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Posted by worthless at June 22, 2010
Tags: Addictions  Alcohol  2010 June  Poverty

Well I was born to alcoholics. My mother 'raised' me by pushing me off on my brothers and sisters. Growing up I had no clue about things normal kids learn growing up with caring parents. I got pregnant at 16, had a baby at 17. The father didnít want anything to do with him. I had hope then finished High School worked crappy jobs to keep my child in clothes and food. My favorite brother died in a house fire. Was so depressed I guess I didn't notice some red flags on the next guy i dated. He had a good job, spent time with his son, yet wouldn't introduce me to his friends. We hooked up, my mother died, he moved in. Then he'd disappear for days at a time come home broke. I was so naive I didn't realize what was going on. We had 3 kids with in 4 years. Crack took over all his time and money. I was left to raise 4 children on my own. Worked full time at a job I hated. I couldn't take it anymore so I quit and went back to school. Going to school while raising children is no picnic. Especially while working part time to keep bills paid. A year and a half in my sister commits suicide. This made me more depressed then normal. Just over a year later my brother committed suicide. I flunk that semester of school and know that my chance at an education is at an end. This basically signs my life away to live in poverty. My nephew died this last spring. I'm wondering how I'm to spend another day on this earth. Iím having major health issues. It just keeps getting better today my son was let go from his job so any help with bills I was getting is gone. I'm going to lose my house, my kids and I donít think Iíll live to see 2011.


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By James at 24,Jun,10 21:40

I gotta say you screwed it up from the start, You should had realized that its not normal to get fucked at the age of 16 and get a baby,Anyways what ever is done cant be undone.. So that's over, Now why the heck did you drop out of school if you had no idea what you wanted to do after dropping out of school. Why did you hook up with a guy again so soon and started making kids without even being married.. If you where married you could had claimer half his property.. Anyways again what is done cant be undone.. So I would say you fucked it all up very well...
By anonymous at 28,Jun,10 16:17

You dont have to be an butt.
By hmmmmm Impalement at 30,Jun,10 23:04

he may be acting like "an butt" but you will soon be "AN HERO." Just die already, your life is meaningless anyway. If you died the kids would have happier lives with foster parents who would give them a proper education and allow them to live wealthier and meaningless lives. In short your death would make the world a better place. The world should be cleansed from people like you. People like you should be executed for making such illogical decisions. Sure life is meaningless, but more importantly, love is meaningless, it's obvious that you were just a whore for that guy to fuck. He doesn't care about you, and you were too stupid to realize that. Pretty much your life is nothing but a human spawn machine... only purpose is to spit out babies along with misfortune and bitching on the internet. All I can say is... knowing that you will die soon (because you are too weak to live any longer) makes me laugh because your kind deserve death...
By at 03,Jul,10 11:17

Your a quick motherfucker. I can't take a Mini-Vacation without you spreading your gayness.

You need to get your ass back in the bitch cage, because you made your "Husband", Ghantor, upset. Was his dick too big for your ass? You didnt like it? Well, that can't be true because I heard you screaming in pleasure while he ass fucks you. Way to take it "Like 'AN' HERO"

You make me laugh because your a faggot, but your too much of a dumass to realize that. Your MY human spawn machine, bitch, so get your ass back in the cage and take it in the ass for your "Daddy". Your too weak to refuse "Daddy's Dick". If I catch you, you'll have proper education to be Hell's prostitute. It's called "Bitch-ology: How to be a better bitch". Made JUST for you! Your Mom took the class. Now its your turn...She got an A+ btw. You could make Honor Roll.

See your ass in hell. I'll ctach you fucker.
By at 03,Jul,10 20:58

Your insults bore me. Same thing over and over again.

It's sad to know that the world isn't cleansed of people like you. People who aren't creative or mindful. Also your logic is flawed. If "Bitch-ology" is just for me and my mother also took it wouldn't that imply that it IS NOT JUST for me? Since the statement contradicts itself it is therefore false.

