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Too much drama!

Posted by Hillbilly Wife at March 1, 2010
Tags: Independent circumstances  2010 March

I was always told that God will give you no more than your shoulders can bear. I am about to disagree. I In the last year and a half, both of my parents have passed away, my son has been moved to an alternative school placement setting, my son hates his step-father and my husband hates my son, and last but not husband wanted to commit suicide and has checked himself into a mental ward.

On top of that my husband has depression and is an alcoholic, my son has ADHD, my brother/best friend is bi-polar, I work wtih autistic kids all day and I am a foster parent for two kids with their own issues. I am also a church council member, youth group advisor and high school drama coach.

My husband complains about his "shitty" life...he went from living in a holler in the Appalachian mountains with no running water, no indoor plumbing surrounded by deadbeats and living in a nice 4 bedroom home that we both can afford, working at a job that he enjoys, living with a loving and understanding wife. His biggest complaint is helping raise my two teenage children. Yes, they are pains in the butts, but I challenge anyone to find two teenage siblings, 2 years apart who can't push buttons. He is an officer on our local fire department.

I have been supportive and strong and understanding. I continually try to help my husband and son learn how to like each other. They love each other, they just don't get along most of the time. I just pray for one day of "normalcy" in my life. No one fighting, no one dying, everyone getting along. I know I brought most of this onto myself, but why can't they see how hard I work for them and give a little back?

Every which way I is nothing but drama, I am SICK OF IT! How's that for drama?


New Comment

By anonymous at 01,Mar,10 10:07

meh i have to live through fuckin worse
By robbie at 01,Mar,10 13:02

Geez, that's real sympathetic. By that comparison I am sure that someone has it worse than you, so you should not complain.
By anonymous at 01,Mar,10 13:15 Fold Up

My advice is to never come to this board again, you suck

By anonymous at 01,Mar,10 13:08

yea? fuck you too

By anonymous at 01,Mar,10 13:20

fuck all of you peices of shit
By anonymous at 01,Mar,10 14:23

Have no idea how you enjoy making people feel worse than they already are, you suck at giving advice and you should have your tongue removed
By anonymous at 02,Mar,10 11:29 Fold Up

yea we all are peices of shit, even you motherfucker
By anonymous at 02,Mar,10 17:39

thats all you know how to say, is filth, try thinking up of something else. Your mother failed in raising you right. I hope she didnt end up in a mental institute.

By anonymous at 01,Mar,10 20:26

Um leave the douche and dont foster they really need an alcoholic foster dad whos trying to kill himself. think mcfly think!"

By anonymous at 02,Mar,10 11:34

you motherfucking peice of shit go die and fucking kill your kids too
By anonymous at 02,Mar,10 11:35

:O what??!!
By anonymous at 04,Mar,10 13:38 Fold Up

pls dont right things like that here ok?
just think she maybe not have it so bad like us but damn she she is not here for bad but to tell what makes her heart break...
so try to sympathy or at least dont write those things at all ...
i mean are u fucking serious? kill the kids...?
what a human fucking beeing are u?

By anonymous at 02,Mar,10 15:32

Hi hun, i am sorry to hear about the loss of your parents. You sound like a kind considerate person. Bless your heart for all that you do with the autistic children and for being a foster parent. Your boys are teens and may be hard to deal with at times but like you said those are teens for you, they grow up, and thank god they are not into the drugs,violence,sex etc. The good part is your spouse is gainfully employed in this economy but he needs to take care of his health now. Hopefully he can address his depression and alcholism while in treatment and move forward. The time to deal with this is now. Maybe his commitment to the hospital was a blessing in disguise, for we are nothing without our health. God bless your post really touched me!

By mary at 05,Mar,10 04:19

DIVORCE FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!!!!!!!! you will ruin your kids' life with such a person married to you!! your son is right to hate him, why do mothers always do this?? also mine picked up some bastard drunk from the street!!!

You have a responsibility for your children, not for some guys who need to be saved?? Tell the truth, don't you just take care of him because you feel pity? you really love that guy?? why have more problems????????? GET RID OF HIM! and take care of your FAMILY! That drunk does not deserve you! let him kill himself if he wants to, i know they threaten with their life then..

GET HELP!! that person is harming your kids!!!

By Luella at 15,May,17 02:37

And, sadly, I think the historian sumany/deppld ratio at universities is still as you accurately assessed 20 years ago. For our next trick t we need to disrupt higher education so those of us who love and value history can find work using those skills directly (I use them indirectly every day)Lucy

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