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what the fuck

Posted by F.A.B at January 24, 2012
Tags: Attitude  2012 January  Money

what the fuck.I hate my life I've spent 10 years addicted to pain meds.Served 3 combat tours.Lost 2 good friends in an I.E.D attack.My wife treats me like a fucking loser,my son plays and laughs with his uncle and stares at me like I'm a fucking stranger.I'm living with my mother and father in law, I'm fucking broke and all my accounts have garnishments against them.Been out of work for almost 2 years.Truck was repo'd.I mean if there's a god which I'm really starting to doubt.....What The Fuck is wrong with him????!!!!??I mean is life some sick fucking joke?Some people get rich and have no problems,and the rest of us spend an eternity on this fucking ball of dirt going through mortal fucking hell????Why would a god do this to people?A test?Well if this is a test then whoever made it is one sick sadistic mother fucker.When will it end....I've tried to kill myself but i'm too much of a coward to go through with it....I'm fucking pathetic,i wish someone would fucking kill me


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By anonymous at 11,Feb,12 03:49

Im sorry to hear about all the suffering you've been enduring. Whether you know it or not your son does look up to you and loves you, he just might not say it or show it. Your family does love you, imagine what it would do to them if you killed yourself, suicide is never the answer no matter how bad things may get. You served 3 combat tours, your a tough son of a bitch (pardon my french), if I can get through the crap I've been through you definately can aswell.

We unfortunately live in a broken and sinful world where many people suffer. I doubt God is testing you, he may however be bringing suffering in your life so that you will turn to Jesus. Jesus can turn the worst of situations and turn them into good. He was without sin and he died on the cross for me and you. Jesus can change your life, he can change you, he changes people every single day. All this may sound hokie but I must testify to the truth. If you accept jesus as your lord and savior and ask for forgivness of your sin (everyone has sinned) he will save you and give you a new life. Life on earth is short, compared to eternity life is very short!

Jesus knows your pain, because he went through all the different pains possible when he was tortured and then nailed to a cross. He layed down his life for me and you, so that we can have eternal life in heaven. All we have to do is accept him as our lord and savior and ask for forgiveness for our sin. Jesus loves you with love that cant be compared, he loves you so much that he died for you. He can change you. He changes people every single day. You can say that one of his job descriptions is "Life Changer". He knows your trouble, he cares for you, and he wants you to know him. He will comfort us when there seems to be no comfort available. He is our friend when everyone else seems to not care, he provides for us when we are without, and he gives us strength when we are weak. He washes away all our sin when we have lived sinfilled lives. He is offering the gift of everlasting life in heaven free of charge, its your choice whether you accept his offer.

I think your an awesome man, most men don't have the balls to serve, lest serve for three tours. I won't pretend to know what war was like for you. All I can say is that there is a hope and a better life for you ahead if you trust in Jesus. I'm not a pastor or part of any religous group, im just a guy like you. You can dismiss what I've said and thats fine, just believe me when I say I typed this all up from my heart and from the truth that I see every single day. I'm not the only one who can testify to what jesus can do. Maybe pick up a bible, go to a church (there are people who want to reach out to you, you just have to make yourself available).

Anyway, I will remember your post and I hope you find the truth.



By at 11,Feb,12 19:01

There are two good choices.
Be a father and a husband step by step. Keep trying; be that father who plays and spoils your kid, be that husband who finds a job, and be that son in law who can be supportive to your own family. Just keep trying and never give up like you managed to dodge bullets on tour.

Or you can join any tour until you retire than you will always have a place to live and people to shoot. (base on your duty, you may not shoot at all)If you got killed during your tour, you will get a medal and a bag like your friends. Irresponsible? No, you just keep sending money back until they forget about you and divorce you accordingly, then you have done you job for your country and as a husband.

Keep trying, that is what one must do, in any situation. O, stop wasting time praying, it does not work anyway.
By anonymous at 11,Feb,12 21:28

I disagree with the spoiling. I think you can be kind and non violent without rotting your kids with excess.

By at 27,Mar,12 05:30

my problem is that I always try get answer of my questions and
some of them are why am here? ,...what is the purpose of life?
who am I?

By suba pron at 12,Aug,18 11:01

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