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I'm hungry and pissed off and broke

Posted by Overworkedunderpaid at August 15, 2010
Tags: 2010 August  Mistakes  Poverty  Relationship

I married an idiot 3 years ago and procreated with it. Now I have a cute kid, but no money to take care of him and I'm over my head in credit card debt, always on the verge of eviction and getting flouresent envelopes from utility companies I haven't been able to pay. I don't know why I can't pay them. We both work full time but only make enough to parely pay rent. (Oh and buy cretin husband pack after pack of cigarettes)I haven't been grocery shopping for more then 2 months and am literally starving. I can't remember the last time I fell asleep to the sound of anything other then my stomach growling. Any food we have (from food banks and pity) goes to my 2 year old or my cretin husband who works in construction and does need food. I fantasize about robbing burger king. I look at people and see hamburgers with legs. And I'm just pissed, I 'm tired of being hungry. I'm tired of being poor. I'm tired of being married to a creeper. I'm tired of angry letters form bill companies. I just hate everything. And I'm pretty sure i'm starving to death.


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By anonymous at 05,Dec,10 14:24

I know how it is. I have 3 kids, my husband doesn't make enough money to support us all. We all eat ramen noodles and frankly i'm sick of it! Everytime I see a pizza flyer or coupons to burger king and mcdonald's I just want to eat the paper, cus i'm so hungry. I just had a baby in july and i lost more weight then before i got pregnant. I truely wish someone would help me but i know everyone else has a family too to provide for. If I were rich I'd definately help out everyone i can cus starving is torture and it's been that way for 5 years for us. Keep hope and faith and God close to your heart.
By at 19,Apr,12 23:08

ok, children are great but why keep having children if you can't afford to feed yourselves? Just doesn't make sense, sorry.
By anonymous at 22,Sep,12 20:42

You are 1 stupid, unkind person. I'm so happy I don't have your bad attitude. I'm so glad I'm at least 1 person who cares for other suffering people.
By anonymous at 14,Feb,13 01:41

By anonymous at 29,Sep,12 02:37 Fold Up

get a devoice, find a rent to own house, declare bankruptcy, and quit living outside your income. basically, quit blaming your husband and get off your ass and make shit happen.

By anonymous at 20,Nov,11 14:49

with that attitude you will get no place and i hope you don't..

When you marry some one thats your promise to him and her to be with you no matter what.. You sit here and type your problems. MONEY is not real its MAN MADE. Ran By a private company. federal reserve is not the goverment. again man made company. which they all control our mind to make us into ther play toys. Be happy you control your life. not just money makes everything happy. grab a one dollar or a 100 dollar bill. burn it you will see nothing happens beside burn. it has no powers how the federal reserves make it seem. the all powerful dollar. focus in your love and the love for JESUS. it will all be better and all though you will relize that money does not make you happy we need it. but WE CONTROL IT. not IT contorl US. you need to do a few changes in life. i hope this help a bit
By anonymous at 23,Mar,12 09:20

By anonymous at 28,Apr,12 13:36 Fold Up

Holy shit...the person who replied to this with Jesus talk has obviously never been through hard times. Jesus doesnt pay the bills or put food on the table, dead presidents do. You are truly a fucking moron and deserve a beat down of epic public.
By anonymous at 22,Sep,12 20:28

I agree with you big time!
By anonymous at 23,Apr,13 14:32

Why is she bitchin? She's alive. Not dead. We are all spoiled mother fuckers. Every one of you on here are just blind. That chick is a littled spoiled gold diggin bitch. Why don't you just leave the man that works every day and loves you for someone that has money? God gives us enough as it is. We just feel the need to have everything and it's people like y'all that make me feel ashamed.
By anonymous at 18,Oct,12 20:01 Fold Up

79:6, Rom. 2:8, Rev. 19:15): The wrath of
God is the accumulation of His anger. This
wrath will come upon those who reject the
gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing
will be able to turn it (wrath) away after the
final judgment no more prayer, good
works or fasting. The wrath of God is
terribly fierce and bitter. No human being
can bear it (Rev. 6:17).
By anonymous at 01,Mar,19 23:54

According to Christian doctrine, the price to salvage/free your soul from eternal suffering and damnation is Jesus's life.
That means either Jesus is dead, or they renigged on thw payment and you aren't actually off the hook for eternal damnation after all.

This raises the question, why are you still groveling and singing praises about how wonderful Jesus is and proclaiming how much he cares for you?

If he really paid for your soul with his life, and hasn't renigged on the payment, then he is dead, no need for you to be so obsequious, the dude is dead.

