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Posted by Appreciative at February 28, 2010
Tags: 2010 February  Philosophical

Stop. Everyone needs to STOP. Life is life, there will be times when you're going through HELL, and what can you do? You walk right through it until you see the sun shine. I dont want to hear it anymore! Life doesnt suck, its a great opportunity for doing things we always imagined was impossible. If you cant pay your bills, feel isolated, lonely..etc, remember that life goes on. Things can and will always change for the better, you just have to get through it. Everyone has problems, youre never alone. No one is ever alone, you have people surrounding you every single day. If you hate your life, then get up RIGHT now and make a change. Its never too late. Never give up.


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By anonymous at 28,Feb,10 21:03

Very well said. I live by that and I was very suicidal 30 years ago. I was broke, divorced and I had lost custody of my child. I was alone, I had cancer, I was on drugs and I had crappy friends that used me. I dumped the friends, stopped the drugs and focused on being happy. I asked myself the question, "what will make my life happy?" I answered it and now I am with the love of my life that I thought I would never have. I am employed in a decent job, going back to school and I have many plans for the rest of my life. My life of happiness. If I can do it so can anyone else. You just have to demand it of yourself and not let those that don't have YOUR best interests in mind to stop you from being happy. Go for it, it's there waiting for you!

By anonymous at 01,Mar,10 10:14

yea? fuck you you didnt have to live though what im living throgh right now. so go fuck yourself you motherfucking bastatrd

By anonymous at 02,Mar,10 11:37

i already did. no point in living if im living the way i am

By anonymous at 04,Mar,10 10:33

ask the jews at the holocaust if things always change for the better. Bad things happen in life, bad things that have no going back. Life is life, its not pure shit, but its not "if you smile life smiles back" bullshit

By mary at 05,Mar,10 08:21

well, life does suck. Nobody pretends stuff to go well all the time, but what about lives where just everything goes wrong? Someone who was abused as a child, who has drunk parents, who is sick.. there are endless factors which you cannot control in life and just make you think "why me? why do i have to live?".
You ARE alone, FEW people really care about you and usually when you have serious problems most of them leave because they don't know how to help and they don't want to get depressed by your issues. Everyone has problems, but some people have much bigger problems.

A couple of months ago there was a young woman waiting with me and other 20-30 people in the cue outside a building, and her biggest problem was to complain the whole time because she had to wait 20 minutes standing outside that building.

I ENVIED HER! because obviously she never had any serious problem in her life.

NO, some people get it very easy, all prepared on a silver tray, they do not lift a finger ever and they are happy.

There are people who got devastated because their father died when they were 50!!! my goodness, be happy that you had a father until 50!!!!!! i lost mine when i was 20, and many lose parents when they are kids!

Life sucks, everybody is just an accident, a cancer, a death case in the family away from desperation and destruction.

By Roseanna at 24,May,16 19:17

– damn, Ma18;n&#k2l7is a good one (she’d probably be a crazy fuck anyway in bed). I would hate-fuck Fred Phelps (the one who protests at military funerals with “God Hates Fags” signs) prison-style, and would make sure to livestream that shit for all the world to see.

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