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im stuck

Posted by anonymous at December 30, 2011
Tags: 2011 December  Job  Justice  Money

so.. i got suspended from my work as a cashier after being short three times with a total of a thousand dollars. I can honestly tell to God that I really had no idea where that money went. A week later after I got suspended, police arrested me because the company I am working for filed a felony theft case against me. That is probably the worst nightmare in my life. Until now, I cant believe that I would go through that in my life. Now, I am unemployed. I feel so helpless because I cannot help out my family with our financial needs. This file charged against me and the arrested record will stay on my name until I prove to the court that I am innocent. I pity myself. Most importantly, I am supposed to be in the nursing program starting in 3 weeks and we have to submit and prove that we have a clean criminal background check. Ive been so worried that after all my hard work just to get in to the program, I will end up getting kick out because they will see my arrest record. Finishing nursing school is my very first priority in life and my family's dream. Now that I am not sure if I will be able to go to the nursing program, I feel like my life is just stuck. I dont know what Im supposed to do right now. Im so disappointed, mad, sad, and terrified what is the future waiting for me. What if they won't believe that I am innocent, what if I go in jail again? My dream will all fall apart. My family's hope will be crushed. You see I was supposed to be the first person in the family that will graduate in college. I got scholarships and government grants that pays for my tuition fees and school expenses. I work so hard but everything will go to nothing just because I was accused of something I DID NOT DO. I keep praying to GOD that I hope they'll find out the truth. I wish they will find where the money really went. But its been a month, and my court date is getting closer. They haven't drop the charge still. I don't know what to do. My life sucks.


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By at 19,Mar,12 11:49

I think you're either lying, or your supervisors are stealing the money. If you really are innocent, then you have nothing to worry about.

By Delinda Putton at 28,Jun,12 18:08

Nice post!I will definitelly get back here!


By Shincan at 05,May,13 11:11

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