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My Life sucks

Posted by Maddie at March 13, 2012
Tags: Attitude  2012 March

Right now i writing this and dont know why, myabe because i need an anwser to why my life become the way it is now. I wanna change everything in my life, but i cant, there is no hope. I wanna change everything, even family. But if there is one thing you cant change that is family. I wanna change faith too, but that impossible as well. I wanna change who my family want me to be, but that cant happend. I feel that i am what my family want me to be. and i am not happy with that. I wanna break free, but i cant.


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New Comment

By Truth at 15,Mar,12 13:11

You wanna break free huh? Well right now I'm sitting on the crapper with half a turd hanging out of my ass that wants to break free too, but for some reason I can't pinch it off. You see, I want it to break off more than IT wants to, and it doesn't even know it! Which kinda reminds me of you....I bet it's really not YOU who wants to be free, but rather, everything wants to be free of YOU!

You're a simpering pussy, and I bet if you asked just one of your family members if you could change and be free of them, they'd give you 75 bucks and an old windbreaker and say "Hit the road judy! It's high time you got the fuck out of our lives!"

I was just talking to God right now, trying to get that turd to fall out, and he said, never mind the turd, tell that guy on the website that I don't give a flying fuck about who or what he believes in. Tell him to go to Utah and then knock on doors before 9 a.m on saturday and offer the resident Satans Bible by Anton LaVey.

...I was like God...whoa, that's harsh, but I LOVE it!

and then the turd fell off...

Goddamn turds.
By anonymous at 16,Mar,12 02:51

Maybe someone should flush your sick ass down the toilet. Person needs help and your talking about you and the Crapper.What a load of Shit. No pun intended.
By Truth at 16,Mar,12 17:52

How do you type and suck cock at the same time? That's some talent!

By anonymous at 15,Mar,12 18:01

it's hard to tell if you're a woman or a man, but it doesn't matter really. What matters is how miserable you feel, and how alone you obviously find yourself...
That truly sucks that you can't vent to your family. Are they really religious and dogmatic? That can be tough. I had a great Aunt that would visit with my grandmother in the summertime. She insisted that we read the bible before every meal. Holy shit! Boy, we were so glad when she would leave, but then my grandmother would leave with her (they were sisters)and we we're like, why can't she leave and grandma stay??? Anyhow, I can understand when religion is being pushed and you are not wanting to buy-
Well, at least on this site you can vent? There are like minded people on here- even a bit of comedy thrown in by Mr. Truthful, so, don't lose hope-
We are who we are-

By anonymous at 09,Jun,12 00:24

tell us your life sucks story -

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