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Hate holidays and birthdays

Posted by Kat at June 20, 2012
Tags: Family  2012 June

My parents died in March and my dog died the day after my mom. I don't have that many friends and now no family. My brother is an alcoholic and haven't spoken to him in 20 years, and sister is a real bitch as well as her kids. They didn't even speak to me at funeral. My sister is spending all the inheritance, since she was executive and brother didn't even show to either funeral and I think he killed my dad for the $$$$ Dad was fine until my brother visited him, he then had kidney failure and they found a pill under dad's bed that they didn't even prescribe that controls kidneys. Today is my birthday, first without mom and dad ---was all alone, tried to keep busy but at night was awful, just dread the holidays without anyone (friends, families to share) July 4th is only 15 more days, Everyone else I know have families or friends to share with---it is awful being alone especially for holidays.


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New Comment

By Cursed at 31,Jul,12 13:30

Hey Kat-
So sorry to hear you're alone... Maybe get another pet? Maybe volunteer at an animal shelter? Or volunteer anywhere- hospital, nursing home, homeless shelter, etc... You will gain new perspective on loneliness...
By Odor at 04,Aug,12 18:32

Sure does travel.

By anonymous at 03,Aug,12 17:16

Did you fuck your dog?
By anonymous at 04,Aug,12 22:36

No, you did. And the dog thought you were lame.
By anonymous at 09,Aug,12 22:48

No. You know you fucked your dog. A little 'doggy style' action. Tell us, was it a Dachsund and did you let it crawl ALL the way in your puzzy?

By anonymous at 04,Aug,12 09:35

heya felt really sorry after hearing ur story !! u will come out of it!! life moves on n u have to move wid d flow...just keep on smiling no matter wat...just keep dat inner self of urs alive!! lots of love to you..take care !!

By anonymous at 04,Aug,12 22:34

What's up with your sister? Even if you don't get along I would have thought she would have been civil at the funeral. Sorry for your loss.

By anonymous at 06,Aug,12 13:23

so sorry........

By anonymous at 06,Aug,12 16:25

What's the largest household object you've ever had inside you?
By broken at 07,Aug,12 00:44

My Mexican house maid's fist.... While she was holding a hard shell taco filled with spicy salsa and sour cream.
By anonymous at 07,Aug,12 20:16

Muy picante

By anonymous at 07,Aug,12 04:35

Sorry to here. Family is not thicker than water sometimes. Blood takes themselves for granted and ends up being an ass. Life is fun when you find ppl to share it with.

By anonymous at 08,Aug,12 00:15

Do you make lots of little squeaky sounds when you have an orgasm?

By anonymous at 15,Aug,12 19:34

Do you have lots of electrical devices for purposes of sexual gratification?

By anonymous at 17,Aug,12 18:12

yes its trully terrible when everyone you love leaves you but youll meet some one or find something to make you happy in the world just find somthing NEW that won't drag you back to what makes you sad

By anonymous at 21,Aug,12 19:35

Hey sorry to hear about this life story, maybe see if your council provides any help or any youth groups? Plus think about going to the police with those allegations.

By anonymous at 21,Aug,12 22:59

I'm sorry that that happened to you... Realize that the reason a terrible storm like that came to you was because there is something even better in the future. But you have to do your best to believe in something better. Take this time to build upon yourself and you could come out amazing and beyond your past :)

By anonymous at 28,Aug,12 22:49

My 2 grown daughters (30 and 33) refuse to speak to me anymore because I had an affair with their dad, with whom I was married for 18 years. He cheated on me and then married the bitch. So I didn't feel bad when he started calling me and coming around to have his ego stroked. The kids found out and have hated me ever since. No one ever comes over to my house. No one has been over for almost 3 years. The kids didn't even offer their sympathy when my dad, their grandpa, suddenly died. When mom died, they came to the funeral but wouldn't talk to me or offer any support, even though mom died a horrible death in a hospital. I don't have anyone to talk to. Maybe I'll get a therapist like the other guy on here so I'll have someone to talk to. I'm about to get fired from my new job because the secretary called me "rude" for asking for her help and the boss didn't want to hear my side of the story. At least I am already 62 so I can get social security in 4 years at 66. Life can't end soon enough. I just hope I die quickly.
By anonymous at 28,May,13 22:18

Don't say that please it breaks my heart things are gonna get better just have hope h-hold o-on p-pain e-ends :D you should get some pets or maybe get a lover on line dateing anything a puppy adopt a child anything please if you can't break the wall to around it or dig under it or jump it theirs always a soulition be happy life is way to short !!!!!

By at 31,Aug,12 12:28

Don't worry, your dog and your parents are in a better place, and it's called Hell. Oh and don't worry also, you'll be meeting up with them soon, soon as you go ahead and find a gun and put it towards your temple.
By anonymous at 28,May,13 22:21

Go die bitch your so fucking mean I know your going to hell easily !!!!!!

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 20:02

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By anonymous at 19,Dec,12 00:37

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By anonymous at 28,May,13 22:20

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By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 20:03

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By anonymous at 28,May,13 22:20

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