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my life is shit

Posted by aoife at October 10, 2010
Tags: Bad Luck  Failure  Mistakes  2010 October

where to start?
in the last year 3 of my best friends died..
michelle hung herself so did chelsea...michelle was 15 chelsea 16..
tom died in a crash he was 26...
since then iv gone mad ... i use 2 be a realy good girl... drink drugs partys.. i had a boyf but stupidly cheatd on him with a 31yr old... im 16.. now im pregnant with his baby... when my parents found this out they kickd me out so i moved in with this man... im in my last year in school before college and im going to fail all my exams... i miss my 3 bestys rip =( i miss my parents and i dont blame them 4 haten me... and i miss my ex=(
its true you dont no what you have until its gone...
i honestly dont no what to do im still a child and now im 6mnts preg... =(
any1 no what i should do? please help...
oh and cos im pregi dont drink or take drugs


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New Comment

By anonymous at 12,Oct,10 23:31

its good u got pregos u wont drink n take drug for a while, often when ppl dont understand what they do wrong they need a huge wake up call, u reap what u sow
By at 13,Oct,10 14:20

well said
By anonymous at 14,Oct,10 00:00

thanks lol

By anonymous at 13,Oct,10 19:10

You need to grow the fuck up. Put that baby up for adoption and leave that old man who is odviously taking advantage of your dumb naive ass. Get a job and move on with your life. Or
By anonymous at 14,Oct,10 00:01

yup if u know you will not be able to afford having a kid put him up for adoption has better chances(although some families are pretty fuck up out there)
By anonymous at 15,Oct,10 11:55 Fold Up

iv got nowere else to fucking go!i may just die!

By anonymous at 14,Oct,10 00:49

how about you accept some responsibility and care for your child and own up to your mistakes. giving the child up for adoption is just taking the easy way out. you wont change, and will likely subject yourself to the same bs again at some point.
By aoife at 15,Oct,10 11:56

i dont wana give the child up 4 adoptionanyway.. =/

By anonymous at 27,Oct,10 01:28

Love u.....that's life is also full of mistakes ....still st the pity of circumstances......

By anonymous at 15,Feb,11 02:16

I am so sorry about the deaths of your friend. But you have made some serious mistakes and placed yourself in a big mess. Girl you are too young to be messing up your life so badly. What is the matter with you young people just fooling around with sex? Girl I am old enough to be your mother and I am telling you should get your act together. Give up on this boyfriend and men in your life and go back to your parents and apologize and plead with them for their help and support. Ask them to let you move back home and to help you to decide what you should do about the baby.
I pray they will help you.
By aoife at 16,Mar,11 20:31

i had the baby :)
im now a commis chef in a 4 star resturant.
im still with mickey im 17 now.
lovin my life and im in college studying culinary arts.
i dont do drugs anymore.. i drink somtimes but not like before.... everythings going good (4 now)

By at 16,Apr,11 01:55

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