If on the other hand, he isn't dead, then they either rescinded the payment that was to go for saving your soul or they never made the payment in the first place.
Either way, they are pulling a fast one, claiming they saved you and made the payment...when they haven't.
Either way, no need to feel indebted, grovel and sing praises to something that has been misleading you into thinking it made a great sacrifice for your benefit.

You have been scammed. If you fail to take steps to alleviate yourself of these absurd ideas (generally collectively know as religion) you will be complicit in your own duping.
By anonymous at 13,Nov,12 13:18 Fold Up

mabe they hae but they just stay positive and look forward....mabe you should try it some time jerk
By anonymous at 13,Nov,12 13:20

mabe they have but they just stay should try it jerk!!!!!1
By anonymous at 07,Dec,12 22:53 Fold Up

God is awesome
By anonymous at 22,Sep,12 20:31 Fold Up

I do not think you have any Jesus (holiness) in you - you are going to be dumped in the lake of you know what just like the rest of us. Not that I believe that lake of ___ anyhow. Most people who claim to be Christians don't have the faintest. A true Christian would have holiness in them. I don't see any Christians around.
By anonymous at 05,Mar,13 11:13 Fold Up

jesus aint helping nobody

By anonymous at 13,Nov,12 13:23

just hang in there god has a plan for evey one this world was not ment for pain it just seems as if so keep your head up do what you have to do your day will come
By Had Enough at 03,Mar,13 17:03

What does "your day will come" mean? That one sunny day you drop dead of a fatal heart attack and no longer have to live hungry, tired and in a constant state of worry? How I pray for that day! Sadly, God is a vile sadist who thrills at toying with lives, and has no intention of letting you off easily.

By anonymous at 28,Jan,13 16:33

First of all I wasn't homeless when I had my son 5 years ago I got laid off I had. A management position I had a good life but got laid off I've sold n spawned n lost everything I own. How do u get up n change ur life when u live so far from anything to walk with a child no help from family I have not anything at all to eat and not. Penny to put n gas. I feel tour struggle and to the people that claim they want to help email me there are ways to help send it box up food and send to them I pray everyday but he's.not.feeding me or.helping me I own up to the fact that I'm struggling I can't help I lost my job. Don't judge somebody when you don't know their story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless and I hope n pray life gets better there's no worse feeling than. Telling your child he or she's not gon eat todAY
By anonymous at 14,Mar,13 20:29

That's not fair to a child thats not able to drive a car to work or get a job hes to little you need to tell the child protective services you don't. Have any food and your not wanting strangers to feed him. You just need help with food.

By anonymous at 18,Feb,13 18:53

Being poor pisses me off more than anything. Thank you, Obama's America! I didn't vote for this idiot in either election and I, like millions of others, am stuck with his commie pinko, make everyone poor shot policies. Prick!!!!!

By anonymous at 25,Feb,13 22:30

i had a dream and i did everything to achieve my goal... but i'm literally starving and im in a deep depression... i really want a job.

By anonymous at 26,Feb,13 12:09

need money :{ wheres the love neeed a home i live in london and now its over populatud no jobs no homes and my parnts dont want said i need to sart a new life but i got no job and i lost it coz they kicked me out what do i do i need money to start a new live some where else edward john sullivan

By anonymous at 27,Feb,13 23:56

I just ate a number 1 from mcdonalds and 2 cheeseburgers with a coke

By anonymous at 27,Feb,13 23:57

Just kidding, Im actually broke too but i wish i could get a number 1 from mcdonalds and 2 cheeseburgers with a coke cause that would be awesome right now

By I'm Hungry Too at 03,Mar,13 16:48

Just think, if you were one of those "proud people" who perpetually need assistance (reparations) throughout their entire lives you could have the Gub Mint provide you with skrimps n' lobsta each month.

By anonymous at 07,Mar,13 03:52

your in pain, and your angry. no one will help you, no one cares....unemployment rates vary drastically by state. the dakotas, and wyoming have more jobs than people that can fill them and the cost of living is low. housing may be an issue in north dakota. there are services for folks to get assistance with travel accomidations, look it up. GET TO WHERE THE JOBS ARE. there is hope and a second chance but no one will give it, it must be fought for. dont give up, dont turn to the streets, dont expect anyone to help, find it yourself...its out there. have the courage to find it. it cant be worse than how it is now. sometimes you have to wander to find the promised land

