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Posted by jackyu at June 24, 2010
Tags: Crime  2010 June  Mistakes

juys i am 28 iam tall and white .......once i had been to be a party wid ma new frnds....they drank to the max and raped a local girl near the ground....for whch i was too taken care of nears cops.....i was kickd out of home....and i workd harder and harder as a chef i saved every penny i could honestly....i worked for 3 years in an hotel which showed utter rented home was burgled and broken......i lost all d money i saved.....the owner of the home but a case on me reporting i was resp for breakdown of his health turned bad....nd i came to know that i had blood cancer......i wanted to commit suicide and climbed a building but the guards took down and bruised me to hell i was bleeding and i started to beg for food but as they say every cloud has a silver lining i was taken as a servant in ma masers home where i exist to date nd were i am writing dis....i frequently vomit blood every 1 dislikes me here ...xcept my master who is not against me..,,,i still live wid d hope dat god bless and protect me as he was doing all life doesnt suck but telling ma life is an attempt to convey that hold hope like u r breath and ull see lite in life


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By anonymous at 13,Jul,10 02:06

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