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Yes, life sucks.

Posted by Millie at January 2, 2012
Tags: Attitude  Failure  2012 January

I am almost 40 years old and don't have a single good friend in the world. Almost every single "friend" I have on facebook is a company offering me weekly coupons. I have four kids and a husband, none of whom have any respect for me at all. My house is constantly trashed, and all I do all day is clean - when I clean anything, literally 15 minutes later one of the kids (or the husband) comes and makes it a mess again. I had a chance to get a PhD, but dropped out to stay home with the kids. I am a total, utter loser. I cannot even believe that this is my life. All I want is to be free again, to have the opportunity to see the world, to have real experiences, to do something other than cook and clean and be disrespected every single day of my life. If any woman is reading this who thinks her life sucks because she doesn't have a man - this is your chance. Go - BE FREE. See Bali. See Barbados. See giraffes in Africa. Because if you get stuck with some man and four kids, you are freaking screwed. If you are a teenager, I know you won't believe me, but this is the best time of your life! You can do anything! You can go anywhere! The whole time I was in high school and college, I thought when I "fell in love" and got married, suddenly I would find the real meaning in life, but I'm telling you - it's bullshit. I could be seeing the world right now, but I gave everything up for a man. And I am miserable. I am living in an area I hate, I don't have a single friend, I do nothing but cook and clean all day, every day, and every single day I live with the knowledge that I gave up graduate school to live a life I hate.

YOUR LIFE DOESN'T SUCK so long as you have options. High school sucks? Sure. Yeah, but you'll be gone soon enough. Explore the world! Make better choices than I did! LIVE. There is a world out there, and you can see all of it if you make the right choice. My only hope is that someone who needs to see this will. And that maybe that will make my own situation make more sense in the scheme of things.


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New Comment

By at 29,Jan,12 19:38

The Woman here says it all, get married and be a mom with an academic background too early? Bloody idiot!

Don't believe me? Watch some terrible kids online, read some divorce articles on lifesuck, then you will know what risks are involved inside the blackhole of marriage and making kids with your torsovirgina.
By anonymous at 30,Jan,12 18:35

Well if she married a guy who was feminine and sexy enough shed be happy to lick his balls everynight. So she chose a male chauvinist pig. Its women like me that get dropped by those kind of douchbags to be with idiots (no offense op) like her, they squirt out kids they dont even love and all of a sudden, that smelly nasty man isn't to hot anymore. Well you had bad taste. Oh well. Love your kids, they are the future, its not like you dont have a purpose. Sitting in a section 8 studio apartment masturbating 14 times a day till you go insane isn't exactly having a life either.
By anonymous at 31,Jan,12 21:25

18:35 you are a disease to all of the people who know you.
By at 31,Jan,12 23:04

Yeap, a disease, hahahaha~
By anonymous at 01,Feb,12 18:05 Fold Up

Kevin you're such a disease!lmfao Better watch out before I make you and your whole family disappear! (bounces eyebrows)
By at 05,Feb,12 10:48

18:05 I am not scared of your death threat, you are the small man who has nothing to do but spy on someone's email address.

You go so far as to threaten to kill my family who has got nothing to do with anything I post here. You are truly the disease. Do block your IP address as I am going to contact authority for your death threat if I am seeing anymore. Mr Disease.

By anonymous at 29,Jan,12 22:52

It is not too late to get a degree or travel. I hope that one day you get the opportunity to follow your dreams. After reading this I felt rather ungrateful to my mother who does so much for me as well.Try telling your kids and husband to do stuff, you deserve to be treated well. I wish you and everyone who feels disheartened at their situation a happy and fulfilling life. It is never too late.

By anonymous at 30,Jan,12 00:32

Marriage and kid-free is the way to be.

By anonymous at 30,Jan,12 09:01

If you had a chance to get a PhD, then that must mean you have a Master's degree right now, right? That is still pretty damned good. At least you are married and reproduced too, socially that is much better than a lot of the posters on this site have. Try talking to 30-40 year old virgins with no friends and never had anybody. Also, for the nerdy the teenage years are an absolute nightmare. You get bullied everyday and have to go to a shitty high school where you are not academically challenged, but because the law said you had to go and for no pay. At least as an adult there is pay if you have a job and people that physically attack you can be sued.

By at 30,Jan,12 09:51

If your life is like that, your family dont respect you, you do all the cleaning, and no friends, you can make it with out friends (if you know how to enjoy stuff by your self). But my idvise is... just leave. For how ever long you want. go do all the thing s you want, go get that phd, go enjoy your life. if they dont respect you then they dont know how much they need you. take some well earned time off for your self. they will be begging for you to come back, and they should start to respect you more knowing that you can live with out them. you might think its to late for your freedom, but the truth is its not. start over get a job, and get the life you deserve. and if you want a friend I would be happy to be one. go out and have a life that you love. dont let your family hold you back. be free
By anonymous at 31,Jan,12 21:27

09:51 you are a complete idiot.....please, please think before you type

By anonymous at 30,Jan,12 16:57

I'm sadden by this story and hopeful at the same time, because I was about a few steps away from doing the same thing. I gave up on myself waiting for a boy really to return from his own adventures in the Navy and thanks god the idiot left me, seriously this guy pretty much ran away from me and I really hope he never comes back. I realized that if I had kept hoping and wishing that I would end up marrying soon all my problems would be over and it's not much the marriage that ends your life, it's the type of man you end up with, I don't want to have kids any time near the future for god sake I'm only 22 and I gave up college just because I thought I couldn't keep living without the buffoon of a boyfriend I had. I'm going back and all I want to do now is pursue my dreams and once I reach that level of satisfaction with my life, then maybe I will consider getting marry and having children and teaching them the same things. Right now all I want to do is finish what I started and once I do I will travel, volunteer and enjoy my life thank you Millie for your story although and I hope you realize that eventually you can still change your path. Your family will one day see how unappreciative they are, better yet why not leave for a while and show them that without you they are nothing.

