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untitled story

Posted by my-life_sucks- at July 14, 2011
Tags: Attitude  2011 July

ive read a bunch of peoples stories and ive noticed im a complete failure im fucking ugly im lazy i suck at everything i do i cant get a job, and im completely ignorant stupid dumb, no matter how much i try everything just goes to complete failure and my entire life has been this way i just want to die. im not so sure if god even exists or not, if he does then why in the hell am i getting punished for my life? does he not want me to exist? then why did he even let me live this long, i hate my shitty ass life.


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By anonymous at 21,Aug,11 17:42

There are people worse than you who go around thinking they are GOD. Why should you feel like crap about yourself? If you ever get a job, get a job at a gas-station that sells cigs. and scratch tickets. I guarantee you your self esteem will go through the roof. You have to realize that a majority of the human race are repulsive, self indulgent, self impotant douche-bags. Hugs, and another thing: I love you! I love you because you have proven that you do have worth and value because it takes an awesome person to not believe they are the second coming of Jesus Christ like everybody else does.
By anonymous at 26,Aug,11 18:29

I have to agree with you about your comment on how the human race is repulsive. And, very selfish to.

By anonymous at 24,Aug,11 01:02

Thinking it this way; imagine that this mortal life is a spiritual 'training' with a test at the end, right at the time of your death or on Judgement Day or whatever the fuck these institutionalized religions each one call it...A test that you will self-review and that it will either self-grant you access to the eternal academy of the continuation of infinite intellectual and spiritual attainment.
If that is true ain't righteous for the training to be tough?
Ain't those that suffer the most the ones they have the best place in the afterlife? (at least institutionalized religions say so)
So appreciate the 'training' and make sure you thank the creation for giving you this opportunity...the opportunity to be a soul; a unique individual that, after its training, not only it can be proud of himself but make the rest of us that joying you in the afterlife proud too.

By anonymous at 25,Aug,11 16:22

I have suffered enough already. If I die and there is nothing then it will all be for nothing.
By anonymous at 02,Dec,13 09:20


By anonymous at 28,Aug,11 03:02

Waaaaaaahhhhhh Waaaaahhhhh Waaaahhhhhhh

By anonymous at 08,Sep,11 18:18

have any of you ever heard of cosmic ordering belive it and it will turn things around
things will get better i promise

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