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Something to think About

Posted by HaHa at July 15, 2010
Tags: 2010 July  Meaninglessness  Philosophical

For you, life is pointless. You walk around day in and day out, going through the motions, but feeling nothing. You lay in bed at night wondering exactly what the point of living is. You hope for better days, but acknowledge the fact that these days will probably not come, so you put on your game face and try to deal with it.

It annoys you to no end that you always feel like there is someone inside of you waiting to come out, but you donít know who that person is. Donít know how to get to them, to tell them to come out. You wish you could be this person, and sometimes you think you are, but that never changes the fact that you are not. You sadly marvel at the fact that no one around you seems to notice that anything is wrong. They all pretend that everything is fine and nothing is unusual or out of place. They are good actors. They are as fucked up as you are, and they know it as well, but no one likes to show it.

You are happy sometimes. You pass through periods; days, weeks, months, or if youíre lucky, maybe even years, when you are happy. When you think things are looking up and finally changing, that your life is making a turn for the better. But those times donít come around often enough. You do not have enough love and happiness in your life to make the anger and badness not count.

You are a prisoner of your mind, you ride a rollercoaster of thoughts and then you throw up because you canít deal with all the emotions that theyíve made you experience. Then you get off and run from one end of a building to another, wanting to jump but knowing that it will do you no good. You play hopscotch in your mind, you jump back and forth thinking about the person you are now and the person you would like to be, and in the end you realize that this is useless; you could never be the person you wanted to be, because if you could, you would already be that person.

You spend meaningless time with others and you wonder how people can be so damn happy all the time and seem to enjoy life so much. It tires you. Sometimes, you somehow manage to put on a happy front, but other times, people ask you what is wrong, and you have no idea what to tell them. Not simply because they will think you are fucked up, but simply because you really are fucked up. You donít know what is wrong. You know that there must be something wrong; itís just too bad you havenít been able to put your finger on it. Yet. So you keep it inside. You let your confusion boil into anger, and usually you keep it bottled up quite nicely, but sometimes, it inevitably bubbles over. And when it does, people are surprised that such a nice person like yourself is capable of releasing such anger. And to that, you can only scornfully smile, only because you donít know what else there is to do.


New Comment

By anonymous at 22,Jul,10 10:50

ah shit nigga, 5 star post

but this is delicious copy pasta

By anonymous at 22,Jul,10 17:01

I know exsactley why I am fucked up. Its not my fault and i really cant do anything about it.
Yep life sux.

By anonymous at 24,Jul,10 13:43

Life is not pointless but people make it how it seems. Take a train ride, see how people look at you. They are frustrated. Angry. Jealous. Envious. They are scared that you might have a better life than they do. They begrudge you even an iota of luck.

It is about money. All is about money.

How many people are HONEST, SINCERE? How many people do you know that are TRULY free of greed?

Leave this life. Go and see the nature. Listen to the wind. Feel the nature. Hug a tree. Touch a flower. Feel what it feels when you touch water. Anything in the nature.

But society is poisoned. How many insults can you read on Internet? The Internet is no better place than the "off-line" world. It is all down-right EVIL for as long as the mind-prisoners who are after nothing but money are out there.


then it all comes and changes immediately.

Now you only need someone to share these beautiful moments. If you find someone than be happy ...

I am doing my very best to change this life but I always get these setbacks ... being outnumbered by poisoned mind-prisoners who put obstacles into my way ... they feel like shit and don't want others to feel better. Coz they cannot bear the thoughts that someone feels better, only they and nobody else.

By anonymous at 25,Jul,10 09:31

Its not just about money. Its about perfection. Everyone wants to look perfect. Be liked by everyone. Ofcourse all of it comes through money.
By anonymous at 28,Jul,10 20:36

That logic did not work out all that well for Lindsay Lohan, but she will be out of jail soon.

By anonymous at 26,Jul,10 21:30

Amen to that :( Life sucks... I wonder how people are so blinded about the reality of how much life is just awful. Sometimes I wish I was them even though they are clueless, but after my life, I rather be clueless yet happy. Anyway, life blows !

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