By anonymous at 30,Jan,12 18:28

UM...Go see BALI go see BARBADOS? With What MONEY? I fucking prostitute myself for a living to a disgusting uptight ape with no personality. Because I can't get insurance to get the anxiety medication I need for a job, and no friends to give me some drugs drugs either. Since I got fucked up the ass by my older brother (Im a female-although I get called a queer on occasion.)Who in turned got molested by a female dirty bitch babysitter. What the fuck do I DO? Go see some giraffes in Africa before it's too late? What am I rich? You know how much dick a bitch has to suck for good money and invest it on surgery before shes even worth money like that. Get a life woman!
By anonymous at 31,Jan,12 01:39

your no better..bitch moan complain its venting to let it out. at least the OP is loyal and somewhat realistic with optimism left, you on the other hand just scream victim, self pity and incorregible.

all of us googled the same buzz words to get here your no different you just have an even worse attitude...can still sense the others making fun of themselves and pseudo sarcasm...hater is what you are
By anonymous at 31,Jan,12 15:22

she hates her children.

Let me tell you sumthin. I may have to sell my body. But I would NEVER have children with someone I don't WORSHIP. I would therefore never have children who are not LOVE CHILDREN and I would never not love my children or say such HATEFULL things behind their backs! They are kids they make messes! PLAY with them! Have more! A wonderful house filled with kids! Why is this hell for some?!
If I ever have any because I would NEVEr have kids not made with TRUE ETERNAL LOVE.

You wonder why IM angry? Because SEX and LIFE mean NOTHING to MOST. BREEDING is LIke taking a CRAP. IT just happens. No THought. No soul! No divinity in it.

IM difeerenet than that NO MATTER WHAT my lot in life is AND Ive NEVEr had an ABORTION EITHER! 32 no kids and a one man prostitute too. THERE IS NO EXCUSE to think EVER that CHILDREN were NOT YOUR CHOICe and HOW could you be so EVIL to bring CHILDREN into a world WHERE there is no love? How can you be so EVIl to have children with someone you dont LOVE? It is the MOST SACRED thing in this WORLD!

I tell you one thing if I had a man who offered me a baby and I loved him so much to accept I would be in BLISS to be a housewife. In BLISS to serve him and I'd lick his balls for an hour everynight too.

So be a woman, WOMEN!

By at 30,Jan,12 19:50

I have never been married, and am almost 30. I did have a kid, but I can say that your life shouldn't end because you got married and have kids. I was in college, 6 months pregnant. Education was very important to me. I was a single mom, who worked and went to school at the same time. It was very hard to say the least! But I managed to do it. I think, if you are young, you should enjoy life a little before settling down. This post really makes a good point. Enjoy your life, don't think finding a man and settling down ASAP is all there is to it! I'm going to enjoy my life to the fullest now and not be so damned depressed about being single. Thanks for posting, but I hope you know that there are always options, your life story doesn't end at home :)

By at 31,Jan,12 21:43

i have to say, i really don't like this world we live in....everyone wants their INSTANT EVERYTHING on tap, ready to be delivered to them at the flip of a the OP, did you not make your babies?......did you not keep going after one, then two, then three, and finally four?......i know that this is a massive change in what you used to know, and i know that the situations you find yourself in were ones that you couldn't have logically predicted, but this is not the be all - end all in your life......if a young tree is growing near a cliff, and a large rock falls in front of the tree, blocking out the sun, does the tree not still grow?.....OF COURSE it does.....things just sloooooow dowwwwwnn.....and your life has slowed like this.....are there no lessons for you in this time? there nothing for you to learn while in this limbo?.....what happens when the tree finally reaches over the rock into the sun?......will you never be happy again?......OF COURSE, but things have been set slower so that you may take the time to see that there is a hidden worth where you are.....stay true to the deals you made, to the family and husband that you've brought defile them, will direct you into true agony.....pray that the Good Lord show you the wonderful, essential lessons waiting for you in this slow day, you will reach the sun again :)
By anonymous at 01,Feb,12 18:08

Another words stfu and be nice to your kids and your husbands balls! They must have been some nice balls when you drained them in ur puss n got pregnant 4 damn consecutive times.
By at 29,Feb,12 02:31 Fold Up

Meow~ ~Cunt, you left so many nameless commets under the same posts that is not funny to know for a bit. Great effort though, try harder, 10 posts per comment may make the world to turn the way you want. meowmeow out
By at 01,Mar,12 20:28

i'm not real sure what you're talking about....but you are entitled to make stupid shit up i guess......

By suba suba at 25,Mar,20 21:41

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By suba suba at 09,Jun,20 06:46

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