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stupid asshole...

Posted by iwishiwassmart at October 26, 2009
Tags: October 2009  School

OMG GUYS I AM FREAKING OUT... I WANNA COMMIT SUICIDE.... i live in new zealand and my final exams start in 2 weeks.... omg i don't know what to do... i can't study because i know i will fail so hard and if i fail i will lose the oppurtunity of going to uni... please help.... can i study for 2 weeks straight to make myself pass??? how many hours do i study helpppppppppppp


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New Comment

By at 27,Oct,09 12:57

Yep I've been through that,only in my case I actually had to attempt suicide since my family put me through hell and I hated school and always got bullied by the kids there,of course when I was little I had no probs in school,oh well then my family sold our big home and moved us into this tiny shack and its literally unsafe for me to live here,oh and now they're threatening to move out again and this time they wanna get rid of my pc I don't wanna live anymore!Lets all form a mass suicide cult and kill ourselves,join me my email is email me with mail from xxx title or it will get binned!

By anonymous at 17,Dec,09 21:56

STFU. calm the fuck down "iwanna commit sucide" then do it! dont talk shit and not back it up.. pshhh thats not even a big deal. you either control your nerves or let your nerves control you. "can istudy straight to make myself pass?" STFU!! get out of here with that how should we know. CAN YOU? YOUR WACK.

By Gabby-Abby at 24,Dec,09 22:48

Listen, I know you're stressed and all, but imagine having cancer or something bad like that. You're talking about a test. One Test. Not everybody's smart. Have you ever considered getting a tudor? Or asking someone to help you? I can't afford a tutor. If I asked my mom for a tutor she would say that she would help me. I don't want her to help me, I want a tutor! But eventually I figured out how to study...
There are many different ways to study.
My way: Summarizing the subject I am studying for and writing it down on paper. Look it over EVERY night or every night that is possible.
Use notecards.
Other ways:
Reding aloud.
Somebody quizzing you.

Everybody has their own way of studying, it just takes a LONG TIME to find it. There are people who don't find it ever. Some find it in college, some find it in middle school, some are just born with it.
Good luck passing ALL tests! :)
(Try not to freak out over a test. Take it easy. Stress builds up and eventually it will all come out onto somebody you don't want it to come out on!)

By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 16:43

If I lived in New Zealand I'd wanna commit suicide too. Fat chics and sheep. Ugh, what a combination.
By anonymous at 19,Mar,10 19:43

Your a freak get a life

By Thomas at 24,Jul,10 18:14

Take deep breath relax if you dwell on how bad fail then it will think positive and try to study the thing that will be covered and if you have notes look those over I have notes and i also looked at the book allnight once and I pased the test i slept during study hall. all the test were done and I nad no class last period of the day. I have graduated from school and i got go where I wnated and if took the SAT and got a good score then they go by that and then there will be an entrance exam. Answer the best of you ability

By anonymous at 14,Nov,11 16:01

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By anonymous at 12,Feb,12 20:20

they're exams you probably pass.
exams aren't important anyway

By anonymous at 25,Apr,12 00:42

Go get drunk and study, then write the exams drunk as well. I don't know why but it worked for me. I was on a week long drinking bender and beat most of the class in marks.

By Alban at 27,Nov,12 21:36

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