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Posted by anonymous at May 1, 2012
Tags: Attitude  Juvenile problems  2012 May

well how do i pretty much your avegerage broke, struggling to pay tuition, 19 year old college freshmen trying to find my way in the adult world. however i feel so different when i compare myself to my peers. I feel alone to the point where its depressing. But what i find that does set me apart, if anything, is my virginity. In my lifetime i've only had one boyfriend and did not find him trustworthy enough to lose my virginity to him. Since then, i have kept my legs crossed but FOR WHY? i do not know. at my age i feel no one appreciates me being a virgin and percieve me as being inexperienced and prudent. There are lonely days when i do not value my virginity and wish i gave it up years ago JUST SO I CAN FIT IN. i feel like i wont be able to fit in until i do have sex because now i just feel so awkward being a 19 year old virgin. i also feel i cant get a boyfriend because i am a virgin. i hate my life.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 01,May,12 08:30

dont worry, it doesnt say virgin on your forhead no one knows but who you tell. just make sure your first time is with someone you care about. It doesnt have to be the love of your life just someone that cares about you.

By anon at 01,May,12 08:48

I'm a virgin too and i'm 20. I never felt odd being a virgin, cuz no one knows. It's not written on your forhead, so...
I once got this great advice from someone. Every (true) friend in your life or family member you love, get a little place in your heart. But there will always be a little empty place. Save that for someone you really trust and love. Maybe he won't come today or tomorrow but he will come.

By benson at 01,May,12 12:47

Tell your problems to the freemercytemple he can solve your problems. As you know with my complaint to Doctor MESSIAH, Yates and I were in the dumps. It was definitely over. I had cheated on her and she just could not forgive me and I didn't blame her. But I still wanted her back and knew what a mistake I had made. I can't thank the enough for the thoughtful recommendations and for the spell casting cancelling guidance through this. She says she has forgiven me and we are talking a lot about getting back together. She is taking it slow just as the messiah said she would but I don't mind in the least because she is talking to me and says she still loves me - something she said she could never do again. It took a lot of work to get to this point but I wouldn't change anything about it. I hope someday I can meet this temple to thank for this good help in person.
By mercy at 01,May,12 12:55

freemasontemple is a joke blokes!! Dont fall for these jamrags rants!!!!!! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN

By Psychologist PhD at 01,May,12 16:09

Focus on being grateful -- and I don't mean this like a lecturing parent. I say this as a PROVEN THERAPY STRATEGY for souls in pain.

When you feel gratitude, you can't feel anything bad -- it's one of the most pure, happy emotions we have.

Try this. This sounds really silly, but it WORKS!

Go on you tube and look up Refugee Camps. Watch those videos. In a blink, your troubles are put into perspective.

Then take a moment and just be grateful for everything you have -- running water, food, living in the best country on Earth, no daily risk of death, rape. If you focus only on gratitude, watch what happens!

Being grateful is a choice. No matter what is happening, you can find something to be grateful about. That is the TRUE POWER you have. That is the SECRET TO HAPPINESS.

Try this. Get yourself super grateful, let that feeling take you over -- then go be with your friends. See what happens!! Try this with strangers. See what happens!!

Remember, people are like mirrors, they REFLECT what you are projecting. So if you hate yourself, they will pick up that vibe and bounce it back to you.

If you project gratitude, that pure beautiful universal emotion will bounce back at you!

Always remember for anything in life -- spend 20% of your energy on the problem, and 80% of your energy on the solution -- watch what happens to your life.

Always ask yourself -- "What is my next action?" Your brain will search for a solution.

Your brain's job is to answer your questions. So if you ask your brain a rhetorical question like "Why me?!" The only answer will be "You are cursed!" -- because that was the answer you were looking for -- yes?


It's time to investigate, face your issues, whatever they maybe. Focusing on wanting friendships is your unconscious need for a distraction from dealing with your repressed pain. People you are with feel the vibe, it's like a radio signal that you can't hide.

It's likely deep seeded self esteem issues (we all have them).

Be honest with yourself. Read books, or articles online, if seeking therapy is too scary. Self help books on self esteem.

Focus on the solution, don't dwell on the problem. Burning your energy on the problem will only lead to addiction to depression.

Deal with yourself first, and your true energy will attract and keep the person you deserve.

By anonymous at 02,May,12 00:49

You are wise. Your virginity is a prize that should be shared only with someone you trust and care for (but the message that follows is not only meant for virgins). Pursue interests dear to you (artistic, scientific, gastronomic, academic, athletic, whatever). Find who you are. In the process, you may find someone who shares similar interests. If so, you'll bond over passion for life and the world. Then, the time will be right to explore the person you discover (your partner, and yourself). Be well, be safe.

By anonymous at 02,May,12 01:53

Bitch please im a 25 year old virgin because i respect MYSELF and am waiting for marriage your stupid and should LEARN TO RESPECT YOURSELF.
By anonymous at 03,May,12 14:19

HOmo :D

By anonymous at 02,May,12 02:49

Here in india some people are virgins till they marry at about 25-26.. in fact that's the right kind of conduct for a girl.
By allen from cranston at 02,May,12 21:14

bullshit. you fucking indians are not virgins after the age of eight. fuck youlying whor. your mother has aids for fucking truckers outside of new delhi, your father fucks goats when he isnt working at a call center, and fuck you!! you have hiv or aids or smell like rotten curry like the rest of your fucking immigrent family. Go back to the homeland bitch. fuck you.

By george at 02,May,12 05:36

Get a male prostitute, smoke a bowl and shut up you stupid mother fucking cunt i hope you catch hiv and die!!!!!

By anonymous at 02,May,12 14:40

Being a virgin is special. Don't be a conformist, believe in yourself and your own ideals. Be something special, not another door knob.

By anonymous at 02,May,12 23:23


By anonymous at 03,May,12 02:39

Be proud of it, i lost my virginity to someone i didnt really love, and got HPV, an STD, its not fucking worth it, i havent been in a relationship since, because im not an asshole, and i will not allow myself to give it to someone else.
The onl problem you have is that your friends are fucking retards, and dont value love or themselves at all. GET YOUR HEAD ON STRAIGHT!!!

By kenivrow at 05,Sep,12 21:26

Hi views, I have a boyfriend I just met late in May 2012. I love him a lot, da only challenge was that he is currently unemployed. it was that help me get him a job.

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