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does it get better?

Posted by GS at January 24, 2012
Tags: Attitude  2012 January

I have a brother and two sisters and they have all accomplished so much in life. out the four of us I'm the only one to develop alcoholism. I struggled with it for many years. I put myself into a rehab rpogram for 8 months and now 2 years sober but nothing has improved. I am continually kicked down and stabbed in the back. I'm promised promotions that never come through. I'm consistently being told on for stuff I do not do. I've prayed to God so many times I've lost count. I've lived by his word and life is worse than ever before. I'm not a mean person. I'll bend over backwards to help people and will go out of my way to make sure I can. Anytime I give my word I keep it. Several times I've went to sleep hungry because someone esle needs the money worse than I do. I try so hard to just break even and I end up worse off than I ever was. I'm losing hope in life and God. I scream for him so many times and no answer comes to me things just fet worse and worse. I'm not naturally a mean person but i'm to the point I just want to hurt the people that hurt me so much. Why won't God give me relief? When 11 I found out my mother had cancer. At 14 she passed away. My father never truly abused me but many times he has hit me and has blamed me for lots of things. I feel like i'll never amount to anything worthwhile. I'm so tired of begging God for help to just to stay miserable. I'm truly to the point of almost hating him. I question that if he loves me so much why am I in perpetual pain. out 4 children I'm the one who has it the worse in life. I'm 30 unmarried, no children, a dead-end thankless job and no true friends. And to the point of not having faith in anything but hate and cruelty


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By at 11,Feb,12 02:32

Jesus never promised a good life. Infact Jesus didn't live some spectacular life, he was a carpenter, he wasn't rich, and he suffered more than any man ever has. All for you and me, sinners. Was it fair for Jesus to suffer so horribly? A man without sin. He layed down his life for us so we didn't have to pay the price for our sin. Do you truly know jesus? Have you given your life to him? Life on earth is as good as it's going to get for the non believer, and its as bad as it will get for the believer. This life on earth is short, the world is broken because of sin, remember that whatever horrible things may happen in this life, believers in Jesus have Eternity in heaven to look forward to! Compared to eternity this existense on earth will be gone in the blink an eye. Store treasure for heaven (good works, which it sounds like you have been doing) put your trust in the Lord. Think of Joeseph who was left for dead by his brothers and then sold in to slavery. Joeseph probably thought his life was over, but God almighty had a great plan for him. He eventually became second in command in Egypt. Without seeing the future, things may seem bleak, but if you put your trust in the creator of the universe you have no reason to fear. Sometimes God uses suffering to strengthen us, sometimes to turn us toward repentence, he has his reasons. Romans 5:3 "Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance, character, character hope." Romans 8:18
"I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us."

Follow Jesus and his commands and God will take care of the rest. Read the word of God (ie the bible) God speaks through his word. Read the story of Job, a man who lost everything, his children, his money and possessions, and to top it off he had boils from head to toe. He was in horrible suffering but he never once denyed God, he trusted in God instead. Eventually God took away his suffering and blessed him twice fold what he had before. If you keep trusting in God, who knows he may bless you in return! I highly suggest you read Job, but really the whole bible has something to say.

By at 11,Feb,12 04:26

I think you need to stop concerning yourself about others and focus more on yourself. You are your own light! Shake off the past and step into the future. Forget about your crazy dad, your ambitious siblings, and your hatred toward God. You don't need that! You need you to take care of yourself and be satified with what you got!

By at 11,Feb,12 06:37

MEOW~ I think is better that you drop your faith than living in hate meow~ as it is just a teaching that molds people into a controllable and predictable mass. Atheists have it way wasier than delusional religious people. Stop praying and spend more time on thinking to accomplish more as in GO GET IT YOUR-SELF AND FUCK that fictional god. It never hurts to bend forward for your-self and bend backward after your desired achievement. Greed, selfishness, deception, false promise, and ambitin may as well be your the path to your goals in life. meowmeow for now
By anonymous at 11,Feb,12 18:39

Im not into hypocritical religious zealousness but I truly hope you pay for trying to mislead people. Greed and selfishness is the reason that the earth, children and innocent young people suffer. Deception is in your line of arsenal so you're a liar...and you just admitted it. You think you're fking cute but you are so sad that you have nothing but to maintain a gay self created persona on a complaint board, which on top of it all, isn't even serving to help people whatsoever. So you are irrelevant and pointless. If you need to laugh so bad go watch a Richard Simmons video, at least then you would lose some weight in the process.
By at 11,Feb,12 19:10

Meow~ is just an expression of choice, is not my attempt to be cute. Your god is unfair and false and that is why the poster has given up on it. It is helping, because I am encouraging her to be those she wants to be just to win in the rat race.

Richard Simmons? Lose weight? Who is that? Do you assume I am a rich fat cat who watchs comedian and mislead people here because I have time? Do no confuse your ideal opposition with me, I meow what I like to type.
The more you try to deny it, the more you are, Mr religious hypocrate. meowmeow for now~
By anonymous at 11,Feb,12 21:24

"meowmeow for now" OMG you are a mega retard. Grow up. What does one win in a rat race? Being the biggest and best RAT? If you have to be a scumbag to get ahead in a world where noone wins it's not worth it.

Ps. I clearly wrote "Im not into hypocritical religious zealousness". I never wrote anything on here otherwise pertaining to the subject so for you to call me one of the posters on here shows your lack of reading comprehension.
By anonymous at 11,Feb,12 21:27

Oh.. You don't even know who Richard Simmons is? What fking planet do you live on? Do you have one of those African computers that you crank to get powered? Jesus! Get in tune with reality!
By at 12,Feb,12 07:47

Meaningless discussion, meowmeow out
By anonymous at 17,Feb,12 09:19

hehheeee ur funny lool

By anonymous at 16,Apr,12 01:21

listen your life sucks but heres wht im going too tell you it might sound a littlwe bad but im just trying too improve you confidence a little..ok soo wht i think you need too do is grow a pair of balls and tell the people in your life how you truly feel only then will you life improve and for the unmarried thing i bet you could get anyone with the snap of your fingers go out htere get a little flirty meet someone fall in love...just caus eyour 30 doesnt mean your old it just means you have become alittle more mature and i there are millions of people out there waiting too be loved by someone like you!!oh and tell your boss tht hes a worthless peice a shit and quit!!find a better jod yo uknow i bet if you pushed yourself a little harder you could be president or whtevr ethe hall you people are into now a days but wht do i know right im only 15 and im on here trying too give advice too people who probably wont even listen too half of the shit i say.. you know just try is all i can tell you life will improve and it doesnt have too suck your just making it..please listen too some of things i am telling you cause i know it will help dont be afraid too tlk too people and tell them how you truly feel..just live you life because you only have one soo choose too live it wisely and try too be happy and dont let others bring you down..alls i can do is tell you too try a little harder and only the n can you succeed please take my advice and use it thet all i can tell you

By GrandMasterAssassin at 18,Aug,12 02:03

No matter your ideals or religion you need to stand up like the last person said and grow some balls..... You have to learn how to coop witheverything in your life and live with your situation and try to fix it!!!

No one is gonna do this for you !

I and my family are nearly on the street but we are doing our best to push on through with our life. I still work on getting friends and maintaining tbe ones i already have. I still help people out but not to the point where you go homeless or haven't eaten for days! The pointis to help people not kill yourself.

And meow the path you choose to live may seem unsavoyry to many but it is your choice and to everyone else the same choose how you live, religion or race.

Make sure it has at least some set of morales. If not that is always your choice but try!

GrandMasterAssassin signing off!

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