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Posted by anonymous at April 12, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Money

That black dog is back again. I can feel its presence and sense its low growls filling my head, and all because I allow it. I let it come close because I know that it is part of me. That mutt has been with me since early high school.
I am 40 now and still on a low income job. Wife pestering me to get more money, my kids are relying on me to get them good education and support and every day i find it hard to support myself in this struggle.
The thought of eternal rest is always lingering and knowing that option is always there is somewhat comforting.
I am miserable and stuck in this place where I cannot just vanish and hurt those i love deeply.


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By anonymous at 12,Apr,12 09:49

Come on mate, life is a beautiful gift why spend it in misery, be a man, give your wife a spat and ask her to move out as well and get some money, if the kids are big give them some good ones and tell them you dont owe them a favor, look at your life like a master not like a slave, just see how great life can be.. death is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.. remember a simple thing.. bring out the man in you and raise your self esteem.

By anonymous at 12,Apr,12 10:43

The above comment is plumb right. Tell your wife to lift her ass up as well and work to help you out. I know it's the father's responsibility to provide for his family but you clearly need a hand from someone. And that will be your wife. Hang in there, sir. You've done good for them so be proud. You may not be able to give the best educ. for your kids atleast you never fail to be a good father to them. Talk to each of 'em and tell your plight. They might understand. Good luck. :)

By anonymous at 12,Apr,12 20:53

The idea of suicide is part of what is depressing you. Eliminate it as an option. Just say, "No matter what, I won't resort to that." If you remove your ace in the whole, then you have to face some problems you don't want to face, but in facing them, you will find the relief you seek.

By anonymous at 12,Apr,12 23:10

You call that a suck life? Come on, you have a wife, kids, and what a dead dog? If your trying to be a poet, it's not good enough if that's what you mean by having a sucky life, my life is worst than that and I aren't complaining.

"I have no wife, no kids, I'm 45, and I have no job I still lived with my parents who's 63 who still goes to work because I can't support them. "

Now... that's a sad/suck life.
So for that, you need to tell your wife to get a job, if your kids are legal to work, tell them to get jobs. Let them pay for their own education!

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