bridge, live half ass, or make it work somehow, I might as well while I'm breathing. Living half ass is no fun, I've been there. Chin up, find resources, and don't get too emotional, just be pragmatic about it. Emotions will just play with your psyche and bring you down. Help yourself and others around you people animals world, it will take the selfishness out of you (and me). Good luck. There's a light for us. Evrything will be okay.

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