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Young but over.

Posted by Annonymus (idk how to spell) at January 11, 2011
Tags: Appearance  2011 January  Juvenile problems

Im almost 15 years old and Im only in the ninth grade. Im ugly for starters. Everyone calls me ugly and unattractive... I only have about 4 friends, and they're all girls I have no guy friends whatsoever (even though Im not gay) and out of those 4 friends only 2 are true friends. I've never had a boyfriend or even been asked out. Let alone even being LIKED or been kissed. And I know you may think ohhh shes young, but its really hard when the 4 people in my life are making out constantly with their boyfriends and 1 has even had sex.Its also hard because I have NO guy friends. Im pretty much a loser in high school and no one likes talking to me. I feel small weak and helpless in school. I come home every night and pray that one day I'll get up, go on the bus, get in a crash, and not have to go back to my life. I honest to god suck at everything I've tried. I was the only one who didnt make the volleyball team, in my dance class the instructor looks like she wants to kill me and some of the other girls have even told me to leave the class cause I suck so bad. I pretty much suck at everything else too. Please help. I watch my dieing grandmother some days and it makes me want to enjoy life. But somehow i just CANT.


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By anonymous at 02,Feb,11 15:31

Im sorry you feel that way hun. Im a guy and I felt the same way. Kids your age are immature and need time to grow up. People become more mature and treat you better when you get older. But it still wont be perfect. I wish I could do high school again. I would befriend all the ugly girls and shit on the attractive ones.

Youre so young and you can do all kinds of things to make yourself pretty. Exercise, diet, and dress up nice.

By anonymous at 02,Feb,11 19:29

Sounds like my life. I am now 27 and can tell you that I am very thankful I didn't spend my teenage years dating a bunch of losers and experiencing heartbreaks. Everyone used to tell me that I was ugly too, but now that I'm older everyone tells me I'm beautiful and hott. Bodies change. I know waiting totally sucks... I thought about suicide a lot when I was in 15-18, but I'm really glad that I never went through with it. The main thing that helped me was reading the Bible and getting involved in my church. I know it may sound cliche but if you are happy on the inside it will show on the outside. I found my happiness in reading the Bible and learning about Jesus. I hope you do the same.

By BOA at 03,Feb,11 01:55

chances are that your girl friends who are making out all the time, are lying, they wish they were making out, but likely aren't.

Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. The girls I dated were not the popular, girls, the cheerleader type girls, as they are so full of themselves. I preferred dating the plain girls, who were always a lot more fun.

Life sucks, that is a matter of fact. Always has always will, but more as a teen than any other time in life. Grin and bear it, find a happy place for you, and give it some time. When you least expect it, everything will fall into place, and you will realize, that it doesn't suck so bad, and actually is worthwhile afterall .... but you will never realize that if you give up.
By Venom at 10,Feb,11 11:12

Well, sounds like big talk for some 60 yo fatass who doesn't even know shit about his sexuality

By anonymous at 07,Feb,11 13:38

im 19 and i dont have any girlfriend too!
when i was at ur age, i played soccer... all the time they put me out of games! because i sucked!!
i also suck in my lessons too!!
i dont have much friends.

i can tell u just be thankful!
people like you and me must be thankful. because we dont waste time

By anonymous at 08,Feb,11 02:02

Your story sounds an awful like mine. In middle school I was bullied and made fun of constantly, my mom was always working out of town, and my dad was an abusive alcoholic. Every day was hell for me I would do poorly in school due to low self esteem, as I figured "Why bother, I am stupid anyways"

Then as I got older something happened... I grew into my looks and began to grow confident in myself. I started to get A's in highschool and college. I met the man of my dreams when I was 16, and we are getting married next year.

Just pick yourself up and who cares if you're not the star dancer... just have fun. That's what the class is there for, no one needs to make fun of you if you're not the same level as them who cares? The only one person who can make you happy is yourself. :D

By anonymous at 10,Feb,11 11:18

Well I didn't have friends either, back when I was 17, I was the school nerd even tho I didn't have very good marks, was ugly too, unskilled, everything bad you could possibly imagine. Went throught suicide like a couple of times, and got saved (hopefully) because I was a fool.
I mean, what can FRIENDS bring you ? when u are 17, Nothin, but headaches, now i'm 24 and I realised it, back then friends were useless to me and tho I was gonna die cause I didn't have them, Girlfriends too, same thing.
When u grow up a bit, and look back at your life, you'd be like "WTF WAS I THINKIN", and ppl change u know ? I was a fat ugly bitch back in highschool, now I'm still ugly and a bit fat but whatever I'm working out and ppl come to me all by themselves, now I even get parties invitations and I don't even agree on going, u know what I mean ?! This is something that goes, and you'll find it out soon enough
Cheers, one who has been 15 yo

By anonymous at 25,Mar,11 21:58

Jesus Christ and the Bible are your only answer. Read the Bible- start in the New Testament and read on. email me if you need advice-

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By anonymous at 22,Mar,12 16:40

If you actually are ugly, life doesn't get better as you get older. It gets worse...way worse.
By Ugly Life at 31,Mar,12 09:54

True story. I hate when some former ugly, bullied teenager that has become an average or even attractive adult feels that they have any business telling genuinely, hopelessly ugly people that "it gets better" and tries to give life lessons when really all their shit sorted itself out - no wisdom, just luck. Truth is, it only gets better when your appearance does. But the ex-uglies will keep on pretending that being ugly is no big deal now that they no longer have to put up with all the copious amount of crap that comes along with an ugly face.

By anonymous at 25,Mar,12 08:56

Ugh, I know. High school sucked for me too, but it changes. If you have weight issues, address them. If I've learned anything from my boyfriend is don't give up. Sometimes I purposely say something hurtful to him, but he does something to change it and become better. It pissed me off at first, but then I thought to myself, "Shit, why aren't I doing that? Instead of wallowing in self pity, I can fix shit." And I have.

So, weight issue, there are ways, just do them and stick to them. Please don't give up. Once the weight is tackled, the rest comes quite easy.

This is just a bunch of shit that makes people gross, not saying you do them, but if you do, don't:

Don't wear pajama pants outside.
DO wear flattering clothes, ex, if you have love handles, hide them instead of wearing tight shirts. You can work out and make them go away.

Don;t wear an overload of make up. If you need it, wear a good foundation, a bit of eye liner or mascara. Even that might be much for your age.

Dress nice. Simplicity is often the way.

Be nice to people. Trust me, I've learned that the hard way. If someone is giving you shit, fuck them. Laugh and walk away.

Good hygiene. Super important. Smell good everywhere, all the time. Guys like food scents.. so vanilla, pumpkin, shite like that. :)

Make an effort when it comes to all things like school and work.

Be reliable. If you say you will do something or be somewhere, follow through. This was a huge one for me that caused me to lose friends.

Don't cut your own hair.

I might add more later, but I'm 20 now and wish I knew a few of these things back then.

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