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untitled story

Posted by Struggling mom at June 6, 2012
Tags: Attitude  Family  2012 June  Money

I hate my fucking life. I work really hard trying to run my own business taking care of other fucking peoples snotty nose ass children cause there parents are sorry and can't there fucking kids healthy. I never have any money cause fucking gas prices are so fucking high i can only afford to pick up these ugly ass kids i hate seeing everyday but i have to cause it pays the stupid bills that keep piling up. Everytime I think i am about to get ahead something allways happens to set me back. I know i am good person so why doesn't good things ever happen for me. My fucking boyfriend can't get a job so he just gave up looking. He expects me to take care of him and his mom and our kids and all he does is complain.


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By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 01:20

You're a real fucking bitch, the way you're talking about innocent defenceless children right now is fucking disgusting, you deserve a miserable life, but you know what, your life ain't even that bad. Shit, go to downtown and look at the homeless dudes there. Gas prices are high? Walk or jog there you lazy fat fuck. Fucking paying your bills n shit, oh how about you get rid of the internet and cable, only eat boloney and live with only the bare necessities?

You can't take care of there own family, there's orphaned kids out there taking care of their brothers and sister that their parents left!

Good things don't happen to you, how many good things happened to those little starving orphans in Africa that got butt raped by some crazy guy with AIDs, die slow painful deaths from starvation and decompose into the ground without anybody having the fucking decency to bury them? Shit that sounds a lot worse than paying bills and having a shitty boyfriend, doesn't it?

Shit, you're a spoiled little bitch, that's all you are, I could bet money your parents never beat you, and spent all there hard-earned money to buy you fucking dolls n shit and telling you how perfect you are.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 04:23

Maybe you should live in her life, walk in her shoes and then you'll know how hard it is to work everyday to support children and then pay out lots of bills. In this economy, it isn't easy trying to stretch money and save when you have a family. No but you wouldn't care because you sounds like a judgmental idiot that probably doesn't have any children of your own and live off of your parents so how the hell would you know.
By anonymous at 20,Oct,12 14:40

That's pretty rude. He was just trying to show how by considering how much worse life could be, she should appreciate what she has. Life isn't easy for anyone but if you live in the first world and have a job, in this economy, you should count your blessings.
By Struggling mom at 12,Jun,12 14:40 Fold Up

First of all fuck you very much I only posted my message to vent cause I am frustrated with parents bringing their sickly ass kids to my daycare everyday to infect my family and my own children. I am not saying kids don't sick I am saying its been three months already get the fucking kid some medicine. Second of all get some fucking grammer skills. I get tired of you know it all fuckers talking crap you don't know what I have to go through everyday. Third of all you sound like an idiot telling me to live off boloney I have to feed 15 people and I make sure all my daycare kids have nutricious meals and last time I checked boloney was not nutricious. I take all of my kids on feild trips to the museum, zoo, etc. So on weekly basis so they can learn things. I make sure they do artwork and I read to them everyday before nap. I make sure my daycare kids have everything they need even if there parents can,t provide it so I don't think I am good person I know I am good person asshole
By anonymous at 20,Oct,12 14:46

Wow, she really is an ungrateful bitch who shouldn't be running a day care. If you have to come on here to bitch about clients in your day care you obviously don't belong in a position of caring for other people, especially kids. You can't even deal with your own psychological state. If you expect to cond on the Internet and whine about your life which isnt half as bad as it could be and not be criticized, you're both dumb and deluded. Grow up.


By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 03:04

Dump your boyfriend and ask for alimony. Let him get forced to get a job.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 11:44

By anonymous at 08,Feb,13 09:30 Fold Up

fucking women always wanting the man to take care of them.

