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This place has broken me.

Posted by GaijinAndNotAllowedToForgetIt at September 10, 2009
Tags: Independent circumstances  Environment  September 2009

I am living and working in a foreign country. Coming from a culture that was very open and laidback to a country ruled by stupid pieces of paper and needing 'permission' to do any fucking thing was a major shock. Who needs permission to make phone calls? FUCK!

Last night I got a call form the Post Office the just made me feel as shit as I did when my 6-year relationship broke up. I am broken by this fucking place.

I am trying to send things home, back to my home country. I have paid over $800 (twice what I would have paid at home to mail stuff here) and have now phoned the Post Ofice on 6 seperate occasions (every call costing 20 cents per 20 seconds) and visited there for over a hour. They STILL cant get it through their fucking thick heads that I WANT TO SEND SOME PARCELS HOME. How hard is that? They are a fucking POST OFFICE.

I know it sounds like fuck-all to 99% of people but I have spent the last 2 years struggling against shit like this and it just drives you mental and makes you want to cry. I am typing this at work with bruises all over my hand from where I have been pinching myself all morning to make myself not cry.

As far as I am concerned I hope this whole country burns, with or without me in it. I honestly don't care anymore.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 09,Sep,09 21:48

Sounds a lot like USSR, but luckilly it does not exist anymore.

From the word Gaijin in your nickname I could decide that it is Japan, but I cannot believe such things can happen in Japan, everything there works like a clock. May be this word is more common for Asian languages, so I'll take a guess:

China or, more likelly, North Korea?

By anonymous at 25,Sep,09 20:43

I lived in Japan for 3 years, I know the feeling.

By at 17,Feb,11 13:12


By Elena at 05,May,13 05:10

Have you heard of the other "urban legend" about it's more enovtinmenrally damaging while manufacturing fluorescent bulbs than normal bulbs? I heard it sometime ago when somewhere decided to ban the traditional light bulb. Wonder if it's true.

By Hector at 21,Jul,15 02:32

Call me wind because I am abeutolsly blown away.

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