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It all just sucks

Posted by soup at June 19, 2012
Tags: Family  2012 June  Juvenile problems

so um...i hate fathers day 'cause my mom tries so hard to make my dad have a great day and stuff, but he just treats her like shit and yells at me just 'cause he doesn't have anyone else to blame. and so that pretty much sums that up. plus my parents fight like all the time and the other day i actually cried like a whole lot...and it was weird. plus i broke up with my boyfriend...kinda..but the fucky part is, is that right now he's in the hospital 'cause he had surgery and it went well...but now he's not waking up and the doctors don't know what to do so i'm really worried. and other alotta my friends just decided to leave me. so that really sux 'cause i've been friends with them for 5 years and there is a bunch of other shit and i might not even go to the same school next year because my parents are stupid. and i really don't know what to do, 'cause shit is just happening and the only thing really keeping me alive right now is a guy I'm kinda dating. I've attempted suicide too many times and it never works. I have a cutting addiction and and i'm losing faith in alotta people and my bestfriend hates me right now for no apparent reason, and IF people really must know, life sucks, period. School sucks, Mornings suck, Drugs suck, God sucks, Telivision sucks, Music sucks, sports suck, siblings suck, parents suck. Fridays SUCK. In conclusion you can make you life worth while with all of its suckiness, or you can sit at home all day in deep depression and think about dying. plus today was just kinda really weird and...i think i'm going literally alotta my friends r worrying me because like they're going through shit too but i cant do anything about it so i feel usless. plus people are being jerks to me and i'm sick of it. and my girlfriend who i loved died like 2 years ago but i'm still really upset about it and I have been kicked around by so many people in life idk who to trust and all this other yeah.


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By anonymous at 13,Jul,12 03:20

Life is the shittiest thing in the world.
But it is FUCKING beautiful can't challenge that.

By anonymous at 18,Jul,12 04:02

Maybe you should seek jesus? He can can make your life turn a 360. Just a suggestion.

God Bless.
By anonymous at 02,Sep,12 09:06

If he turned his life 360 degrees he'd be back where he started

By anonymous at 30,Aug,12 17:48


By anonymous at 30,Aug,12 18:13

Well everyone has told their stories and so i guess i will tell mine.It's not as bad as others so i guess even in sucking i suck.I'm average even in losing i guess. Well i will start from the beginning. When i was 7 i woke up in fear of going to hell. My dad and mom were christians and i was taught to love God and to serve him. Well I asked God to save me and i tried to be good. My life was fine up to 15. Up to 15 i was homeschooled and new nothing about work,sex,lameass people,meaninglessness etc. Up to this point i just did kid things like play games outside. Well i grew up with this girl and she goes off to public school and i hardly ever see her anymore. I cared for her and had a crush for years. Well one summer i find out she had sex in a hotel room with some random. I was angry and pissed and jealous and every other fucking feeling. That year i read the catcher in the rye and i started to feel like holden caulfield. I hated God and i hated life and i hated people. Well i started listening to marilyn manson and i had no friends. I graduated christian school and i was like a totally empty shell with no fucking mind. I had no friends and no clue on socializing or anything. Ended up dropping out of college because i didnt know what i was doing and i was too young to know that dropping out would permanently fuck my life. I started working like a dog at 19 and it was such back-breaking bullshit and all the people were fakeass bastards who wanted you to smile and suck them off all day for a dime. Well i ended up trying to be nice to people anyway but no matter what i did i was treated like an asshole. I started doing cocaine and i can honestly say that i was for once happy and at peace but of course it has to be fucking illegal. Well i basically spent 18-30 working like an animal for 10,12, or maybe even the almighty 13 dollars an hr. Continually told to go to school despite heavy debt and other obligations. During these years i asked girls out and was constantly rejected while i watched them go out with drug dealers and beaters. Well i turned fucking 30 and i gave up. Im tired of this constant race to retire with a dime and die. Im tired of this constant blame game people give to others who are poor. Im tired of not even being able to get hired at a fucking walmart. Hell i feel like i have a felony on my record or something!!! i cant even be alout to stock shelves at a fucking walmart for 7 dollars and im in fucking america! im tired of having to constantly look for love and only find a world full of whores and assholes that made em that way. Im tired of always being told life is what i make it when i feel like im not even in control. Im sick an tired of showing respect to people and they wont FUCKING RECIPROCATE!!! GODDAMNIT. To be real honest with you i would love to mow down so many fucking people its unbelieveable. Here is an example
"Hello miss i was wondering if i could fill out an application (smile)
RESPNSE "Well the boss isnt here now but i can tell you one thing, you had better cover up your tattooes or he aint gonna hire you looking like that"
Then in my mind i have a fantasy sequence where im using piano wire for about 10 full minutes to strangle her to death.
Damn im so tired of this fucking life.It takes so much effort just to fucking breathe for christsake. No amount of work is enough. you will never be accepted. you will never make money. you will never be respected. So i just keep living my life treating people nice and getting nowhere in my jobs and love life. God i wish this world would just fucking end already. I wish murder was fucking legal and everytime i had a smartass fuck with me i could just spend about an hr stabbing that piece of shit to death . Well fuck it, it will all be over soon and im sure i'll just get a bunch of negative responses but i dont care.Fuck everyone for getting me to the point where i act like this.

By anonymous at 02,Sep,12 21:23

Dude Ur parent fucked Ur life up! that's all I can say. life ffucking sucks smoke some weed.

By duvarbolme at 08,Dec,12 15:49

This is a good subject to talk about. Thank you for creating this blog. Im sure there are a lot looking for this kind of debate.

By Trisha at 15,May,17 01:32

the site’s co-founders said they were pulling out of the project two weeks ago, somewhat colrnovetsiarly blaming users for not telling their friends about the site and naturally

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