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Posted by shoot14 at December 28, 2009
Tags: Attitude  December 2009

my life is wierd.i never feel lik i fit not popular at all& ma friendz are suckish.when i try to tell them wats goin on they just stare at me and not say ma home my mom is carzy and sometimes beats the hell outa me,my dad is a drunk who got no job for lik a year.many of the peolpe who hav everything r the ones who are emo.they cut themselves and i think is juzt so adsurd cuz they hav everything.i do it left wrist is so mesed up by now.i dont think about killing myself cuz....i dont noe.ido a reading freak cuz i just wanna get away from wat is goin on in my life.i just hate it.the guy i wanna b with is goin out w/someone else and problably wont evar lik me cuz im ugly as sucks.


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By anonymous at 27,Dec,09 23:41

YOu say its absurd that others cut themselves when they have everything but its totally understandable and okay for you to cut yourself just beucase you have less? now THAT is absurd. either way cutting is the stupidest way to solve any problems or relieve pain. I will NEVER understand WHY people go to cutting when in reality they are just creating more pain for themselves. i just don't get it.

Even if you become popular, what makes you think this would make you better then your real self? Kids always, always seem to think that being popular is the MUST or it is sooo important that without it, youre nothing.

The kids who are with you in school will not care who you are and will not care how well-known you are. just becuase you become popular doesnt mean more special. you will just be another student just like them. Also being popular does have its limits and does have a bad side to it. Lets say you do get popular, how do you know the friends that you will make will be your friends becuase they want to or because they just want to feed off your popularity to be popular themselves? Sometimes its impossible to wonder who your real friends are. plus the well-known you are the more it will feed the crowd to talk about you even more, i mean rumors and bad stuff behind your back. best to blend in with the crowd.

Also being popular does follow a code. what if you wear the wrong outfit? what if you befriend someone that the popular crowd doesnt approve of? It is always best to be yourself. ALWAYS.

If your friends arent really sensitive and don't really lend an open ear, don't tell them anything anymore. if you feel like you don't fit it, ditch these friends and make new ones.

If your mother beats you, call the social services or get the school invovled. Go to your councilor or Principal and explain to them what's happening at home. youre better off in protection under the law then to stay home with an abusive mother and a drunken father.

By Dayanara at 27,Nov,12 15:34

Time to face the music armed with this great infromaiton.

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