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I Try

Posted by Lovely Hope at January 12, 2010
Tags: Abuse  Family  January 2010  Juvenile problems  Money

Well heres why my life sucks...

Parents are divorsed
Little brother commited suicide
Mom has type 2 diabetes
Dad is a drunk
I have a child of rape
High school drop out so I could watch my son
I was abused by my father
Older sister does drugs
Boyfriend of 3 years dumps me for a girl he met online
All grandparents are dead
No money
Laid off work Saturday
I have ADD and ADHD
I am only 17
No real home
Scars from my father

Im not saying I have the worst life in the world but its not the best


New Comment

By anonymous at 13,Jan,10 08:27

Does your xbox still work
By anonymous at 13,Jan,10 23:40

When something bad happens to you, don't expect people to show any sympathy for you.
By anonymous at 15,Jan,10 09:40

she isnt expecting any1 2 feel srry 4 her gawd fuk off will ya
By anonymous at 15,Jan,10 12:51

she's expecting someone to give her some reasonable advice, so take your own advice and go somewhere else.
By Lovely Hope at 14,Jan,10 09:38 Fold Up

I dont have one.
By anonymous at 28,Mar,10 07:53

don't listen to the shitheads above

By anonymous at 13,Jan,10 15:51

Wow!I thought my life was bad but yours is a freakin hellhole but I gotta say you making it this far is pretty impressive! You are made of some pretty strong stuff. Don't ever forget that,please!

By anonymous at 13,Jan,10 23:55

** I don't know what it's like to have divorced Parents. But at least it's good to know that nothing can ever change the fact that they will always be your parents. whatever problems they had it is between them and something could not let them be together so they had to let go of each other. it would be unwise for them to stay together if that is something they do not want. they would be miserable.

**Death is always a terrible thing. I truly am sorry for your loss. people who take their own lives just don't think ahead and try to understand how it's going to make everyone else feel.

** My mom is diabetic too, so is half my famliy. Mom was just diagnosed. she ignored the signs, she wouldnt take care of herself, she wouldnt exercise and now she has to pay the price. there are things she can't eat anymore that she enjoyed before, or at least not eat much of it. she has to poke her finger with that little machine to monitor her blood pressure from time to tome, she also has to take medicine, which is something i am not use to. My famliy and I had a scare, she said she started having sharp pains in her neck and she couldnt breathe, she hospitalized for two days and the house felt so lonely. i was very angry at her for not taking care of herself, i wasnt ready to lose a mom. But she is doing much better now, she's lost weight and she's really sticking to her guns this time. Just about half the people in the world have this problem, so it's not just your mom.

***Dad's a drunk? that's his problem.

*** At least this child is the only good think that came out of it.

** Go back and get your education, becuase once this child is 18, where does that leave you? see if you can get invovled in some programs that can help you with your education. don't just abandon it.

** At least you survived his abuse. there's plenty of people who've been in your shoes or worse.

**thats her problem, if she wants to mess up her life and her health, let her, it does not concern you.

** It's better that he broke up with you then to continue to stay with you and pretend he still wants to be with you. If he wants an internet relationship, let him. it's his choice and he can't be forced to stay with you forever. any time you get in a relatinship, understand that sometimes it may not last. its a big possibility that a break up will happen and it happens everyday!!

**my grandmother died a day before my high school graduation, have never seen my dad in so much pain. it happens.

**i was laid off a half year ago from the best job ever. i was depressed for months and i had all these three digit bills piling up in the mail. How was i going to pay all that? i've been to numerous interviews, filled out MORE than 20 applications, nobody wants to give me a chance.

*** try to be happy, look forward to watching your son grow up. Yes you have scars from your abusive father, but learn from this experience and be a better parent for your son.
By anonymous at 17,Jan,10 09:37

wow you're great

By anonymous at 19,Jan,10 03:03

person who said that "people who take their own lives just don't think ahead and try to understand how it's going to make everyone else feel".. go fuck yourself.
By anonymous at 19,Jan,10 22:50

If you don't agree then thats all you had to say, there was no need for namecalling.

People who commit suicide DON'T think ahead and becuase they are too busy on what is it going to take to get rid of the pain. WHen that person dies, they are gone forever, don't know the pain, don't know anything, but yet they leave behind loved ones who are very much awake that are mourning, wondering WHY and then go as far as to blame themselves. to make matters worse, funerals are very expensive and can cost to $6000. If you take time and read some stories, you will find that people are deeply hurt by one of their famliy members who've taken their own life.

so go fuck yourself if you're going to be immature about it
By anonymous at 21,Jan,10 03:32 Fold Up


By anonymous at 22,Jan,10 16:12

get rid of ur family
look for an older guy that can take care for you both

By anonymous at 03,Mar,10 22:23

It sounds like you life is in a downward spiral. Reach bottom and the only way is up. Be advised, the is no such thing as ADD or ADHD, these conditions were made up by the drug company Eli Lilly and Novartis in order for them to sell crappy, useless drugs. Get through the rough times and things will get better.

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