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xmas 2010

Posted by anonymous at February 26, 2011
Tags: Family  2011 February  Justice  Loneliness  Mistakes

x-mas eve 2010,I have been in an arguement with my wife,due to I wanted to try and work from home,other then going to the same shit job I had for the past 14 years.I have bipolar disorder,I was going through one of my manic phase,I thought I could make money at home through a raido-wifi feed.We decided to spend the night at my wife"s parents house,due to we have not spoken to my parents in years.When we arrived I was telling my in-laws about what I thought I might want to do for work.My Mother in law told me if I left my job and didn"t have another,then I could go to hell.My wife was angry with me,everyone started shouting at me,telling me to sit down and shut the fuck up.My 2 boys were there as well,15 year oldand a 11 year old.I spent about $500 on my kids that was sitting on the floor,that we brought with us.After everyone making me feel like a piece of shit,I wanted to drive myself home.My father in-law,stood up blocked me,and forced me to sit on a stool in kitchen.I told them they are holding me here against my will.My mother in law herd that went in bedroom called police.My mother in-law and my wife told the police I am fucking nuts with a mental disease.The police gave me a choice jail or mental hospital.I figured this is fucked,I cant watch my kids open presents I bought?..So I start yelling outside(look police are going to beat me up).That was enough for them to kick my ass and take me to jail.I spent x-mas there through new-years.When I finally got out on bond,thats right bond,I am being charged with assult on a police officer.If you yell or anything here in Macomb Township.Michigan, While they want to arrest you,you get a felony charge,that they concider assult.When I get out I start working on this wifi-raido feed again.My wife gets angry,calls police again,I go to mental hospital for 2 weeks.Here it is Feb.25 now,I have been at my parents house for 3 weeks.No car or money,phone got shut off,rent on house didnt get paid(due to me being locked up.)..So my wife hates me,in 1 month i lost my wife kids,house,car and dignity.I am 38 years old sleeping on a kids bunk bed in a spare room.I still have to go to court,and posibly jail.This has been my life since xmas eve.Sitting at my mom and dads house that i haven"t seen in years,wife is in a house she is loosing and packing to move to my in-laws.My Wife,2 boys was the only people i knew or loved,I have no friends,I can"t even play fucking farmville on facebook,(due to no friends to invite).All I think about is hanging myself.I overdosed 3 times before and could not do the job right.I think I am going to die,other then sit alone at my folks and rot.I had everything I ever wanted before x-mas.Now I don"t even have my self-respect.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 15,Mar,11 22:15

Dude this is literally the most horrible story I have heard... I do feel really bad for u. Ur really strong living threw this. I wish the best for u and if u got no where else to go or any one to talk to, look to church and talk to a priest, as dum as that may sound, it might just work...

By anonymous at 16,Mar,11 16:08

That is so sad. Be strong. I couldnt imagine what im gonna do if im in your place right now.

By anonymous at 17,Mar,11 16:46

Don't kill yourself that would be no help for anyone and your kids need you. You can't change what happened, it sucked but it is over. You can only go forward from here. Make the next act and next decision a good one then keep it up. Do you still have your job? If not try to get one. If so, go to work. Send some money to your kids to help out. Try to focus on doing something positive, even if small at first. You look at this now as the worst time of you life. Try to act in ways now so that in 10 years you can look back and say this was a real turning point for the better. And don't kill yourself, at least carry on and see what happens in your life. You will be dead eventually and then who knows what happens. At least stick around to see what happens here.

By anonymous at 17,Mar,11 21:39

I feel for you

By anonymous at 02,Apr,11 17:58

yikes......... don't people get you can't pay for shit when they lock you up? sounds like you had a whole bunch of idiots in your life..... if you should be killing anyone, it isn't yourself...

By anonymous at 12,Jul,11 20:10

Not much I can say regarding the events in your life, but maybe I can help: A link has been found between lack of Omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin D, and folate, and also, (most important)- B-12, and B-6 in our diets that leads to bi-polar,ADHD,Alzheimer's,Dementia,Anxiety,Autism, short, a host of problems. So look into upping your intake of these essential vitamins and minerals. There are cases of people whom have found relief after years of Bipolar and Depression sadness, simply by tuning up their brain function with folate, B-12, and B-6. Perhaps your local library has a copy of a book I'm reading now. It's fairly new..."The Ultra Mind Solution.", by Mark Hyman, M.D.

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