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Big time loser

Posted by Loco4u at May 30, 2012
Tags: Attitude  Failure  2012 May  Relationship

Ok so I was doing ok with my wife for 5 years till I decided to cheat on her and ruin my relationship while she was 3months pregnant with my son who is now two years old one week later after she left the house I moved the other person I was having an affair with in with me we lived togeather for about 1 year while this time i was drinking alot and didnt realy care for any thing drugs an alchohol were an avery day thing till we split up now I'm living at my parents I think I'm an alcoholic and this situation has ruined me financialy before I was doing ok had three cars my own business and now two weeks ago I filed for bankruptcy I only have 20$ to my name as I write this I have a car but is in my mothers name I do have a job but I work for my dad my social life is a wreck I drink a lot but mostly to escape the reality of my situation that I my self put me in although I don't completely fault cheating on my wife the cause of al this I think its just a bad sequence of events I do see my son three days out of the week wich brings me something to look forward to look for I don't have a one single fried that I can text to or talk to I have a face book account with 70 friends wich are complete strangers when I drink it's usually at a bar but I'm always with my self the corner stull I'm 30 years old and most mornings I wake up wishing I hadn't I closed all my bank accounts I think I'm under paid for running my dads business wich has grown significantly after I took over it al though he still sees me as a fuck up who don't know shit i don't know how to deal with this any more


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New Comment

By Sean at 30,May,12 16:20

Why the fuck did you cheat on your wife? You ass hole! You deserve every damn bit of the shit that is happening to you now. Fucking prick, don't stick your dick in another chick if you are married or committed to some one else. loser

By anonymous at 30,May,12 19:04

You brought this on yourself. Your wife is having your baby and you cheat on her? You deserve to die alone and miserable. You're a pile of bloody shit.

By anonymous at 30,May,12 19:17

I dont blame yea. I hate fat chicks too.
By anonymous at 31,May,12 10:02

ass hole

By anonymous at 30,May,12 19:23

You fucked up.
But don't give up, if you can kiss your wife's ass.
If you can't, learn a lesson on consequences and move on.

By anonymous at 30,May,12 19:45

Try to let it go, say sorry to your wife and try to leave alchohal and drugs....gradually everything will be alright......Mistakes happens......take care

By RealityOverHope at 30,May,12 20:51

Shit you cheated on her while she was pregnant? HAHA, Good Job, I woulda done the same thing. Why do women care if men cheat? like we're obviously the dominant sex, and if it wasn't for man's mercy feminism would've literally been gunned down.

Anyways, back to the point, I usually tell sad people to kill themselves, since suicide is the best option 9 times outta 10, for sad sick weak cunts, but for you, my man, homicide is the best option. Yes, Kill the women that brought this situation upon you, a man. Don't worry about the kid, that 'traumatic childhood' shit the media makes up is bullshit, your kid's gonna live in a foster home, when he grows up he'll go to college and be a good citizen, since he didn't have stupid parents to fucking spoil him.

Ok now, for killing that whore. You're gonna have to do a bit of planning first. what you wanna do is torture her a bit, put duct tape on her mouth(obviosly), lay her on and rip her nails off, pull her eyeballs out, and pour boiling hot coffee down her anus(hell maybe even her ears) all while raping her. Then when you finally decide to end her misery, take a sharp blade cut open her abdomen, and put 3 or 4 starving rats to eat her alive from the fucking inside. If she's still alive, burn her alive.

