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Each day gets better than the last...

Posted by Tony at November 22, 2011
Tags: Bad Luck  Family  Health  Job  2011 November

After getting laid off, from my job of three years, at the suggestion of my father-in-law (I donít know what I was thinking) my wife, kids and I relocated to Los Angeles (from Atlanta, GA) to work at the family business. The plan was my wife and I would co-manage the warehouse, which I was okay with me because we work well together.

It didnít quite play out like that. I was a warehouse employee and my wife was the warehouse manager. Whatever, itís not the first time my father-in-law hasnít kept a commitment to me. So this time I guess it was ďshame on meĒ, right? But to make matters worse, the shop foreman was a complete prick. Yeah I ended up pretty far down in the pecking order. I think I was a half step up from the cleaning service personnel. My job changed weekly based on whatever whim my father-in-law had, and he has quite a few.

Around the same time my dog, of ten years, died likely from heart failure. When I adopted him he had heartworms really bad. So I guess it weakened his heart. And a week before we moved he was hit by a car (omen maybe?) and dislocated his back leg. He was stoic and so tough he never whined. I didnít know the severity of his injury till a month later and then it was too late for the vet to fix the damage. I think maybe hobbling along, mostly on his three good legs, may have increased the strain on his heart.

Shortly after that I was diagnosed with Mycosis Fungoides a Non-Hodgkinís Lymphoma. The kind of cancer that I have is rarely lethal but it can be and in itís most severe form itís not pretty. Still it can kill you so that kind of shook me to the core.

Then came some good news, my father-in-law bought me a car. No, wait; actually he bought himself another car that he had no real use for so he decided to foist it on me. He knew I needed a car and though I was poised to get the car I have wanted for the past 27 years (a jeep) he decided benevolently to give me a 12 year old used car that I absolutely hate. Still there is the upside this car seats 8, of course at the expense of gas efficiency. It costs approximately $150 a week to fill the tank. The value of this behemoth was less than what he paid for it (5K) and weíve had to pump around 10K more to keep it on the road.
I really shouldnít complain, just because a man that has a brand new Dodge crew cab diesel truck, a Lexus convertible, a Cadillac, two Harleys (he recently sold one to buy a Banshee quad), a Saturn SUV, three boats, and a motor home larger than many peopleís houses, and a vacation home valued at over one million dumped a piece of shit car on me that I have hated since the moment I laid eyes on it.
Other monumentally horrible advice I followed from my father-in-law was to let my house go into foreclosure because he would definitely help us get into a house in L.A. So anyway weíve been living with my in-laws for a little over a year now.

Which is okay I guess since I have no friends or family in the area to invite over to my house anyway. Donít get me wrong I have friendly acquaintances, but no really deep friendships. Iím sort of glad though because at age 43 it would be humiliating to have to admit I live in my in-laws guest room.
Of course being ďfamilyĒ does have its perks, at work, I have recently been promoted to Assistant Rental Office Manager. There are only two of us in the rental department so that promotion isnít worth the paper it was printed on. But my wife is now the CEO, so things are moving exactly as planned.
Every single day of my life I hate my living arrangement and the area that I live in, as well as, the job that work at, my wife has assured me she is never leaving here again. So my choices are stay in misery or lose my family.

So itís just another day in paradise for me. Thank God for all these cliches to cheer me up.


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By anonymous at 27,Dec,11 03:28

It is better to be alone, than to be a with people who dont appricate you and show you equal dignity. I suggest you start thinking about reshaping your life; for I believe that the situation you are in is unbeareable. It seems to destroy you apart, and you simply cannot take care of anyone else if you do not take care of yourself first.


PS: I would probably leave all the family fortune, and your wife behind if I was you. It seems they dont bring you happiness, so why stay?

By anonymous at 27,Dec,11 16:45

yeah, be happily married or happily divorced. If you aren't happy you are wasting your precious time on earth. Watch American Beauty and grow a pair and then move out. (imho)

By at 27,Dec,11 18:53

you're 43 fucking years old, living with your in-laws, and driving a car your father-in-law bought you. Then, you do nothing but hate the people who have great reason to think you're a loser. Grow the fuck up dude. You are the only one to blame for your problems. It's surprising you have ever even been laid. BTW, I'm not an asshole. I'm just telling you how it is because you're full of shit.
By anonymous at 27,Dec,11 21:17

fuck you
By anonymous at 07,Jan,12 12:38 Fold Up

Yeh man, as harsh as it sounds the guy is telling it like it really is. You probably would be in a better position in the company if you worked for it then you wouldn't have to waste your envy on your father in laws wealth. You're married to a successful career woman, does she love you? do you love her? Seems like you have plenty of options but you rather waste your time whinging about the value of a car that was given to you in the first place.

By anonymous at 27,Dec,11 22:10


By anonymous at 27,Dec,11 22:22

Nop. You're defitnetly a scumbag. Anyway, good sir, I have to agree with the first poster. Being treated like a second hand spareman is no way to live. If it were me, I would look for a new job, one that I actually like, or at least one that I have no problems. If it means fighting you father-in-law so beit. He sounds like a rich snob anyway. So there's my two cents.

Good luck to you and good day.

By anonymous at 28,Dec,11 11:59

Dude, thhis story sounds like it has the making of a great movie. I would seriously think of writing as much as you can and seeing if a screenwriter could turn it into a comedy.

By at 28,Dec,11 14:07

Hey, It seems for me that you are screwed by your wife's family. Your father-in-law decides in everything in YOUR life?? Don't let it be.. Come on.. Everyone can give you advices, but YOU have to chose or decide. If you go after your father-in-law and his words suck..why do you get in the same trap every time?? One or two times are OK. But at the 3rd or 4th or more???
I would ask my wife if I am important to her or not. If she choses her father over you (unfortunately sometimes we have to chose), then just go and separate from her.Your kids will love you either way. Start a new life. If your wife loves you.. she'll go after you. If she doesn't, why would you waste your time in a marriage where you don't get love and respect.

By anonymous at 05,Jan,12 21:16

I suggest being with your family and taking them with you when you find new living arrangements/home. When you are in your own place, your inlaws should have less influence or at least you can have time away from them.

And, it might also help to find another job.

I liked the comment about writing your story for a movie. You are a good writer. Imagine if you write the script or the book & it becomes a best seller.

Life is short!

By Jonetta at 27,Dec,16 08:43

Taking the ovvwriee, this post is first class

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