Too bad you aren't as intelligent as the God who made you.
By at 04,Jul,10 02:48

And YOUR gayness is boring ME. Nope, Its a two-person class. You and YOUR MOM. Contradicts? Yes your right, it isnt just for you...Its also for your mom. So contradiction denied.

Intelligence? I think I'm smart enough to know what I'm dealing with here. And yes, the SAME TRUTH again. Tired of hearing it? Well, get use to it. Your made yourself this way. Gay. God made you cursed with a non-existant dick. I was cursed with normal-class intelligence...Hmm...Intelligence to survive or needle-dick and needle-brain along with douchebaggery?..

Re-condradicted. Gotta do better "Mr. Dumbass"
By God at 04,Jul,10 02:50 Fold Up

It was either average brain mass or needle dick.
Mr. Demi-Satan scored 'Average Living-Class' Intelligence, while you scored..well...Needle-dick. I see the rage in you Impalement...The rage of never getting any "poon" and it can drive a man mad.

Let me help you guide your way into growing another micro-inch in the new life. dont have a life. Yours is meaningless without a dick.
By at 04,Jul,10 05:53 Fold Up

Boys Boys... No need to fight.
Even though Impalmenet...IS a douche. There should be peace, not hate between you guys.

Why such harshment, impalement?
By at 05,Jul,10 19:31

Because I have a tiny needle dick.
By at 16,Jul,10 22:20

Well, that's why Life gave us Extenze and Viagra, Right? No need to snipe innocent people into killing themselves for that.
By anonymous at 10,Feb,11 14:22 Fold Up

You're an asshole James.
you say *why did you* then say you can't change it, you just like to type I guess. Bullshit peddler..
By anonymous at 24,Jan,12 10:53 Fold Up

why are u asking all these dumb fucking questions?So you have never made bad decisions in ur life?Fuck off and take a look in the mirror before commenting on other peoples pain

By anonymous at 27,Jun,10 21:00

Your life is plagued by bad choices. The worst choice you made was to stop getting an education. Go back to school and get a degree so that you can get better employment to raise the kids with. Stop breeding, keep your legs together, use contraception or get fixed, you don't need any more kids or loser men in your life. I really think you're an idiot, but you can change it. Only YOU can change it though, and I doubt that you will.
By anonymous at 03,Jul,10 14:19

Give advice, then tell her she'll never accomplish it...
Are you helping?...

This confusion must cease!

By at 27,Jun,10 22:09

Read the holy bible and about Jesus Christ, and even the beginning of time with Adam and eve. Everybody makes mistakes, except Jesus Christ, and his Father, and the Holy Spirit, and all of his angels except the ones who fallowed Satan. Seek God's face and name, and pray for him to help you.
By at 30,Jun,10 17:33

The bible is a joke book filled with error. Waiting for some imaginary person from the past to change your problems is a road to disaster. If Jesus never made mistakes then why did Adam have incest sex with his sister? Why does it say it is ok to sell your daughter or beat your son to death? Religous wackos that are too stupid to think for themselves always ignore the nonsense in the comicbook known as the bible. Want salvation and freedom from superstition? Abandon religion, it is the doom of humans.
By anonymous at 30,Nov,12 11:14

Thats old testiment. New testiment is when jesus walks, try reading that one please :) its actually really good, and taught me that if anger ever did solve anything, then i would have rampaged years ago

By anonymous at 29,Jun,10 10:46

weLL everYonE HaD a prOBLemS!! problemS r meanT 2 bE solveD .foR mE ,forgeT d oLd sHiTs Happen in ur LyF. Go wid da fLow iS ur lyF gnG througH . juZ livE ur lyF iN ur owN waY!!ayT . .maY GoD bLeSS U . .u know i goTta a biG problem aLso,daTs y i browsE diz sitE . .datS y i read uR StorY . .dnT thinK u goT a proBlem oF aLL Human creaturEs in diZ earTh!! sTarT rock n roLL uR lyF,coz wE dnT know daT whethEr there iS anY toMmorrow . . ayT .. tC ..uuawwwHHHH
By anonymous at 30,Jun,10 08:46

ahhh ebonics went out in the early 90's, get a life and learn how to speak english u dumb fuck