That's all really fun, you can prolong her torture and pain and play around with her body a bit, but if that's too hard, just skip all the starting steps and burn her alive. Really painful death by itself. Think about it, why not torture her, you'd go to jail for life anyway. But if you're not into that, I guess you could just shoot her in the head, but cmon man, at least decapitate her, make her suffer a bit, ya know?
By anonymous at 31,May,12 10:24

ur a fucken dumbass
By anonymous at 31,May,12 10:26 Fold Up

u do know your ip address are recorded? this will be reported!
By anonymous at 31,May,12 14:59 Fold Up

Dang this is fucked up even for the internet
By anonymous at 02,Jun,12 20:27 Fold Up

CALM off. "ooooh ooooh look at me, I'm a bad ass"
By anonymous at 06,Jun,12 10:12


By broken at 30,May,12 22:09

You cheated in her so you have to pay the threw the dice and lost... Becuse you aren't lucky like me. I've cheated on just about every woman I've ever been with.... The most awesome thing a man can do with his life is to secure his wife's sister... Extra points for doing it after you have broken up with your wife.. That way you are telling your wife that she is 2nd prize to her sister, mother, friend etc.
By anonymous at 31,May,12 10:03

wow dude, any advice on how i can accomplish this?
By broken at 31,May,12 21:47

Be a man ?
By anonymous at 02,Jun,12 20:25 Fold Up

I'm curious to know how many barnacles you have on your dick from all the stank snatch you've been cheating with? I'm sure your clinic file is thick as fuck.
By anonymous at 12,Jul,12 19:35 Fold Up

Ahh yes the primitive dogmatic male I knew I'd find you on here god damn were is your gentlemanly spirit. Why can't we just treat women with respect and dignity instead of being animals because that's all you'll ever be is a god damn animal.

By anonymous at 31,May,12 16:23

You cheated on your wife, while she is carrying your baby. are afuck up, your daddy give you the best name. I don't feel sorry for you bastard ass fuck, you deserve every fucking thing that life throw at your ass. You need to grow up and for once be a got damn man. And for the person who go by the name broken, you are a piece of little shit for even rooting for him, you a fucking broken alright, a broken crap of huge shit.

By anonymous at 01,Jun,12 02:00

What did you think was going to happen once you posted on here? People would be kind and understanding? No way, people are going to bash you and call you f*** up of coarse. So if you were looking for support or looking to change your ways go see a counsler, don't post your problems on here and feel more like shit. Seek some help and get over it, move and leave your wife be, you have hurt her enough.

By Yipee at 02,Jun,12 19:02

Stick your thumb out, become a travelling tramp. Drink moonshine down south and smoke homegrown.

By anonymous at 02,Jun,12 20:22

Seriously...ALL men are lame dickholes. That's why we use you for your money. Keep cheating boys, sooner or later your dick won't work anymore. And as for your wife, you did her a HUGE favor. Your son can have a REAL dad now when her new bf comes over. FUCK YOU. Good day sir.
By anonymous at 04,Jun,12 17:08

If all men are dickholes than wont her new bf be just as bad of a dad for her child?
By anonymous at 05,Jun,12 00:30

Not if he's faithful

By anonymous at 07,Jun,12 01:38

Well you did it. You fucked up, I gotta ask you what kinda man cheats on his pregnant wife? She was at home carrying your child and you were fucking someone else. You have no integrity or honor what so ever. You don't deserve encouragement because you caused this. As bad as a man can get, being a criminal or stealing there is still honor among theives, you have done the absolute lowest of the low. Take that last 20 bucks and buy the cheapest bum wine and drink you whoremastering drunkard. Even AA will turn you away if you told them this story.

By joe at 07,Jun,12 01:55

Killing a man in a bar fight and going to jail is not as bad as what you did. She would have come to see you and visit you and have congenial visits right? Bring your son etc. see what you did you immoral son of a bitch. If I did that I would not tell anyone and I would move to a different state. You should be ashamed, I as a man am ashamed for you. You might as well become a gay and start taking it up the ass. Now you can think of the handsome guy with a fat cock making love to your X while she greedily takes it up her ass and has multiple orgasms from this stallion, she has forgotten about you, leave her alone.
By anonymous at 07,Jun,12 13:11

To the poster above: No but seriously...tell us how you REALLY feel.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 19:45

And my final comment to all you evil scum who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

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