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Fuck everything

Posted by anonymous at April 30, 2012
Tags: Addictions  2012 April  Attitude

I have no parents. I'm addicted to all kinds of drugs and I'm a lowlife fucking alcoholic. My bitch of a girlfriend took everything from me because that whore has to be perfect, and now that I've left her I barely have a fucking life anymore. I witnessed my own fucking mom dying, and I don't even give a flying fuck anymore. I'm at the lowest of the low in my life. For fucks sake all my friends have been driven away because I'm a fucking idiot. I'm no better than my asshole of a dad was. What the hell did I expect? To become a fucking lawyer? Yeah, right. I could never, will never, and can't accomplish any fucking goal I set for myself. I'm writing this in the final rage flash I have before I jump off the fucking building and finally get rid of all my fucking problems. What pisses me off more is the fucking idiots who think they have it so shitty. Try growing up without a mom and an abusive dad. I've been doing drugs since I was fucking 12. Because I have no fucking friends, I decided to let the people on this site who probably don't give a shit either know, GOOD FUCKING BYE. Fuck you, fuck me, fuck everything, I'm dying tomorrow.


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By anonymous at 30,Apr,12 10:48


By anonymous at 30,Apr,12 12:02

stop comparing problems my gossshh....
worry abour yours...
and dont do anything to yourself! the pain after would be more than what is now... Stop the drugs, slowly get back on your own two feet.
You can do it! You made it this far with all the pain so dont quit.
You are a fighter!!!!!

By anonymous at 30,Apr,12 14:14

do it man fucking jump
By anonymous at 30,Apr,12 20:47

Dont listen to this douche.

By anonymous at 30,Apr,12 20:37

Please stop the drugs. You can be so much more than what you are mow. If you think this is rock bottom, it can only get better, right? Please think twice and know that I will care if you arent in this world tomorrow :/ So please baby, think twice.
Please email me at
I'll be there if you need anyone to talk to about ANYTHING at all. I care, i really do

By anonymous at 30,Apr,12 20:41

THATS THE SPIRIT! thats the way to help out this economy. Your trying create jobs....someone gunna have to clean that shit up. what a trooper. You gotta lead by example.
By anonymous at 30,Apr,12 20:46

You are a fucking waste of living space, you heartless bastard.
As for the person who wrote the original post: You have so much to live for, dont give up now!

By anonymous at 01,May,12 00:15

Its funny that I have read this, I am 30 years old and I was adopted by abusive parents with out ever knowing my real mother and father and I have tried commiting suicide three times in my life because it was so shitty (twice wound up in the hospital) and was doing every kind of drug I could get my hands on since I was 13 because I guess it gave me something to look forward to and at the time I thought it was a blast...people always hated me also because of my personality I guess ( I never knew ). The point is I actually learned a way to focus the anger and resentment and apply it to something productive (working out ) and it improved my self esteem also which let me meet a gorgeous woman and met the right people who wound up getting me a high paying job that I still have and life is now great...The point is, even though I wouldnt listen to me at that point in your life but I hope you are different in that way than I was, you really may think you have no future and life will just continue being miserable but you never know what will happen tomorrow. I know it sucks but try to make even a small positive change and goal in your life and you will be suprised how happy these little goals will make you... if you need to talk I will be here fro you since I went through the same thing, just email me at and I will write you back as soon as I get it

By anonymous at 07,Aug,12 18:52

if youre not dead yet: this is the only story I have seen that is an actual problem.
My dad was an alcoholic. My mam and dad let me rot in foster care and get touched up and beaten and Im addicted to tramadol and im pregnant, and got told the child is being taken off me, obviously because im an incompetent, weak, fucked up bitch.
I feel the same. My life is worth shit too.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 09:07

and to all you motherfuckers who harassed me I say FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By anonymous at 27,Jan,13 09:18

Hey, this is story. I also witnessed my mum die and my dad left a few weeks after mums funeral, interstate with his new girlfriend. They packed my bags together and sold the house then dropped my bags of to the detox they put me in before they got on the plane. Yeah I was drinking alot, couldn't handle the death. hat was a few years ago and still struggling, in and out of Rehab, lost a lot of friends coz I was an idiot on the booze. I don't blame them! its often been a shitty shitty existence, often wanting it all to end , but somehow there are a lot more better days (stopped drinking again for 2 months)still though need to work on this depression as sometimes it just sneaks up when im not ready for it and knocks me down. Life can be shit, but hang in there for those days that arnt, it can get better trust me.

By anonymous at 22,Apr,13 23:37

you made me feel better glad i didnt fuk up like you . . . but hey things could always be worse you could be dead . . and not have any feelings anymore at all i think that would be much worse at least you know your alive in misery at least make it a point to get over it and help others . . . experience is the best teacher look up and pray ill tell you praying helps more than anything

By Father McNalley at 15,Feb,18 16:40

This reminds me of a life in purgatory. Free yourself from these chains. I have helped a few on this site. A few years ago I helped free a soul, who was known as the Grocery Bagged Cocksucker, or simply GBC. He is a thriving content member of society because of me. I can help you as well you simpleton son of a bitch, you apparently think everyone owes you you twobit scum sucking piece of fecal matter. Stop feeling sorry for yourself or I'll take off my belt and whip your Catholic alter boy ass. Enough is enough.

By Royal CBD at 28,Sep,20 16:15

3XwOYK Thank you for your blog article. Awesome.

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