By anonymous at 09,Mar,13 08:44

I lost my job. Going to loose my house. About to loose everything. Selling what's left around here for gas to go home ! Thankful someone is going to take me in. I'm so depressed have worked years for the little I do have! It's so crazy! Sometimes I feel like I might of had it to good so now I have to learn what struggling is. Shit I have been struggling for years, haven't had money for food most of the time in the past 3 years, shuffling bills around,!done without and suffered. And crap I was working 12-14 hours a day and still couldn't make it. Is this truly what America has come to? I used to feel like I was somebody but now I just feel like a shell of myself. I try to think positive but the depression is getting the best of me. I just sit here waiting on the electric to be turned off and to be thrown out of my house. I just don't want to leave but I have no hopes of being able to stay here. I will collect the bits of what left and put it in my car ! I tired of being hungery and ashamed that I can't do any better than this. I can't even think straight at this point. That's what got me into trouble at work on the first place. Was so hungery couldn't concentrate and function properly that I eventually lost it ! How do you tell your abusive micromanaging asshole of a boss what the real problem is. I couldnt keep it all together any longer! I feel like such a failure. What to do???
By anonymous at 18,Mar,13 04:14

Your boss wasn't the only one that was a jerk now because of this pig I'm homeless and with nothing. The shady part of it all was I got fired for doing my job and because I wanted to care for my dad ill with cancer and my mom is too poor to help me. I tried applying for unemployment but the state denied me because they believe this lying sack of shit manager over my statements which are valid and true. I can't appeal my unemployment anymore( unemployment commissions only care about the employer not the employee). Now I'm on the streets, starving, cold and with no one to turn to with only an associates degree to my name. My boyfriend dumped me all because I lost my job, go figure. I'm just 25 years old, its pathetic that no one gives a damn about the poor and hungry they only care about themselves. While these people fest on their beef, ham, chicken every night. We poor are starving to death, wasting away slowly on the streets.I wish I had at least something to eat, even 5 dollars just to get a sandwich. Heck even a nice can of soup. Life really does suck I feel your pain, your not alone.

By anonymous at 18,Mar,13 04:26

Going to other parts of America for work!? How in the hell are the poor to get money for that?! Look things seem all fine and dandy to folks that have money, a house and job so this wouldn't be a problem for them. And Yes I'm looking for work with me being just some homeless bum someone suited up stuffed collard bigot can look down on but trying to go across country to find work is impossible for me as well as it might be for others. I'm sure all the poor of this land can just hike there huh? Logic error!!

By anonymous at 19,Mar,13 05:33

Your not on your own, but you need to realise that there are people alot worse off. Children are literally starving to death in those poor countries and they would do anything for a packet of noodles so you should count yourself lucky! I am poor too, I have a daughter who comes first and she gets fed but I have to starve, but when I get down I just think that it could be alot worse and I think of those poor people in Africa who are truly suffering.
By anonymous at 19,Mar,13 11:35

I do think of those poor children in Africa I had a friend from Nigeria and he said everyday it's hell where he is from before he moved here. Yet here I am on the streets again and no where to go. What I mean is I was homeless even as a child so I know what worst off is. So yes I know how the children in Africa feel I wish no one had to endure the hell these governments created. It won't be before too long that the currency collapses and everyone's on the streets except the rich at this rate. There are hardly any jobs and if one is lucky to get one he or she is one lucky person but with things the way they are I doubt one would keep that job long. This place is going to end up like the 1930's just with more hell added to the "life sucks" cake. I was poor starting off in this life and here I am now 25 and back in this same crap. I'm starting to look to the military (yes I know their numbers are decreasing but they can make room for one more when one of the soldiers retire) at least I can make my self useful since these places out here are so called not hiring and don't want to hire me or other people trying to make an honest living. Why post up hiring signs getting people's hopes up? Thats cruel. But for you and your baby I will pray for you both. I wish no one had to go through this. :'(

By anonymous at 25,Mar,13 15:42

It's not really anyone's fault if you're poor and failing. There are exceptions, but I really do hate it when people say "is this what America has come to?" Because America is the land of opportunity. It always has been. My grandpa came from china. He was super poor, the only way he got out of that terrible communist state was through him working EXTREMELY hard in school and getting an education grant to come here. My mom worked just as hard, got phd from Yale and is now a successful manager in google. That's how life works. Whatever situation you are in now, you earned it.

Sent from my iPad.

By Harris at 03,Apr,13 05:58

May Allah shower His blessings over you and your family and may you sleep with a full tummy.

Always thank almighty God for what he has given you, and ask for better.

By anonymous at 22,Apr,13 15:51

Fuck this country - I'm a disabled veteran starving on a fixed income, about to become one of 60,000+ homeless veterans. Thanks George W, thanks Barry Hussein. At least I can still feed my dog - America has turned into a 3rd world country for sure.
By anonymous at 23,Apr,13 17:24

Lord all of you guys jsut pray about it it will be okay he wont put more on you then you can bare.

By anonymous at 13,Jun,13 21:20

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