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Posted by anonymous at July 12, 2010
Tags: 2010 July  Philosophical

I can't believe there is an actual website dedicated to people ranting about there pathetic lives. Not to say mine isn't pathetic. There is a much MUCH MUCH bigger picture out there people. Look at our country (U.S) I'ts falling in shambles with no end in sight. Yet there are people who are so consumed with there own personal agony they can't even see it. Unemployment hasn't ended.... Congress went on fucking vacation before voting for tier 5 extended benefits. Hell I still had a balance on tier 4 and they have stopped mine. How does that happen? Congress is more important then the president, and they all stop and take a week long fucking vacation while incalculable Americans are stuck wondering WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE GOING TO DO? You think the economy is bad now? Wait till that oil spill takes it toll. People are getting sooooo angry but for all the wrong reason, and at all the wrong people. One of the biggest problems, isn't racism its class-ism. All of us poor bastards need start realizing who the real fucking problem is, and take a stand against it. Otherwise we are doomed. I'm going to bet on being doomed. Americans are far too selfish to fight for anything besides themselves. Thats just how they wanted us fat, docile, selfish fucking pigs. Thats exactly what this country is full of.

One of the most pathetic things I've read is.... "My life sucks, I'd kill myself but I'm afraid to go to hell." You should just kill yourself. The only Hell that exists is the one your fucking living in and that you created for yourself. Maybe if we spent less time worshiping fairy tales, we might be able to accomplish something. Cuz, guess what!.... God is not going to fucking help you get a job, or a better life.

Any women out there depressed because she doesn't have a man, is also pathetic, almost as pathetic as the bible humpers. How can you expect happiness if your depending on others to achieve it?

My life sucks too, and its mostly because I'm surrounded by fucking idiots like all of you.


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By anonymous at 22,Jul,10 20:55


By hmmm impalement at 23,Jul,10 10:37

All life lacks meaning. People don't feel anything. That's why the government took a week long vacation. None of them feel that it is wrong because they don't have feelings to begin with. On the other hand maybe they work really hard and they need the vacation. YOu didn't look into this thoroughly. Instead you complained just like the people on this site about how meaningless their lives are. You are no different than they are. Death is you solution... so do it.

By anonymous at 18,Jan,11 22:25

go fuck yourself.

By anonymous at 21,Sep,11 12:46

I really, truly, honest to the end of the fucking earth, would
beat the living shit out of you if I had the chance, anonymous bastard.

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