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I live in a hell hole, that only god can get me out of it.

Posted by "hunter" at November 2, 2011
Tags: Juvenile problems  2011 November  Relationship

I am a 17 year old male, only had one girlfriend. You think its good to have one girlfriend huh? WRONG. She cheated on me, she lied to me and said that she would stay with me forever. She hurt me in every way possible! She dose Weed/cat nip, she cheated on me (i know i said that earlyer im just reinterating), she told me tht she would never hurt me like she did. I also have ADHD, ADD, Ausbergures, slight Dislexia, Anxiety, ect. I am a fucking hell hole. I sometimes just sit in my room and stare at the celing and wait to die. I hate being the only one in my family like this, I am the only one that has my problems. People who love me are always leaving. I was called a cheating bastard by my only girlfriend as well. She even said that I was ABUSIVE! I WAS NO SUCH THING! I GAVE HER EVERYTHING SHE EVER WANTED!!! I EVEN GAVE BLOOD FOR HER! i want all this suffering to end. its aginizing. Please, help me


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New Comment

By anonymous at 10,Dec,11 23:26

17 years old and only 1 girlfriend? Try being 30 fucking years old and never having one.

By anonymous at 11,Dec,11 01:13

Hm.. Have you ever heard that negativity feeds more negativity? The source of problems sometimes cannot be easily figured on the outside, but you must dig out the center of the problem. If you cut the root, your perspectives can change. I heard of a man without both legs with a tail-like root stemming from his buttocks (not fiction, can search his name up: Nick Vujicic). He has a life that surpasses a normal life, despite the adverse circumstance he is involved. Of course, being surrounded in a cloud of negativity, you might feel that there is no way out from such abysmal pit. But my friend, you are a strong person. Every man was designed to be strong and independent, while simultaneously have a central need for love as well. But a single life is fun, as you make the best out of it. If you seek after your positive thoughts and happiness, not relying on what your mind or the world tells you, I guarantee you will friend true joy. I don't know how close you are with supernatural powers, perhaps you deny of such, but there is certainly a God whom the scripture testify. Bible is said to be good for the soul. Make sure that no one deceives you as just a physical material, but let yourself be found in the warmth of the Holy one and enjoy His overwhelming company.
God bless my friend.
By anonymous at 11,Dec,11 03:27

yeah easy to talk when your not in the position!!!!

By anonymous at 15,Dec,11 21:13

^thats what im saying..

By anonymous at 21,Dec,11 10:49

Get the burgers out of your ass

By Kourtney at 15,May,17 01:52

Do you think Gary’s longstanding focus on America’s Christian history (which is needed) and reprinting books on this subject, at times, may also be an example of seeing out of one eye only (to use your analogy)?Even his God and Government books (from which I learned much) tend to mix the Bible and American government, rather than teaching the Biblical standard and then judging American government by its infallible truth.Contrast them with Mc;#1mon&u82r7Ds recent article on early Georgia’s Christianity.

By RoyalCBD at 28,Sep,20 15:43

96jkP4 May I simply just say what a relief to find someone that truly understands what they

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