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My Life.

Posted by Mr. X at October 26, 2010
Tags: Family  2010 October  Religion

Hello , I have read most of the stories on this site and I will be honest it is people like you that make me strive for my dream and that is to change this world.
¨Well this is my story, Ever since I was born I Was the curse on my family, being the first male child and I was hated by my relatives and still am. My father hated me as a child and I still do not have any contact. All my life was about migration from one country to another escaping war . Now i am in a civilised country, but my life is not going well. I entered this intenational school and ever since day one my life has been hell. i have been oppressed for being me, for not being rich or what they call a true genius. Many of my teachers have seen me as hopeless and many people have looked down on me. I am still oldest child in the family and I have lots of responsiblities. I must now also take care of EVERYTHING as my grandma is leaving. The only true friend I have is not even here, she is in another country. I have had love once and it ended up with heart break. I am a so called good kid, I am religious but even my religion Islam is oppressed by this world, we are seen as terrorists. I dont have friends cause I am different, I dont party I dont drink i find it stupid. I work hard each fucking day,I RARELY SLEEP. I AM AMBITIOUS BUT ITS MY CURSE, I TRAIN ALL DAY AND STUDY ALL NIGHT. My parents tell me THAT I NEVER HAVE TIME FOR THEM, BUT I NEVER HAVE TIME FOR ME EITHER. THEY ALWAYS EXPECT GREAT THINGS BUT HOW CAN I BRING THEM GREAT THINGS IF I DONT WORK. EVER SINCE I WAS A CHILD I HAVE ALWAYS DREAM OF MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE, EVEN IF AM AN ARAB MUSLIM. I JUST GET REAL TIRED, I GET SO TIRED THAT I CANT EVEN SLEEP AT NIGHT, I HAVE NO ONE TO TALK TO. I JUST NEED A BREAK. I know my story is not like most but I did like to share it. Thank you for your time.


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By anonymous at 29,Oct,10 23:19

Hey, your life seems epic. I bet you have some interesting stories, since you've migrated to different countries your whole life. Also, fuck your teachers who oppress you, that's retarded. No one can define a genius, and anyone with half the ambition you have can change the world, you just seem busy with other things right now. Its great that you don't drink. Also, I bet you like coffee. Hit me up with an email if you want at

By anonymous at 31,Oct,10 15:56

You sound interesting and I feel you will have the success you want - dont give up - work even harder.

By anonymous at 01,Nov,10 06:34

That was such a said story. I hope your dreams come true.

By anonymous at 03,Nov,10 22:58

I hope you succeed. You'll get to where you want to in time.

By anonymous at 04,Nov,10 02:31

Like the first person said - You must have interesting stories. You should try writing, whether about yourself or just fiction about the places you've been. Writing helps a lot of people - I bet writing this paragraph even helped you. It's a way to express yourself.
I somehow google'd my way to this website but I stopped and read your post and decided to leave a comment.
Hope things look up!

By anonymous at 05,Nov,10 00:30

You are on the right track, and as for those who try to put you down, nothing would shame them more than if you prove them wrong! You will get where you want to be, just keep working at it, just like you are doing.

By gregwiater at 18,Nov,10 07:57

Life sucks in this world... but all of this is our fault. We have allowed it. Of course it seems as if it would be easier to kill myself and escape this never ending suffering in this reality.
But how about if we change it so it doesn´t suck anymore???? If everybody who killed himself and who wants to kill himself/herself did something to change this world instead – it would be much much better already. Let´s unite and do something instead of committing suicide.
search on google for: EQUAL MONEY ORGANIZATION and DESTENI GROUP... and you will find help and practical solutions… you will also find me there on the forum under Greg and GregWiater

By anonymous at 20,Feb,12 06:06

you should watch
The arrivals

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