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alone and depressed

Posted by dodo777 at January 13, 2012
Tags: Alcohol  Attitude  Health  2012 January

I am 51 alone and sssooo depressed.I turned to the church but had no help from them.I did hear they are have complaints.I am now meditating which has helped me no end.I recomend it to any one it gives you a strange calmness and peice of mind.
I drank most of my life because I didnt have a job as I got arthritus in my hip.I live alone I have kids but only see them when they want.I would kill myself but havent the bottle to do it.
Times are getting hard in south wales every thing is going up in price.I have a car and that is the only enjoyment I have.
People here are comitting suicide one girl hung herself by a school men are throwing themselves in front of trains one threw hiself off a car parking building so sad.Another guy stabbed his family and then killed his self quite a few times this has happend lately.So many are loseing their jobs and I cant see it getting better any time soon.
I know there are others out there like me but I suppose it helps to type things down.Like I said meditating has helped some times up to an hour but it makes me feel at one with myself.I have made such a bad name with drinking that was ten years ago mind now I dont do nothing now but the damage has been done.I have had quite a few breakdowns as my upbringin wasnt the best been sexualy abused which hasnt helped my father beat me when ever he could my mother was also violent to us my sisters and I .My father though loved my sisters they have done well in life me crap.I feel I am just waiting for the day I become ill go to hospital and die like so many I know.Today if you havent money life doesnt seem worth living.IO eat loads of chocolate to make up the feeling of being lonely I suppose.I am not fat though quite skinny really.Any way thats my sad story.I bet there is millions like me but it seems I am the only one that is suffering


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New Comment

By at 05,Feb,12 10:38

Meditation huh? Do you know of the core teaching in Buddhism?
-Karma that brings suffering is caused by unfullfilment and disappointment.
-To aviod such Karma is to aviod the cause of sufferings

If meditation is really that useful, you may as well start living like a buddist monk who does nothing but medition and survive on the vegetarian diet. Start with just earing enough to get by wihout the desire to own what you dont need and see what happen with your meditation and vegan diet. You never know, you may be ready for eternal happiness soon.
By anonymous at 05,Feb,12 13:05

You are an idiot. It takes years to train the mind to be able to properly meditate. You people are so ignorant, thoughtless, heartless and cruel. You think if he munches on a carrot stick and chants ramma ramma ding dong then hes going to reach a perfect state of enlightenment overnight? It takes lifetimes to attain so called Buddhahood. Whats more important is engaging in proper conduct and having the right mindset. I love you people who think if you eat a plum then you are going to be happy and healthy, and I have to wonder if you are projecting advice you need onto others. One of the thinks buddhist monks abstain from is gossip and divisive speech, they also abstain from sex and masturbating. In fact there are over 360 vows a Tibetan monk must keep daily, they include; no merry making no music and no playing in water. Then when you get to the very top you can go use a woman for tantric sex, where instead of cumming in her puss you suck up her energy and juices like a vampire.

So lets just let the guy stick to meditation alright Chow young chin?
By anonymous at 05,Feb,12 19:28

fuck u
By anonymous at 05,Feb,12 19:28

i hve bipolar disorder, give people a goddam break, yer an asshole
By at 05,Feb,12 21:03 Fold Up

What is that about 13:05? I said "Try". What has that got to do with Buddhahood? Not every monk attain that level of enlightment anyway.
I put what I need onto others? No, I put what I know onto others that may be helpful, and I have tried. While you just criticise without understanding of the topic and a better solution of your own for the poster.
Do not confuse my comment that asking other to try what is related to meditation, with the bad things found in a sigle discipline of Buddhism.Tabetan Buddhism is a joke where they have Cast System and worship one man rather than valuing the spiritual achievement in oneself.

Chow Young Chin? When you act racistly, you have lost your creditbility to leave any comment that people give attention to. I suppose is ok as you are just some nameless jerk who wants to say your BULLSHIT and criticise others who are trying to be helpful. You are slightly better than some teenagers who called every kind of unlikeable thing as gay.

Look at your own reasoning that start from misunderstanding or twisting others words to unpractical tantric sex. How unproductive can you be? If you spent time here, do make your time count by thinking something helpful for the poster.
By anonymous at 05,Feb,12 23:13

You were doing good until the second paragraph yourself. So you are no better princess. Bitch bitch bitch, gotta love the internet.sorry.. ok?
By at 06,Feb,12 03:59

No, I did well ideally, but this is not an ideal world and you are not that ideal as a positive person we can be. If I was born as a princess at this time in history, I must be living on tax payer money by my birth right now. Unfortunately I am not.
By anonymous at 25,Jun,12 08:02 Fold Up

OMG Is the world full of devils advocates or repressed angry peeps.

If you are the same room face to face, and be honest, would your comments be the same or would be polite & fake
Take care :)
By at 01,Jul,12 08:53

devil advocates and repressed angry peeps are definitely not related.
There was nothing evil about my comment for this poster. Social protocol dictates that strangers don't speak of whatever is too personal to each other.

By anonymous at 06,May,12 23:05

Now listen here you 51 year old masterbating arthritic hipped cocksucker, you live in a good neighborhood you twobit son of an anal feltching rump humping rectal French kisser. Be honest the only deep meditation level you can acquire is getting through the hangover of the cheapest bum wine that is in your price range. Don't blame the past about your young ass fucking days, abuse can be a crutch to enabling your attitude in life. You have life only today you shit encrusted anal passage. It is so evident you gotta stop feeling sorry for yourself in your little shithole den of depravity you call a home. If you think sitting at home and jerking off to porn is a good life then quit writing in this forum, maybe time for a change ya stutter'in prick,

By Jorge at 05,May,13 04:55

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By Laura at 19,Jul,15 11:11

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