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Posted by Mrs. Uknown at December 18, 2009
Tags: December 2009  Family  Juvenile problems  Money  Relationship

Okay... im in the 7th grade.. someone who use too be one of my bestfriends sucked a dick, Got fingered,&& gave a hand job she also had phone sex with my bestfriend then acted like nothing happend the next day when she knew he was IN LOVE with her. ILive in the gayest place in the world and ihate it. IWant too move back too where iused too live, but my mom is using my step dad for money , wich he recently ran out of and is now cheating on hin with one of her friends thats a GIRL. everytime itell her what is wrong she blows things out of perportion and says ineed some new friends and she is going too take me too the boys& gurls club (which ihate) im very very popular at school, but ifeel like idont fit in since all my friends are the most prettiest girls in the school. and they love me as friends but its like.. im soo ugly ijust hate looking myself in the mirror,. ive already thought about commiting sucide but i wont ever do it.. ijust want too dissapear. and the worst thing is we are poor as shit and all my friends are rich$$ and are getting me presents.. and icant afford anything FML


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By anonymous at 18,Dec,09 13:00

You may not afford anything now, but this is WHY youre in school, so you can learn and experience these things from your parents or guardians and grow up and be better than that. take advantage of schools and the grades becuase thee are other countries out there where can't even afford to go to school. YOure in a lucky spot right now.

If you think youre ugly, get in the mirror and figure out why. what is it about your face that you hate? try new hairstyles, try new make up, if its your weight change it. the only true person in this world who will think that you are one of the most beautiful people in the world will only be yourself.

however i don't see why any of the sexual things your friend and bestfriend did is any of your business or have anything to do with you. so i don't see why thats a problem.

the things that are happening in your life are only temporary

By anonymous at 18,Dec,09 17:26

I think you may require a new keyboard, your space bar dont work - now that really sucks ;)
By anonymous at 08,Jan,10 17:00

you dick

By anonymous at 23,Dec,09 01:51

you are in 7th grade, who gives a flying fuck about what some snobby ass kids think?? The right pair of jeans can make you popular in middle school. As for you're mom, yes I have a mother that has a hard time seeing things from my point of view as well, but you have to let her see how things affect you, not just tell her. Don't speak to her for a couple weeks, that'll let her know something is wrong. And if she still won't change, well then she'll regret it when you grow up into a great person and you never want to talk with her, it's her fault she puts other people above her son, which is something a mother should never do. And you're not ugly, you're just too hard on yourself. Just because you don't look like brad pitt doesn't mean you're ugly. And if other people at school think you're ugly, then fuck them. Once you're done with school completely you'll probably never hear from them again, they have nothing to do with your future or your life so what they think really doesn't matter. You're super young and you'll soon find out that life goes on.

By anonymous at 10,Jan,10 17:05

go blow some dick for money

By crorkz at 15,Jan,15 18:58

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