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My Life Sucks.... because

Posted by anonymous at September 14, 2010
Tags: Juvenile problems  School  2010 September

I'm a 13 year old boy who is FU***CKED in high school, i get bullied every single day in school and the teachers dont do ANYTHING about it, i got so depressed that i just stopped caring about my studies, and stoped studying, so now im failing everything and have NO friends, and the "friends", just use me, and arent real friends, now ill probably fail the year, and because a kid punches me in the face, and i punch him back, the teacher sees only me, when i hit him, so he puts a suspension to me, and my CONDUCT GRADE gets lower and lower, so now my parents and everybody hates me, so i just gave up, cuz now that im trying to improve in school, i got so FU***CKED that i cant go back to being the good, smart and intelligent, boy and/or student that i once was, so im not crazy enough to kill myself, but i just gave up....

P.D-A high school student who does'nt wish to put his real name, but tells you internet community, how his luife SUCKS ASS!!!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 26,Sep,10 03:30

Hey man! dont give up! ignore those kid's, they aren't going to kill you. so DO NOT WORRY. FOCUS ON YOUR SCHOOL, AND LIVE UPON YOUR OWN EXPECTATION's, and not after other people's expectations. Okay? and the hard time's in life are but a moment of time. The season's end. and a new one begins! =)
By anonymous at 26,Sep,10 17:53

Its not as easy as you think.
By anonymous at 26,Sep,10 18:12

who said he thinks its easy

By anonymous at 08,Oct,10 23:17

ok so im the kid who wrote this, i know but it's like man i try to improve but seriously its just too hard ill probably fail the year, and quit school, or get expelled for having so bad grades, and no good school will receive me, BUT i found the answer im going to go and escape from home and ill use my money which i have been saving and im stealing money from my parents like 20,000,000 dollars of the ir savings and just have fun in the city till i die!!!! ill be a hobo alright but with money!!!! it is that or kill myself with my dads gun...
By anonymous at 26,Oct,10 17:16

That's stupid you won't do it , you are just a powerless kid you want things to change?go and kick those guys ass you are not going to die

By anonymous at 12,Nov,10 00:31

Ah fuck all those high school fag bullies, most of them are weak bitches with nothing to show for, thats why they resolve to violence to make themself better, once you hit college you will notice that things are a lot different. The best advice is aim for the nose and when they go down keep beating the living snot out of them, if you show resistance you will be respected. Dude I worried all my life how other people thought of me, and what they said and did to me, fuck em, they can't determine how your life will go and that you should kill urself. Your life is worth way to much to throw it away because of shit like that, u will pull through, you will be strong and you will see where those high school bully fags end up.

By anonymous at 13,Nov,10 13:05

lift weights and take kung fu and then whip the next motherfuckers ass who starts shit with you
By anonymous at 09,Mar,12 16:56

I agree open a can of woop ass

By crorkz at 15,Jan,15 19:30

xpnVYZ Lovely blog! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am taking your feeds also.

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