By at 29,Jun,10 10:47

weLL everYonE HaD a prOBLemS!! problemS r meanT 2 bE solveD .foR mE ,forgeT d oLd sHiTs Happen in ur LyF. Go wid da fLow iS ur lyF gnG througH . juZ livE ur lyF iN ur owN waY!!ayT . .maY GoD bLeSS U . .u know i goTta a biG problem aLso,daTs y i browsE diz sitE . .datS y i read uR StorY . .dnT thinK u goT a proBlem oF aLL Human creaturEs in diZ earTh!! sTarT rock n roLL uR lyF,coz wE dnT know daT whethEr there iS anY toMmorrow . . ayT .. tC ..uuawwwHHHH
By anonymous at 30,Jun,10 00:47

retard, do you not know how to spell? ^^^ and i wish the best for you,im sorry'.

By anonymous at 30,Jun,10 11:48

Your son will find work soon. And you could ask your church for help. I really hope things will change for the better. Good luck!

By ME at 03,Jul,10 14:52

my god!your life is even more screwed up then mine!

By at 04,Jul,10 12:02

It sounds like you had a difficult hand of cards to start out with in life. Maybe your parents had similar experiences, which is why you were treated that way as a young girl? The unfortunate thing about becoming a parent is that lots of people just fall back on what they know, not what they decided they would do instead. Yes, there seem to be some unfortunate choices on your part, but the last half of your story sounds just like a string of bad luck that's separate from your own personal choices. I'm sorry you've been dealing with such loss. Please don't listen to these people who are criticizing you yet offering no advice or help. We are all on the same journey in life, we just take different paths. If you have come this far, then you can keep going. Be the ray of light in your family that succeeds amidst all difficulties, if not for yourself, then for your 4 kids.

By anonymous at 11,Jul,10 14:34

some of yall are dickheads that have no life, i have a better life then some of yall :]

By t at 16,Aug,10 23:05

you are lower than I have ever been. I am going to make a concerted effort to avoid a life like this in honour of your horific experience.

ONLY thing for you to do it prey to your preferred god.

Love t

By anonymous at 29,Sep,10 13:15

Don't give up you'll make it. Pray . The power of prayer is powerful even if you don't believe in God.

you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to your
†††† mountain, "MOVE!" and it† WILL move... and NOTHING will be†
†††† impossible for YOU!
††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† - Matthew 17:20

By m at 30,Oct,10 13:41

Even if you did make a few crappy decisions, your life is worth living! I got knocked up at 15! No mom to support me, drunk-ass dad, and yet I still made it! Im now 22, 4 kids, happily married. Dont die! Start off by getting a job that pays at LEAST 5 minimum, and work your way up! That's what I did. Good luck! I'm praying for you!

By anonymous at 26,Mar,12 06:39

I havent read all posts, but some of you saying that she made bad choices, you shouldn't have quit school etc etc... She didnt quit school she flunked because she had to take care of 4 kids WHILE working part-time WHILE studying WHILE being surrounded by the death and suicide of her family.

How you manage all of this is for me hard to understand, the stamina and strenght you have to continue trying is unbelievable.

Its easy for people to say "you shouldnt have done this or that" but thats just stupid. People make mistakes, we dont have the all knowing knowledge of what is right or wrong or best to do. Especially not if we've been brought upp in a family of addicts such as yourself.

You and people like you are such hard working people and put my passivity to shame.

By tia at 13,Sep,12 09:20

Works well! It is not obvious, thuogh. Will new users know to click on the yellow bubble or time stamp?Within the thread itself, perhaps you can put the same yellow bubble next to the title of the thread to keep things consistent? Maybe a yellow bubble with a down arrow?

By Mahaley at 15,May,17 02:38

All of my questions senhsed-ttatkl!

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