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Its over

Posted by Alone at June 30, 2011
Tags: Family  2011 June  Money

lets see where to begin. My dad held my family at gun point. My mom passed away. My childrens father beat me. Lived on the streets . 4 mouths to feed. Lost my job, lost my home, lost my car, eventually lost everyone in my life.


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By anonymous at 10,Aug,11 05:02

I'm sorry for not being there when you needed help. Find some assistance by asking around to homeless people..Churchs sometimes take you in..My Aunt had a bullet for her and her three kids on the kitchen table, but xhusband decided to just kill himself in front of my 3 cousins. Life sucks but as shitty as it is by not giving up completely, it helps looser like me know there is still a chance. I swear if I ever get on my feet, I will help people like you. My rich parents do seem to help everybody but me, and so there are people out there who will love you more than there own children in a financial way. I'm poor too cause I live off charity from grandma but it is not enough considering all the bills I can't pay
..Just know the worse it seems now the better it will seem later as a God thing. Please be ok enough to communicate more with the supreme being. It don't have to be good but anything counts. I'm sorry for exploiting my family and picking on you. God is more than a reflection. God is living. So show God your deepest commitments to justice to live through it holding on to integrity. For every one person to do good it takes many others to struggle. Be the different one in a way to help with something special, encourage others in ways you cannot--that is good enough to me. And shows all of us that life is a bitch with a little goodness.. Goodness trumps the bad cause it is like light energy
By anonymous at 10,Aug,11 05:19

Ian't it good living in the now..we are so minute that it don't matter what we think. Just go by God leading you..When it seems like you can't survive, ask God to take control. In the middle of the night when you can't sleep, know that any answer from God will probably be the best. It is just meant that way. Then when you are up in the morning ask again. Ask God all the time considering the worst time is the best time to share with God. Showing help in anyway you can is good enough. God don't judge like you because of you getting to run shit. But when you run shit, you must be careful because God put a soul in our body that can't decide anything without the infinitely small help among others along the way.

By anonymous at 10,Aug,11 05:49

BTW, greed is a terrible backstabbing deal we all take part in. When you cry and feel upset, remember God is. When God is...that deals with everybody that way in some form minutelyand individually. What matters to you? Living past yourself. I know I am a damn shame. It is just the way it is..Do what matters past yourself to help others live with more meaning by proving it to God that you kinda know what is going on..that we need more help in a whole new way each and every moment listening in a mingled way from provoking action to be as it really is submitting to the laws of God. Laws are only the establishment of reasons to your feelings for desiring to live. The broader the reason, the more God has in common the idea

By anonymous at 09,Sep,11 17:15

Its not god. God is a human delusion, albeit a sometimes comforting one. If it helps when things are very bad then its not such a bad thing. If it hurts anyone then it IS a bad thing.

Here is my guide to life. I found it works really well.

1. If you dont know what to do - Form a plan
2. If you have a plan - carry out the plan
3. If plan is working - continue with the plan
4. If plan not working - discard the plan and go to step 1

Repeat enough and you will get happier. Eventually.

Thats lifes matter whats happening.

By Jeannie at 13,Sep,12 14:55

People noramlly pay me for this and you are giving it away!

By Mrs Williams Linda at 06,Jan,13 17:13

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