By mean guy at 11,Jun,12 03:21

shut the fuck up cunt and stop whining. go to the bar and look for a cock to suck. i'm not sorry for your worthless ass at all. lmfao
By Cursed at 11,Jun,12 14:28

You're comment makes me wish (yawn) that you were never born? What a sorry excuse for life. What a waste of oxygen.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 18:55

And this women, she has fucking relationship troubles(yawn) and she refers to innocent children as "snot nosed" and "ugly ass" and you still feel sorry for her? And the person that criticizes this women is a "waste of oxygen"?

you're a waste of oxygen. Coming from you cursed, you stupid horoscope hippie bitch, you're a waste of brain cells.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 19:42

To the poster above, your outrage about the children is justified, but may be you could be a little bit more understanding and patient? The OP says she is a good person; it's just that she is having a tough time. Trust her and try to understand her frustration.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 23:45

Everybody thinks they're a good person, I'm sure Hitler thought the same thing.
By Cursed at 11,Jun,12 21:30 Fold Up

Anonymous man- I read my cards, and you're future looks ominous. Doom is in your future.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,12 23:37

Cursed - I used my logic and your future looks grim. You do not know basic grammar. You're*. Whatever, I'm sure you'll get a PhD in bullshit!
By Cursed at 14,Jun,12 11:18

Didn't realize that there was a quiz in grammar today? Geesh, I would have studied-
By anonymous at 20,Oct,12 14:49

I'm not the original anonymous, but he's obviously more intelligent than Cursed evoking horoscopes with bad grammar and missing the point entirely lol

By Sick of this shit at 11,Jun,12 17:29

Why won't you make your boyfriend go out and get a damn job. You'd the fool for letting him live off on you in the first place. Put him out, the reason why you never have any money because you're trying to take care of the children without any help and you'll continue to go through this as long he's there. Your children aren't not the real reason why you struggling, you are so don't take your frustration out on the kids. It's young mother's like you that make yourselves difficult because you all let's your boyfriends move in without any job and leave you to pretty much to defend for him and kids. All brought this on yourself.
By Struggling mom at 12,Jun,12 14:43

Who said I was a young mother idiot
By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 16:34

Well even if you're not, you sound like a young whining little bastard that when life gets too out of hand for you, there you go piss and moan.
By anonymous at 14,Jun,12 11:19

your ass was wonderful last night-
By anonymous at 06,Aug,12 06:28 Fold Up

Asked for honest advice - received honest advice - took the completely wrong thing away from it.

Even when people help you you fail, maybe you should just break it off with your boyfriend and go from there.

By Feelings at 13,Jun,12 10:25

You're such an unconcerned whore, thinks about no damn one but yourself. If you can't handle one simple job then how about you quit idiot. You're the dumb ass for doing everything you're doing, and your boyfriend are such a weak bastard but you can't see any of that because you too pathetic blind eyed.

By anonymous at 02,Jul,12 02:12

Let me cal you a Slave for your boyfrend.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 20:18

and my final comment to all you maggots who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.
By anonymous at 20,Oct,12 14:53

Well you're anonymous so we don't even know who you are lol

By anonymous at 25,Dec,12 01:51

Sounds like my fucking sucks, its all about the fucking money now!!! People suck now, nobodies really got any real friends because everybody around them is always trying to fuck em over.....welcome to the USA I guess - a bunch of liars, fakes, theives & assholes!!

By tonymcphony at 30,Jan,13 06:44

i wouldn't be able to work with kids i hate those little mother fuckers
By anonymous at 16,Mar,13 08:07

As I am sure your sperm-donors hated you as well, Tony"MicroCock"phoney. You know that you were a had-job that got sat on at the last minute right? Did your parents have any children that survived that hostile cum-dumpster of a womb that your crack-head mother let nasty fucks make deposits in 24/7? Oops.. obviously not. I digress.

By anonymous at 16,Mar,13 08:00

If you insist on supporting a worthless boyfriend, then next time he tells you to fix him a sandwich, make him a nice lean kid-wich. Take care of two of your problems at one time. You'll go to prison where there are mothers whom haven't seen their children in years, and they would love to hear all about your helpless life. They may even help you get back on your feet, once they are done putting you on the ground for very nefarious purposes. Wake up and do something about your situation. You are not helpless, nor weak, and it is only a matter of time before you DO start taking out your frustrations on the innocent ones, whose parents I am quite sure are paying you a fair amount each to help them out with their busy schedules.
People like you are the very reason I bust my a** every day to provide my wife the means to stay home and care for our 2 wonderful children without help from sociopaths like yourself. If she wants to get a career, I am all for it. I will adjust my schedule accordingly so that we are still NOT at your kind's mercy. For that matter... you make a good argument for forced sterilization of the stupid. Maybe we can breed you all out and then the world will be a happier place.

By crorkz at 20,Oct,14 19:01

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