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Why my life is so hard ??

Posted by SadddBoyyy at May 28, 2011
Tags: Family  Juvenile problems  Loneliness  2011 May

So i don`t know why but my life is very hard, everyones else life is way easier than mine but why, what i did wrong ??
So i will begin my story from very beginning...
So my name is Chris, 13, im from Poland but i moved to UK when i was 10.5 .
In Poland my life was pretty sweet i was fit,nice, life was just great...
Well i did not know about finance problems that my parents have had at the moment, my dad was addicted to alcohol, we lived in small flat [me,brother,mom,dad] life was not great thought, now i see that my life at that moment was good.
My parents were fighting all the time, so they went for separations, i stayed with mom and brother and my dad moved to London, he was working there and sending money to my mom, just enough for bills and food many hard situations.
Well my parents obviously after year of separations, actually my mom have found a new man, she did not loved my dad anymore...
My dad was many times drunk before separation and he was telling me and my mom things like: im gonna cut u to halfs etc. me as a child, scared as shit... i was hiding all the knifes in home etc. My dad was PSYCHO well he acted like he is okay like a friend to me...
After my mom got a new "love" we moved to better flat i get my own room i really liked that guy ... after some time he turned same as my dad, but my mom is still with him etc..
So my life in new place was just SWEET, i was dating as ten year old with girls 13 years old xP... Girls just liked me at that time i was open and ready to speak to them... Also i was thin, i had no spots or any kind of acne, i was "hot" for them...
Well suddenly my mom started to communicate with my dad via Skype, she always closed room and never told me what were they speaking about... After a month of those "secrets", my brother told my some things we could get in UK and ASKED me: "Are you stayin, or going with us ??" i went for: "Yeah, where could i stay?? right"......... And thats how i FUCKED UP MY LIFE by stupid and not rethink decision......................
So ill after we get to UK by AirPlane, we were driving in a car for 4 hours then we reached Hostel.. for month i lived there, than my dad have taken my to his house ...
I was SITTIN IN A FLAT WITH LAPTOP for TWO MONTHS, and i finally went to Primary School, in Poland i was having lowest grade in English so i could not speak a word, once in school i understand what people were talking to me but i could not answer .....
Well i did not find any good friend except ONE, he was really best friend he accepted me even he knew i was`nt the coolest guy to be friends with.. but on the end of P7 he moved to Paris... and i never saw him again.....
In Poland my weight in 2008 was 55kg at height 156cm...
In UK my current weight is 83kg at height 169cm... about 23kg of over weight all is because i suddenly STOPPED MOVING in UK ... i have no friends nothing to lose, all im good at is Computing i do websites for money etc.....
I want to achieve loose of weight, i will start on 1 July... im getting new bike not mountain anymore i will get BMX i really like this kind of sport, i want to change my life... i m scared that i will fail but i can always try... i hate my current body, i m depressed ...

What went wrong in my life ?>?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 14,Jun,11 23:05

"everyones else life is way easier than mine"

Thats such an ignorant statemEnt and it usually (if not always) comes from people which it couldn't be further from the truth. I really cannot stand people who are so self absorbed they truely believe this.

By anonymous at 17,Jun,11 09:44

Life's hard and you're still young, try not to stress to much and in regards to the weight thing man that's so simple to kick, obviously fitness is important but what you eat is what's going to determine whether you're overweight or not.
here's 3 things to avoid and everybody should try this so don't d these 3 things for the res of your life okay:
Olive Oil vege oil basically any oil - not healthy it's processed and is the yes THE fattest food on the planet and our bodies can't break it down it jus sits on you.
So cook in water seriously.
Next is SALT this bloats your face, no more salt don't add it to your food and avoid things with it in.
Lasty coca cola and all fizzy carbonated drinks, these are gassy and have so much sugar it's mental.
There you go and I can tell you no one in LA has any of the above .
Try it and everybody here remember life is short you came to this site because things aerent going to well at the moment bu I hope it gets better for you and me and try to smile and remember we all going to die someday and this life is spool short so stop worrying and enjoy nothing to lose, good luck

By at 17,Jun,11 14:35

Trzymaj sie. Zycie jest czasami jak gra. Widocznie zarabiasz jakies pieniadz z internetu. Uzyj to na dobre. Find something you are really good at, something that stands out from the rest. Use that talents to find jobs or a source of income. Save every penny you can and suffer it out, life is not meant to be easy. It's the hardest thing to accomplish. When you have enough money to sustain yourself comfortably, begin your approach into the world. Go to the gym and lose that weight if you think you should, perhaps you can meet a girl or friend there? The thing here is to always try.. What do you see fit? To live through life complaining and it sucking, or to have it suck but you at least trying very hard and perhaps reaching something? One outweighs to other, by little.. But try my friend.. Sproboj. Wszystkiego najlepszego kolego. I'll be your friend. Just reply to this so I know you're still here :)

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