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A bad joke....

Posted by Anderson at December 2, 2009
Tags: December 2009  Family  Health  Poverty  School

I work in a call center full time and go to school full time. I want to be a nurse. Male nurse / Murse. I have no money to pay my bills... My car may get repossessed if i dont make a payment soon. I am hungry and tired. My teachers give out way too much homework than whats nessasary for the class. I work, get yelled by customers because they didnt get to watch American Idol last night when the cable service went down. I work in tech support for a cable company. Since it is a call center every action you do is monitored and timed. They constantly remind the employee's that we are nothing without them and they remind us constantly how we should think. Customers are never right, dumb mouth breathers who cant change inputs on a HDTV. I go to a cumminty college where the teachers are just terrible. They give out crap tons of homework that takes away all of my time and sleep. I'm getting B's and C's because i am just to damn tired after work and homework to study for test and exams. I need a high GPA to make into med school, but im not metting that right now. It may sound not so bad to others, but it really is bad to me. I hate my family... They are disgusting, rude and just downright incapable of critical thinking when it comes down to it. My mom is a raging bitch who cares nothing for me only that i make my car payments on time since she is co-signed on it. She has no clue what supporting your child means. My father died of heart attck when i was 15. My mom didnt shed a single tear. I hate my job but i cant find a new one cause of the economy. I am also constantly reminded on tv news about so called "change." Nothing is changing, except for my health. I am getting fat and out of shape because i have no money for healthy food and dont have time to get to the gym. I am seriously hanging on by a thread. My motivation to be happy is gone.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 02,Dec,09 17:54

keep fighting man... dont give up.... i ll pray for u...

By anonymous at 03,Dec,09 08:22

yeah keep going mate. dont know why i'm suggesting that but i guess it's coz im in a very similar situation. life really does suck at times and sometimes it feels like theres no way that it will get better but i'm sure it will one day :) i'm hoping so anyway.

By anonymous at 03,Dec,09 13:47

Have you ever thought about just cutting down a bit? Like being a part-time student in college? Why put loads and loads of work on yourself like that? If you are receieving too much work in School, then cut down on it a bit, take the summers off and just work to catch up on your bills. And if the teachers are terrible, how about considering transfering to another college? My friend told me she started going to this one college where she literally had to teach herself becuase the teachers there were horrible, so she didnt want to waste anymore time or money and left. Another thing, your teachers should have a profile. I use that all the time and read other students' comments about that professor and i avoid the ones that horrible and aim for those that are good. and so far i'm on a role getting the best teachers on campus. And for someone who wants to get in MED School, you SHOULD slow down, take your time and make those good grades.

When it comes to this terrible job with mean people, i know EXACTLY how you feel, really, i do. I use to work at Wendy's Resturant and i was miserable from day one. I was alone most of the time, i didnt really have any friends or people that were willing to talk to me and connect. I was surrounded by alot of ghetto people who really made me feel bad about myself. I remember one night i had a really horrible shift working with a different crew and this manager had transfered from anoter store to mines and made my life a living hell. She embarassed AND the crew embarassed me in front of customers, they talked behind my back and bullied me. The customers got in my face too. So that night i went home and i never felt sooo.....confused in my life, its like i wanted to cry but the pain was so overbearing that i couldnt do anything. its like my emotions were mixed up and didnt know what to do. I was STUNNED!

I finally told myself that i couldnt work there anymore and i put two notices and ironically thats when everyone started being nice, but i left anyway and i found a job with the most wondering people who cared about me and came up and talked with me. but then i got laid off, bummer.

I agree with you that customers arent right. they are only right at what they WANT, but they have no idea what goes on, on the other side of that counter or desk or phone. there are times where i did wanted to splash coke in their faces and there were times where i ALMOST walked off the job. its amazing how people make you feel SOOOOOOO belittled.

Obviously there is nothing to do about your mom's attitude, but remind yourself that you wont with her for long. this isnt permanant. soon youre going to take that degree and let it lead you away from her and into a world of success.

I don't see the so called change either in the economy. I have filled out dozens of applications, went to interviews for nothing and i can't support myself. So i'm trying to leave everyting to God and i think you should talk to Him too. have a ver deep discussion and tell him your worries. let him guide you.

By at 04,Dec,09 14:10

Dude.... been there. It blows the big one! I felt the exact same way... I ended up quitting school. And ended up on lots of antidepressants... LOL. Good luck man. Hope all gets better for you

By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 16:38

Ha ha ha ha ha
Welcome to life wussy. Wait till you get a real job as a nurse. Man up and take it, we all did. Buy some kleenex to dry those eyes.
If I am a patient I never want a wussy nurse like you.

By anonymous at 10,Feb,10 16:30

I worked at a call center for many years myself. Everything is timed and recorded to be monitored I remember how stressful that was. People want what they want when they want it. They feel yelling gets them there, just think this they are only straining themselves and will probably die early of heart failure.

By Norm at 16,Apr,11 11:34

Good point. I hadn't thuohgt about it quite that way. :)

By awesome link building at 24,Sep,13 20:34

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