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Just leave me alone

Posted by Hated? at November 18, 2010
Tags: Family  2010 November  Relationship

I am married to an asshole. He calls me names like cunt, bitch, tells me I'm fat (I'm 5'7 135 for fuck sake), tells me he wants to go fuck other girls, told me to get an abortion when I got prego. I said no. So he left me for a week.. I was so upset.. I didnt eat or sleep... I ended up having a miscarriage. All day I was in hospital and he didnt even call to see if I was dead. He wishes I was dead. I try to be a good person. I am a hardworker... but he just looks at me like a loser... when I know.. that even on his best day.. he could never do as much work as I do. My mother is a good woman but over the years she has become a drinker so I dont like to talk to her..... when shes drunk she says the most awful things. I just want them all to leave me alone. I just want to live my life and be happy.... not give a fuck what others think. I think he has beaten me down to think that I am not worthy of anyone good. Or to be happy. I hope someone comes around and punches him in the face.... I hope one day someone will come around and knock him on his ass.... hit him in the stomach until he feels the sharp pains that I did when our baby was coming out of me.. dead. I am so fuckin mad its turning into hate. Everything.. the house the car.. is his. My name is on nothing.... just the paper I signed that makes me not just his wife but his fuckin punching bag slave whore. I hope one beautiful day.. he will feel the same as I do.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 03,Dec,10 11:07

shoudv called the cops long ao.
By anonymous at 03,Dec,10 11:07


By anonymous at 04,Dec,10 08:01

Can you tell us why you married him in the first place?

By anonymous at 04,Dec,10 08:07

your life only sucked when you with him cas he sucks! You much better person than he will ever be and sounds like he sucked all you self confidence right out of you!

By anonymous at 04,Dec,10 22:25

Men are dicks!!!! Go talk to someone and get stronger and hopefully things will fall into place. Good luck!

By anonymous at 04,Dec,10 22:29

Tell me where he lives so I can call him the names he calledd u. He's emotionally and mentally abusing and draining you, fuck him literally. Walk away. Find help, call your local united way program, they can help you. I pray for u and for him to wake the hell up. If u believe n god, goto church...any church..find solace and peace iin his words

By anonymous at 05,Dec,10 05:36

Growing up, Me my brother and I lived with an abuser.
My fther was both physically and mentally abusive to the three of us. She finally left him whenI was 9.
You do the same!!!
People who abuse make you feel like shit, that do that so you can saty with them. Find your stregth, and get out.
Don't let comments get you down, I appcreciate a woman with size, and so do others. Staying in the situation will only get worse, and you'll feel worse. Get out, good luck, godspeed.

By anonymous at 05,Dec,10 05:38

That was my mother, my brother and I,.. lol typed fast,.. and father, not fther.. although who cares what his name was.

By anonymous at 05,Dec,10 23:03

i am basically in the same position. i havent worked for9 yrs so we depended on his income. he recently stated driving truck and 2wks later had a girlfriend. so now he has decided to throw us away like yesterdays trash. we have been married for 21yrs and he told me that he had moved on and that i need to get over it, in a text.

By anonymous at 07,Dec,10 08:40


By anonymous at 12,Dec,10 01:59


By anonymous at 23,Dec,10 06:50

You took a lot of 5'7,135lbs, you're a goddess!

Speaking of which...I pray you develop the powers of one and beat him into a pulp....begging for you could stand over him, hands on hips, laughing :)

He would try to run from your newfound POWER....You would simply float up, unaided and fly in his pursuit, a few feet from the ground, grab him and fly like supergirl up above and taunt him from 100 feet in the sky....him blubbering like a scared child, how sorry he is to have mistreated you. dropping him to the ground below like the trash he is....and you flying to new adventure and finding the love and admiration YOU DESERVE ;) surprise, im a GODDESS lover and a single guy who's been alone for years despite being 6' and 170-75lbs and gainfully employed (night security, but still earning enough to survive)so don't despair........

May the new Year bring you love and affection, you are way overdue :)
By anonymous at 24,Dec,10 04:05

Real men adore goddesses like you!

You will find love again...It's not worth it to let this mess go on like this. YOU CAN FLY, be free of this man-child you married. Lots of luck to you, BEAUTIFUL!

By Gundosoem at 06,May,12 16:08

Aloha! wra

By Gundoskkz at 07,May,12 15:12

Aloha! ndc

By anonymous at 13,Sep,12 03:14

Leave him NOW before you wake up in your 50s with little or no options. I spent 25 years trusting an untrustworthy man who traveled for his job. He'd been cheating for years but I never even suspected until he got a little too brazen and sloppy. And THEN, when caught, he tried to blame ME because "my attitude sucked." Go, girl, go. There is someone out there for you who will treat you right. I am a bitter mess.

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