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my life sucks?

Posted by anonymous at September 9, 2010
Tags: Juvenile problems  2010 September

Okay so i am this ''normal'' 15 year old teenager. My life probably sucks because
1. I dont drink which means i am boring to many people
2. Ive never been kiss by any guy
3. I dont go to many big parties (one in my whole life)
4. If i dont go to parties at least i should have good grades, but no my grades arent good.
5. I am not popular
6. The last time a guy had a crush on me was like 4 years ago...
7. I consider myself ugly
8. Sometimes I want to die/ quit school, etc

I dont know if my life really suck, for me it does.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 19,Sep,10 18:28

You're fucking 15 years old! Who the fuck to you have to appear entertaining for? And so what you've ner kissed anyone before? Wait 10 years or so before you start complaining about that, damn ungraetful wipersnapers!

You are a spoild 15 year old brat. I'm getting tired of seeing all of these comments by fucking teenagers who think their lifes suck because their step-brother/sister never nothered to suck them off. Why don't you read some more posts on this site before telling the world what a ungreatful cretin you are. Go back to your twilight and wrist cutting.

By anonymous at 21,Sep,10 23:34

hey you, don't let high school bother you. it the ones who don't prosper in high school that actually make something of themself. look at Einstein. perfect example. you are probably just bored. and don't you worry about not kissing a guy. you are only 15. when i was that age, things were different. don't conform to it. premature boys have raging hormones and will find anything. perhaps they know they can't get anything from you. that is good because you're not the one being talked about badly in the boys locker room like some piece of meat. be proud and stay clean and pure. don't drink or use drugs to fit in. your life will all come together in the future within time. the funny part is when you are older and can laugh at all these popular people living in their high school glory while you have moved on with your life. it will end up that way. don't give it up to anyone. do not conform. when you look back in your yearbook, and so do the guys, they can never sit back and talk about what they did with you. that is good. you can laugh at all the stuck up kids when they can't move on with their lives while you live yours after high school. high school sucks. just get a diploma and get out of there without conforming or becoming infected with ignorance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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