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My life always sucked.

Posted by Monster at July 22, 2010
Tags: Abuse  Family  2010 July  Juvenile problems

Well, where do I begin.
My father was an alcoholic. He abused my mother and me. He once beat me to the point I stopped breathing. I was dead for about a minute. Nobody knows if he raped me because my mother worked 3 jobs and I was alone with him. Than one day he decided he's gonna try to kill my mother. I had to watch him choke her and punch her in the stomach.
We moved after that. My mother got tired of him beating us. And just when I thought it was over. My father gets out of jail and starts stalking us. He tried to kidnap me.
My mother married another abusive man. He use to tell me I'm a stupid Bosnian bitch and a piece of shit. He was an alcoholic too. For years, all I heard was screaming and shouting. My mother has mental breakdowns every few years because of the stuff she went through. So one day she told me to go kill myself.
So I took a bunch of pills and my step-dad the damn alcoholic didn't say anything just watched me swallow a bunch of pills. Doctors told me I have severe depression, OCD, anxiety, anger problems, and severe mood swings. I'm only 13 but doctors told me my brain is that of a 17 year old.They also told me that i don't remember my abuse or rape because my brain shut down, and one day its gonna open up and I'm gonna see all them bad memories.
& a few months ago my brothers friend sexually assaulted me. I have horrible self esteem. I act like a slut to get attention sometimes because I can't get it any other way.
And that's not even half of it.
Yeah, all this in only 13 years of my life. My life sucks.


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New Comment

By at 31,Jul,10 03:50

oh you are a 13 yr old bosnian chick with a 17 yr old's brain?

boo fucking hoo.. every other girl at your age is precocious cockmongling whore

and since you are bosnian, how does it feel to know that you are probably a bastard serb child from a rape that your muslim mother enjoyed...
By at 31,Jul,10 04:41

Actually, Serbs and Bosnians are different dumbass. Serbs and Bosnians were at war, they hate eachother. Oh, and 20% of Bosnians are Christian, Including my mother. Go Fuck yourself and get your facts straight. (:

By anonymous at 09,Aug,10 00:52

don't listen to the comments below. leave your home. go to a social services department immediately to prevent any further damage. your brain is not developed yet and the more it is traumatized, the more messed up you will be as an adult. save yourself. leave. good luck.

By Deanna at 06,Dec,10 16:23

The therpist just used a tactic to make you think that this yur fualt and it is not. Call DEFACS Department of Family and Children Services. Theybwill help you. they help me becuase I was raped recently on my way home from work and I am an Adult. I have wondeful therpist who not tried make this my fualt a woman told how they are. I have also joined a rape support group. Try and join one that has helped me to hel form wha tiI went through.

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