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well i feel like giving up

Posted by anonymous at December 25, 2009
Tags: Bad Luck  December 2009  Family  Poverty

i feel like ending my life i a 1 and half yr old but i feel he would be much better with outa depressed mother.I lost my baby brother 9 yrs ago then my grandparents and now i have no where to live basically and i have no job money nothing jsut my little man.2 wks to having my baby my boyfriend decided to cheat on me i have no real friends and none of my family really gives a crap about trying so hard not to give up but i keep thinking what the hell else should i stay here for i have nothing but my little guy and if not for him then i would have killed myself already i feel like i cheated myself with life im 21 and feel 40 i dont know y i even write this cuz i knw there r people with WAY bigger problems then me well good luck to those and maybe ill stick around then again y not leave and take me where ever the wind will take me get my drift .....


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New Comment

By anonymous at 25,Dec,09 12:26

I understand your feelings. i understand probably more than anybody in my household how it would just sooo great to lay down and never open up those eyes again to a world of worrying and misery.

The first thing i would advise you (even though most wouldnt agree with me but it is a good idea) to do is stop having sex with just a boyfriend becuase there really is no guaranteed commitment. to me being a girlfriend and boyfriend is just a trial or a test to see if the relationship is really worth it to each other. And you dont want to rush over a test, right? And when you withdraw from sex, youre letting the relationship grow on its own without any interference and its a good way to test your partner to see if he's really in the relationship for you or for your body and other stupid things. try not to rush your next relatinship, okay becuase you don't want to end up with another man who hasnt grown up yet. its just when people have sex while they are only just boyfriend and girlfriend, its just moving too dain fast.

But something great did come out of it, you have a little son now who you can watch grow up, go to kendergarten, watch him come home and see that he's drawn cute pictures for you either on random occasions or on mother's day, look forward to him being so excited on his birthdays, then watch him get older and buy his first car around 16 to 17 years old, then watch him graduate and go into college and then finally thanking you for sticking with him for all those long and tough years.

You can't just bring a bring a baby into this world and then abandon your responsibilities. If your friends and famliy wont help you, then try getting help from a church, collect unemployment if you can, get child support, see if your neighbors can help you out. I will pray for you tonight.

Mothers are some of the stongest creatures in the world becuase even though we are constantly being abandoned by so-called fathers, we still make it, and your son is going to love you very much for that. You may be stuck but youre also stuck with the biggest gift and the man who walked out on you is going to regret it one day. I hear stories all the time about lousy fathers who grow up later and realized all that they truly lost, so his revenge is coming. in the meantime keep your son first!


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